More Shake-Ups at Young and Restless: Two Members of Writing Staff Out; More to Follow?

Josh Griffith is apparently making a few changes to the writers' room at The Young and the Restless. According to setsiders, Sarah Smith and Marla Kanelos are no longer writing for the serial.

Smith, who is also credited on IMDB as Sarah K. Smith, began her Y&R tenure as writer's assistant to showrunner Maria Arena Bell. Since 2010, she has also written breakdowns for the sudser.

Smith recently made the leap to webisodic television, having served as a director on the web series Miss Behave and as editor of the Funny or Die short Trophy Husband, starring Y&R actor Jeff Branson.

Kanelos had served as an associate head (breakdown) writer for Y&R since 2008. Prior to her stint writing for the characters of the fictional Genoa City, Wisconsin, Kanelos wrote for Port Charles, General Hospital, Days of Our Lives and All My Children.

As for current co-head writer Hogan Sheffer, his contract with Sony is set to expire in November.

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    Please tell me if/when Hogan Sheffer gets the heave-ho.

    As far as I’m concerned he’s part of the reason why so many fans of ATWT and Y&R have had to endure the endless parade of Misogynistic nonsense that MAB (and Chris Goutman for ATWT) and co. have tried to pass off as drama for the past several years.

    November, I await thee…

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    It makes sense that that new head writer wants to pick his own team and people he feels comfortable working with. The writing has been atrocious, adding some new (or old) blood is needed in addition to the new head writer.

    If Hogan doesn’t go all this change is for nothing. He’s a big ball of ANGER & HATE and it gushes out of every story line. He should write entertainment for the male Taliban leadership they are on the same page. All powerful old men in complete control of the female sex and all children.

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    I’m really getting confused. The first thing we heard when MAB got ousted would be that there would be “mass firings.” So far we’ve only heard from the actor who plays NOAH, and we’re hearing their HIRING a bunch of new cast members. This cast is already too huge. How are they going to have time for everyone??

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    LOL I just noticed the picture of Eric Braeden above with a cartoonish woman character standing on Eric’s left shoulder. LOL Good one Jamey!

    But in all seriousness, Josh has the right to pick and choose his writing team and I do agree with pennywise that Hogan has got to go!

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    [quote=Coffee_Junkie]I’m really getting confused. The first thing we heard when MAB got ousted would be that there would be “mass firings.” So far we’ve only heard from the actor who plays NOAH, and we’re hearing their HIRING a bunch of new cast members. This cast is already too huge. How are they going to have time for everyone??[/quote]


    Those two casting calls that went out are very likely (I’m about 95% sure) recasts of Devon and Lily. And for those that thought that it was Dr. Nate Hastings, it’s not. Nate was not orphaned at 16, however, Devon was. So, that is 3 recasts so far. Noah, Devon and now Lily will be recast. And you can bet that there will be plenty of cast cuts coming. So, settle down! JFP and JG just got started and are really trying to get the lay of the land and really reassess where things stand on the show and who needs to go and who they plan on keeping. They’re already in talks to bring Jess Walton (Jill) back to Genoa City this fall. So, that is a good sign.

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    What has the mood on the set been?

    I must imagine that JFP will have to do interviews when her work is about to hit the air and I really hope that someone has the stones to ask her about her tenure at GH.

  7. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    In my opinion, since it’s Joshie’s crew he has the right to create the team he wants.

    What will be do with Hogan I wonder?

    If he put Hogan as like a breakdown writer, I don’t see the harm in that. Kind of like how Ron C. has Jean P. on his team.
    As long as these people aren’t the ones creating story.

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    It’s interesting to see all the positive comments on here about the cuts and possible recasts. Not all gonna be good ones, so get ready for a bumpy ride. The only one I want is to see Hogan gone. Never should have been on the show to begin with. I feel we’d have seen less stunt writing and more drama without his “pen”.

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    Ryan-Scott-Is this a choice of “Pick your poison”? Oookaay. Quite the selection. ;) Dear me, whoever shall we choose? For my taste, either is scarey. Is there a time limit? LOL!… 0:)

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    For Y&R? Yes, absolutely. To say nothing of some of the cast. LOL! (Sorry, I know I shouldn’t laugh when it involves peoples’ employment.) Although they managed to buy a little breathing room by booting MAB… 0:)

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    [quote=Smitty]so where are the major cast shakeups? Let’s get rid of some of this cast while you are at it![/quote]

    I seriously doubt there will too many gone before they actually start witht he new writers in the first couple of weeks of October. Knowing nothing about how any of it works, I may be completely wrong, but that makes sense to me.

  12. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    [quote=yojoromo4469][quote=Smitty]so where are the major cast shakeups? Let’s get rid of some of this cast while you are at it![/quote]
    I seriously doubt there will too many gone before they actually start witht he new writers in the first couple of weeks of October. Knowing nothing about how any of it works, I may be completely wrong, but that makes sense to me.[/quote]

    If they are at the point where they send casting calls out, they are at the point to make some huge decisions where the rest of the cast is concerned.

    I guess we are going to hear some at the end of the week.

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    Okay some of you all are grasping at straws. Jamey said that JFP will not have much reign like she did at GH. Sony will be monitoring what she makes, but we will see this cast get slim. Josh is coming back and im sure he’s outlining his plans for the vets such as Kay, Jill, Victor, Nikki, Jack, Paul follow by other characters like Nick, Sharon, Phyllis, Michael, Lauren then followed by the young teens which IMO hopefully they do get rid of some of these young ones.. There too many of them and they’re all over the map. Daniel, Chloe, Eden, Kevin, Noah, etc….

    Jeannie Cooper told that the studio has been dark, because they’re getting their footing with the new people in place. Another thing there were way too many writers on this show, so hopefully they can slim that down as well too. I do hope Sally Sussman Morina comes back to the fold, she a Bill Bell person who worked with Bill in the 80s.

    Let all calm down; at least give this new crew a chance before we throw stones…Come on folks let try to be positive, that the last (4) shows are on.

  14. Profile photo of pumpkin

    The new writers on GH had to raise the IQs of just about every person on that show. They were all so dumbed down it was pathetic. Now all the characters sound more like they have brains. Just goes to show how important the writing is on these shows. Picking a good story which involves a certain amount of characters and then making logical connection with good dialog is what makes the best dramas. Getting all the elements in place by good writers and planners and then having good actors to complete process is needed for final product. If any part of the equation is missing, a show is doomed.

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    [quote=alstonboy4315]Christel Khalil and Daniel Goddard need to be the next ones to go!!!!! Talk about lame!!! :D :D

    Sorry, Lane fans, just my opinion (Carolyn Hinsey voice……….)[/quote]

    Like my man AlstonBoy, these two would be the absolute first two to leave the premises, if I were in charge.

  16. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    To quote the late Douglas Marland: “Good soap opera is good storytelling. It’s very simple.”

    The sad part is that it’s not always that simple with some of these people in charge.

  17. Profile photo of Mets82

    Let me ask you guys something. Who do you consider “good” writers? I mean if you had a choice of replacing Maria Bell, who would you replace her with? In soaps in general, who the “good” writers? Anybody from AMC,ATWT OR GL?

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    It’s doubtful that BOTH Winters kids are going to be recast. I am more than certain that Jill came in and saw what made Y&R a power house back in the day was the diverse cast that the show had and the HUGE African Amercian following. With only 4-5 black characters and ALL related there is very little drama they can make for them.

    And with one married to a white guy and the other now the son of a white guy, the shows diversity was taking a spin in the wrong direction. By adding two new characters to the mix will only add more drama to the show without making it so LILY WHITE (no pun intended) without hurting the overall scheme of the show.

    Clearly the male character will be part of a love triangle with Lily since he is a successful MADE IT ON MY OWN kind of guy while the woman is somewhat younger and either a new triangle with Devon or a totally new love interest.

    Now, if they would jump at getting Drucilla and tell the stars on this show if they don’t like their co-stars THEN GO WORK SOMEWHERE ELSE this show can get back to what is great about it… good story.

    While we’re on good story… RIGHT NOW ITS BAD SUCKY STORY being told. It’s time for Phyllis to fall off a cliff and Sharon to succumb to the brain tumor that is clearly SQUEEZING upon the tiny part of her brain that has any intelligence MAKING HER JUST THAT MUCH SMARTER. (Only way to explain her condition)

    And if Adam can’t IMMEDIATELY figure out it’s Tucker pulling the strings on this dimwitted blonde “never was a bimbo before” nitwit Sharon than i am really confused with the show.

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    Ellen Wheeler SINGLE HANDEDLY ruin Guiding Light with her half assed camera angles, lame story telling, horribly tiny sets and bad ending to a historic show so don’t even think about her over at Y&R. Sure, her budget was tighter than a fat chick in a spandex halter top but the poor fact is that she opted to tell the exact same soap on a limited budget instead of just reducing the cast by 50%, delving into more personal and thought provoking story with a core group of cast members and making a truly new soap from it.

    Soaps today do not need all the cast members all the time. They can hire them for 6 months or shorter throughout the year like movies and primetime do and schedule them into the year so that they have the options to do movies or tv or stage because they know they won’t be working for 5-6-9 months out of the year. Then when the soaps have them, work them 5 days a week so that they have 6 months or more worth of episodes of the characters.

    Have them sit down for coffee in the kitchen and talk. Write dialogue, not just words and scramble them up for the following scene so that they are saying the same thing again in the next scene or episode. Have characters called out for their deeds by having other characters bring them up in thought provoking conversation or arguments.

    Honestly, go back to the 80’s and look at youtube clips of Iris Carrington talking to her father Mac or even arguing with Rachel on Another World, Katherine arguing with Jill, Marlena actually talking at length to Roman, Alice Horton talking to and giving advice to anyone. Look at clips of Edge of Night, Ryan’s Hope, old General Hospital, As the World Turns. Look at the epic fights of Erica and Brooke on All My Children were the dialogue led up to the catty fight and not just HELLO and then the fur is flying.

    Soap fans have all the time in the world to watch. No other fan base on TV has that because the shows require 5 days of loyal watching to be able to follow the stories. So why cram all this story and action into a week?


    Fans will come back when we see that there is something worth while to watch. DALLAS and REVENGE are popular NOT because fans want drama or old friends back, IT’S BECAUSE THE STORIES ARE WRITTEN WELL. ARE THOUGHT OUT. ARE ACTED EXCEPTIONAL. ARE TOLD AT THE RIGHT SPEED AND WITH THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF BELIEVABILITY TO THEM. WITH HEART.

  20. Profile photo of pferrando

    Mets…the only good writers left out there that I am aware of USED to write for Y and R. Kay, Jack and YES to Sally. All three understand the history of the show and could correct the mess started when LML took over. MAB did try, and the show was at least watchable. She got the production down too.

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