Caption This: Ridge Passes the Torch to Liam on The Bold and the Beautiful

If the above screencap from this week’s The Bold and the Beautiful isn’t the perfect metaphor for what is happening at the CBS soap, I don’t know what is. Take your best Caption This shot at these scenes from Liam (Scott Clifton) and Hope’s (Kim Matula) botched wedding. 

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    Tuesday’s episode of The Bold & the Beautiful was oh so good and oh so bad at the very same time.

    The scenes between Liam and Bill were classic, yet contemporary, soap opera. And Don Diamont and Scott Clifton nailed it.

    The scenes with Hope, Liam and everyone else in the Forrester foyer were cringe-inducing. All I could think was why would ANYONE want to marry Liam. He clearly is not ready to be married; or even date for that matter. But, again, Scott Clifton was very good as was Kimberly Matula; she allowed Hope to display a backbone that is adding different shadings to this tired triangle that has eaten the show at the expense of all the other interesting characters.

    Also, I called the foyer scene Liam’s “Slut of Springfield” moment as I expected him to run outside, jump into the Forrester fountain and baptize himself the “Wimp of Los Angeles.” :-)

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    Why Liam as leading man? :~ :Sp

    Why not let Bill be the new leading man for B&B? It would be more believable.

    And I don’t care if they put Liam with Hope or Steffy, just as long as they make a choice and stop with this stupid and painful triangle.

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    Re picture #3: “STELLA!”

    Isn’t there someone named Steffy on this show? Too bad he wasn’t marrying her. He could have had a nice Brando-esque “STEFFY!” moment.

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    Liam: “Um, you don’t expect me to have sex with Taylor, do you?”

    Ridge: (sly grin………….)

    But seriously, could Scott Clifton be any cuter and could his chest be any more rub-worthy? Clifton is everything that Ronn Moss SHOULD have been as an actor. He’s got sense of humor, versatility and personality!

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    Well, the fact is,this was a pretty good episode.

    SC and KM are so damn talented. The triangle is maybe not as interesting, but that has nothing to do with the talented cast. It has everything to with the fact that Brad has only that triangle as his only story for over a year.

    But I have to give him credit, he has such a talented younger cast. ( he had a same talented younger cast in 2000-2002, but that was too early) with all the vets going away, he has nothing to worry about, there are still enough actors to tell a good decent story, I hope Brad realises that.

    I think Htom could explode any minute..she is so huge…the same as JG back then and she never got back her old sexy figure, I think HTom wil have the same problem getting back into shape.

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