So…Is Susan Flannery IN or OUT at The Bold and the Beautiful?!

On Monday, CBS Soaps In Depth stunned The Bold and the Beautiful fans by revealing Susan Flannery (Stephanie) was heading out the door. According to SID, the actress had agreed to a short-term contract to give B&B time to "strategize in terms of storyline".

One day after SID's "Flannery Out at B&B" headline, comes this one from Soap Opera Digest on her "staying". Am I the only one who needs a Dramamine?

In the Digest piece, B&B showrunner Brad Bell stated:


"Susan, for quite some time, was thinking she needed a break or just have some personal time," Executive Producer/Head Writer Bradley P. Bell tells Digest exclusively. "She's been through a lot personally; we know that she had her own battle with cancer and she’s had such an amazing career that she will continue to have as Stephanie Forrester, but I think it's not so much as a disagreement between her and the show, but more Susan figuring out where she is right now and what she needs. Now, Susan is going to have an incredible time with a new storyline that we've never seen before; something completely unique and interesting.

So I guess the question is, will this "new storyline" in fact be Flannery's swan song as La Forrester (God, I miss Darlene Conley!), as SID reported? Or, is she sticking around for the long haul?

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    Brad Bell once again makes use of the opportunity to talk things down a little bit. He did the same with Ronn Moss’ exit.

    In the meanwhile, Katherine Kelly Lang already told fans on Twitter that both are in fact leaving & that this is going to change the show. Since KKL is close with Susan Flannery, I trust her word and I’m expecting this to be Stephanie’s farewell storyline.

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    HEHE…I’m ok with that, now that’s what I’m talking about Bill’s Bold and Sally Spectra & “Queen Stephanie” “Her Royal Highness” was another one of Sally’s verbages. LOVED when Sally in one of her disguises, lurching around to find something on Stephanie…. :(( :(( I loved Sally!

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    Brad says something unique and that we’ve never seen before.
    I’m curious to see what he has come up with.

    Saying things like that and expectations will be high.

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    I think it’s her Swan Song. They are not giving the straight answer in my eyes. I think this will be her final big story. After all, the show has changed- they only care of Liam now.

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    Im just going to cherish every moment we have with Susan Flannery as Stephanie Forrester because I doubt she will be on the show past whatever this new contract is for.

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    TV Gord, you’re flat as ever. With the exception of the third, your “jokes” have all indeed been soap opera storylines. If you’re still too busy to Google about Uganda making being gay a capital crime because you’re working on your comedy, I’d say you might want to pick up a new hobby.

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    Gord, as the old saying goes, if you have to explain the jokes (and again, there’s not been a virgin birth on soaps, so your “joke” doesn’t work by its own rules), they’re not funny. I would say “thanks for playing” but I dislike insincerity.

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    This business with Susan is prolly a publicity stunt to soften the blow of Ronn hitting it. That way, the fans can praise the show for at least keeping Stephanie on the show when they’ve already lost Ridge.

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    B&B without Stephanie Forrester is like peanut butter with no jelly, cookies without milk and ham hocks without the collard greens on the side. She will truly be missed!! Best actress to ever set foot on the B&B set, bar none!!!

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    [quote=tashikins]Will miss her. Best soap actress. I wish her the best.[/quote]


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    TV Gord

    [quote=bishbay]Gord, as the old saying goes, if you have to explain the jokes (and again, there’s not been a virgin birth on soaps, so your “joke” doesn’t work by its own rules), they’re not funny. I would say “thanks for playing” but I dislike insincerity.[/quote]

    Perhaps if I have to explain the “joke”, I’ve over-estimated the intelligence of my audience (in certain cases, anyway). The punchline of the comment (I never called it a “joke”) is that the oldest and biggest soap of them all is The Bible.

    You’ve obviously got some kind of personal grudge with me, so I’m not going to bother to engage with you any further, but I just thought I should explain my comment to you one last time (even though I suspect you already got it and aren’t as dense as you’re pretending to be).

    Enjoy your day.

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    TVLine confirms that she’s out, and the story is as it was initially reported. She signed a short term contract to allow Brad time to write her out. They say she’s out in December.

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