Julianne Moore on Game Change Emmy Nod: “I Did Win a Daytime Emmy for As the World Turns in 1988″

I just love that Julianne Moore! In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the superstar reminded an entertainment journo that her Best Actress in a Miniseries Primetime Emmy nomination—for playing Sarah Palin in HBO's Game Change—isn't Moore's first dance with the golden lady. Said Moore:

"I did win a Daytime Emmy for As the World Turns in 1988," she laughs. "But I couldn't attend the ceremony because I was playing Ophelia in Hamlet at the Guthrie Theater. So they called me up and told me I won!"

Moore played identical half sisters/first cousins (Got that?) Frannie and Sabrina Hughes on the Procter and Gamble serial from 1985-88. She reprised the role of Frannie in 2010, the same year ATWT ended its 54-year run on CBS. It's so refreshing to see an A-lister who isn't afraid to mention her sudsy past. Yeah, Meg Ryan, we're talking to you! Watch a clip of Moore as Oakdale's Frannie and Sabrina after the jump!


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    BRAVA! I just love her, I have been watching a lot of Frannie\Julianne recently from the my DVDs and online, she was Frannie…Thank you Miss Julianne Moore for showing pride! :love: :love:

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    Loved when she popped in for a day during the last months of ATWT!
    I love actors who don’t treat their time spent doing daytime as something to be ashamed of.

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    I make it no secret, I’ve always adored Julianne Moore. I watched her as a kid playing Frannie/Sabrina and she made both characters very much their own personalities. Frannie was an example of a good girl heroine who was every bit as interesting as any bad girl yet she did get a chance to play that ‘grey’ character in Sabrina. I wasn’t even mad at her for leaving ATWT because she’s only done great work ever since.

    Moore is truly classy!

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    The fact that she wanted to come back in 2010 says a lot.

    The clip was right about the time I started to watch but was not yet a regular viewer. Who was the person with the gun and what happened in the story?

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    I loved JM’s as Frannie/Sabrina, but what I truly loved about JM as an actor and professional was how much she appreciated the opportunity she received on ATWT. She has never shied away from her daytime start. It was an incredibly touching to fans like me when she appeared on the Bob/Kim “wedding” near the end of the series. A class act all the way.

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    Julianne Moore came from the generation when young actresses knew how to act BEFORE they were hired and we RARELY had to watch them learn how to act onscreen…….and YES, I am talking about you, Denise Vasi, Julie Paceless Mitchell and Nadia Bjorlin (none of whom have learned how to act YET onscreen………….)

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    I met Julianne at a party last year. It was for a movie she was in. While speaking to her of course I brought up ATWT, & about the sad state of the soap genre, with the cancellations etc. She attributed much of her success to her daytime roots. She was very gracious.

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    Yikes. How different people see different things. I remember when Julianne Moore came back when atwts was being cancelled. There was a lot of hype around the return and as I recall, she literally walked in the door said hello to everyone and then the show went to commercial. End of scenes. She was arriving for a shower or party for someone as I recall. That was it. She didn’t even seem like she wanted to be there.

    I compare it to Judith Light on the View when oltl was leaving. She was another that had a look of “Why am I here?”

    I just remember it all like it was. The both have done other work that was great but I still think they looked at the soaps as their training ground. Sorry. It is what it is. Sometimes I think back to my first job….

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