RUMOR REPORT: Is Christel Khalil OUT at The Young and the Restless?

Those casting calls Soap Opera Digest first published detailing The Young and the Restless looking to fill two seemingly "new" African-American, 20-something roles caused quit the poop storm. Not only did fans and soap journos start to wonder if the calls were meant to replace actors currently on the Y&R canvas—namely Christel Khalil and Bryton James—but a casting associate from CBS was attached on a strongly-worded email sent to Daytime Confidential about posting the news!

Uh, hello. We LINKED the information — which was published by the leading print magazine covering daytime soaps! CBS minions, you might wanna do your homework before you start threatening one of the most popular and influential blogs covering this genre with frivolous lawsuits — especially for publishing CASTING CALLS clearly linked to another publication! What's next, you gonna sue Backstage? And here we've been being so positive about this new regime…

 Since when does CBS and/or their casting peeps get so ticked about routine casting calls? Maybe the calls really weren't so routine after all?

According to, the popular actress who has played Lily Winters Romalotti Ashby on and off since 2002, is OUT! Said the website:

Rumors can be such an ugly thing so here is the answer floating about the internet. Christel Khalil is indeed leaving The Young and the Restless. It is not her decision to leave.  An agreement could not be reached during contract negotiations.  I have confirmed this information with the source.

At this time I do not have an end date for Christel’s last appearance on The Young and the Restless. The casting call posted by Soap Opera Digest  yesterday is indeed a casting call for a new “Lily Winters Ashby”.

So far Y&R and CBS have been silent on Khalil's status. Keep checking back at DC as this story develops.

Additional reporting by Jamey Giddens

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  1. Profile photo of david46208

    @Coffee_Junkie: She ain’t even got the talent to come to the table stonewalling anything. She would be happy they are or were even negotiating with her ass. Who does she think she is Halle Berry?

    “Naw you ain’t putting me out!”

  2. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Oh DC crew,

    take it as a compliment. You know you have a say in the industry if you get an email like that one. LOL


    As for CK, I wouldn’t miss her … but I still don’t know if she is really leaving. The story seems odd. Maybe she really is in contract negotiations, things don’t go well and a casting call was put out. But well … we’ll see.

  3. Profile photo of ChristianDavis148

    Well, as soon as I saw this casting notice, I KNEW, KNEW that it was a casting call for Lily! I was 95% sure that it was. So, this is no surprise to me.

    As for the other casting call, I still say it’s Devon.

  4. Profile photo of tedew

    Even though I understand what some of you are hoping for with these casting calls, it may also not be that great of an idea to have a completely different canvas of your “favourite” citizens.

  5. Profile photo of Marcelle

    [quote=Jon]Did Christel divorce her hubby she met at church? I thought she was using his last name…[/quote]
    They’ve been divorced I think for over a year now.

  6. Profile photo of titi2289

    Hell to the no!!!!! david46208 to that over the top actress,i’ve never liked her she ain’t good enough.Don’t you have someone else in mind,i won’t mind if they bring Davetta back i loved her as Lily too.

  7. Profile photo of Yoryla


    CBS thinking they can THREATEN DC or any other media is laughable! Of course we are interested in what happens backstage – if anything CBS should be GRATEFUL that there are still people INTERESTED what happens with Y&R!!

    If you can’t take the heat – get out of kitchen!!!

  8. Profile photo of pferrando

    Not a smart move to recast Lily…and if this is already an indication of the changes that will come with this new regime…the show is in trouble, and ratings will drop. Not good…

  9. Profile photo of josser

    I love CK! I hope that she stays!


    What is with this “Valley” crap? Lily talks like many people who grew up in suburbia. Not all black people talk a like!

  10. Profile photo of ChristianDavis148

    [quote=Coffee_Junkie]I’ve been assuming for awhile that Sophia is on the chopping block too but if that’s true why didn’t they just have her take that job in New York a few weeks back?[/quote]


    You have to remember that the scene in which you are referring to was taped before MAB was given the heave ho. So, don’t be surprised if JFP does indeed give her the heave ho too!

  11. Profile photo of bluejeanbaby3

    [quote=Smitty]DAVETTA SHERWOOD PLEASE COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    My thoughts exactly!

    I do not think recasting Lily is going to hurt the show or the ratings.

  12. Profile photo of cheesehead91182

    I haven’t watched Y&R in about 5 years, but its about time they kicked her to the curb. I Khalil was never believable as Dru’s daughter and I never understood why they fired Davetta Sherwood and brought Khalil back. Khalil cannot act and to me she came off as someone who didn’t want to be associated with their race.

  13. Profile photo of david46208

    @everyone: Yes Davetta was the stuff! She was the spitting image of who most fans had envisioned Lily to be. Strong, independent and with some spunk. And if someone thinks having spunk or being a “lily of the Valley” has a race tied to it then maybe you got the race problem.

    Lily needs spunk! Character!

    There should have always been a sign that Lily was not Neil’s daughter. Given that both her parents were total opposites of Neil. He should have thought that she had just got that from her mother. So that when the truth was revealed he could easily put together why she had never picked up any of his traits and personality quirks.

  14. Profile photo of Traysoblue

    I say bring back Davetta Sherwood…best Lily hands down. When she was paired with Daniel…sexy couple. My second choice would be Kent Masters King…Jill has experience with her from GH.

  15. Profile photo of Marcelle

    [quote=Traysoblue]My second choice would be Kent Masters King…Jill has experience with her from GH.[/quote]
    Wasn’t Kent a Drucilla recast at one point?

  16. Profile photo of marybee50

    I,too,loved Davetta as Lily.When she and Daniel were on the run,it was so good.I was terribly disappointed when tptb let Davetta go.She was Dru’s daughter,and I never really accepted CK.

  17. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    [quote=TraceyAbbot101]As they say, DC, “where theres smoke, theres fire”..
    It took me a long time to realize CK is “African American”…. I always thought Lily was Indian…[/quote]

    @TraceyAbbot101: Christel Khalil’s Mom is African American and her father is Pakistani, not Indian, as I understand. I do not see color or ethnic combination as the important matter. In another time or place Tatyana Ali might have made a great Lily and Tatyana’s is Afro Panamanian and her father is Indo-Trinidadian– Blackness cannot be easily defined nor pigeon-holed.

    @Everyone: In terms of acting the part of Dru’s daughter, while Christel Khalil is a good, competent actress, Davetta Sherwood just really convinced me that her rendition of Lily, IS Dru’s daughter. And the more I see these old YT clips, I’m impressed all over again at how dynamic her scenes were. While in soaps, the vast majority of roles are played best by their originators, this is not always the case. Sharon Case was a recast (do people remember Heidi Mark?), Martha Byrne on ATWT was a recast (although original ‘Lily’ was quite good too). JMO but if I were a casting director and it were between Khalil and Sherwood, Sherwood would have my confidence and the part…hands down.

    If this is indeed a recast for ‘Lily’, I would offer the role to Sherwood, give her the right of refusal.

  18. Profile photo of SoapSnob

    As the daughter of Dru AND Neil, Lily’s behaviors and mannerisms ring true. Not every child behaves/has mannerisms exactly like their parents. And it irks me when people suggest Lily is “not Black enough” or that she does not “behave Black enough” or she is not like her mother. Does she have to be like Dru? Is Victoria just like Nikki/Victor? Is Ashley just like Dina/John? No, but there are shadings there; just like there are shadings of Dru AND Neil in Lily. Why can’t Lily be like her Aunt Olivia? Or why can’t Lily just be Lily instead of a stereotype of a Black woman?

    I think the real issue is with Christel Khalil as an actress/person. And viewers should be able to delineate between character and actor.

    By the way, this post is from someone who is neither here nor there about Lily, Cane or Lily and Cane as a couple. I think both those characters have been given horrible, contrived, convoluted material in the past several years. However, I am looking forward to seeing what the new regime has in store for these characters. It can’t get any worse for them.

  19. Profile photo of tashikins

    Actually I think CK is a better actress than DS although DS is cute. The character of Lily is not Dru, she is sweety and soft. She had a diffeent upbringing, not as tough as Dru’s. I do not have a problem with CK’S acting, she portrays Lily as sophisticated and strong. Just as Olivia was not Dru so Lily is not Dru. We do not want to see all the actresses of color portrayed in the same way–that is stereotyping. I loved Dru and I think CK does the role of Lily justice. I also love her and Cane. Cane is HOT(so is Danny).

  20. Profile photo of Marcelle

    [quote=SoapSnob]Not every child behaves/has mannerisms exactly like their parents. And it irks me when people suggest Lily is “not Black enough” or that she does not “behave Black enough” or she is not like her mother. Does she have to be like Dru? Is Victoria just like Nikki/Victor? Is Ashley just like Dina/John? No, but there are shadings there; just like there are shadings of Dru AND Neil in Lily. Why can’t Lily be like her Aunt Olivia? Or why can’t Lily just be Lily instead of a stereotype of a Black woman?[/quote]
    And oftentimes when someone has a parent with as strong a personality as Dru’s they often turn out quite opposite of that parent.

  21. Profile photo of david46208

    @SoapSnob: Actullay Victoria is like Victor. At least the original Victoria was. And Nick was supposed to be like his mother Nikki. Hence the fact that both of the first letters of their firsts names match their parents. That was what Bill Bell had envisioned for the characters.

    Heather tom’s Victoria was smart and confident business woman. She was much better than her brother Nick. But because Nick was a boy Victor favored him over her. Everybody knows that who watched Y&R when Victoria was first cast as an adult and we watched the storylines play out.

    Nick is like Nikki. He is emotional and lacks the ruthless business nature that Victor has.

    This was how it was supposed to be. It is the direct reasons why fans have had a problem with Amelia’s weak portrayal of Victoria.

    Here is Heather Tom:

    That is Victoria.

    Now when it comes to Lily. If you are going to make her different then you have write that in the story.

    Olivia and Dru’s relationship as siblings was fully explored to explain why Dru ran away and got in the with wrong crowd and Olivia was the good girl who went to medical school.

    Olivia would also release or show another side to her when a man cheated on her. Tonya as Olivia is every bit my mother in real life. So she and CK are not in the same lane. Not close at all.

    Davetta had chemsitry with Victoria Rowell, Kristoff Saint John, Shemar Moore and Tonya Lee Williams. She convinced people that she WAS apart of the family.

    Now CK never was convincing. But then her acting was 1 note at best. Heck even Bryton appeared to be a blood relative. It is about understanding the way a family relates to one another. How we all interact.

    CK stuck out like a sore thumb. She was just was not right for THIS ROLE. Now if she had come on as some character not related, she’d still be 1 note. But that would have been better.

    Take a look at how ATWT did when they cast the Adult Bonnie or AMC when they brought on Danalle Frye or Passions casting of Simone and Whitney! The casting directors understood and got it right.

    Tonya Lee Williams is a world class actress. Don’t ever put her CK name in the same sentence! ;)

    Lord, bring me my hat!

  22. Profile photo of Angie Lucy
    Angie Lucy

    [quote=david46208]The chemistry between Davetta and Vicki here always proved that this was the casting

    This just underscores how good the writing used to be and how crappy it is now. This scene was so realistic. MAB could never write this scene, not without a bunch of fake slang and directions for over-the-top eye and neck rolling. VR would have known how to fix it, but I doubt CK would have. She’s not that good. I won’t be sad to get a recast, but I’m sorry that she’s losing a job. It’s not fun.

  23. Profile photo of pferrando

    Christel created the role, so I’m not quite sure what some people are referring to as her needing spunk and edge. That’s not the character. And she had tons of chemistry with all her costars. Extremely likeable to watch. Not taking anything away from Daveeta, but a recast is a recast. Her scenes with Daniel were awkward.

  24. Profile photo of blake3b

    Not upset about this. I agree maybe this means we can have Victoria Rowell back as Drucilla now since CK was one of the people who didn’t want VR back on Y&R.

  25. Profile photo of david46208

    @pferrando: She did not create the role, she originated it. She was the original actress in the role. The first one to play it.

    Erika Slezak was the 3th actress to play Vicki on OLTL before they got it right.

    Robin Strasser was the 3rd actress to Dorian Lord on OLTL before they got it right.

    Lauren Koslow was not the original Kate on Days.

    Melody Thomas Scott was a recast of Nikki on Y&R.

    Jess Walton was a recast of Jill on Y&R who was played by the insanely popular Brenda Dickerson.

    Terry Lester originated the role of Jack on Y&R now played by Peter Bergman.

    Patsy Rahn was the original Monica Quartermaine on GH before Leslie Charslton took over.

    And these are just a few in a long list of recast who either took the role and gave it what it was missing or their take on the character became equally as popular or even better than the original.

    Now as for her needing spunk and and edge? Soaps have often recast characters saying that they were taking the character in a different direction.

    They also discover the limitations of an actor or actress to bring layers and depth to a character.

    Let me show you some examples of what we mean when we say spunk.

    Eve, Passions:

    Bonnie, ATWT:

    Lexie, Days:

    Now spunk is defined as “Courage and determination.”

    And for edge in acting it means bringing a special quality that makes your character pop off the screen. You get that edge from Michelle Stafford, Sharon Case, Jeanne Cooper, Elizabeth Hendrickson, Jess Walton and the former star Victoria Rowell. All of these actresses and the ones in the clips I showed above brought something to their portrayals that made people want to watch them and see where the story goes.

  26. Profile photo of

    Awesome Sauce! This is the best news I’ve heard all day & week about Y&R. Not a fan of Cristal Champagne.. I agree Davetta Sherwood was a better Lily. Christel was good as young Lily, but when she left and Davetta came in; Lily was sexy, beautiful, smart, she just had it going on! When Christel came back, I have always hated the character of Lily. She a valley girl, and just boring! I hope Cain goes away too! That couple bores me to tears!

  27. Profile photo of pferrando


    Don’t be that way…you know EXACTLY what I mean.

    I’ve loved her since the first day I watched her walk onto my screen to play the role that she auditioned for and snatched up. How’s that? Better? She is Lily, and always will be since she originated, excelled at, and won an Emmy at playing Lily.

    Let’s examine your other fine points…
    Brenda and Jill BOTH are fine Jills. Loved Brenda until her campy end.
    Terry and Peter, both great as well. Terry has more of your edge.
    Lauren was better on Y and R…
    OLTL is cancelled.
    Eve and Bonnie also are on shows that were cancelled.

    I’ll stick with my originators, who’ve been in the role any day over any newbie. That’s one of the reasons Y and R is still on the air. Consistency. Let’s hope JFP tried to honor Bill’s legacy.

  28. Profile photo of david46208

    @pferrando: When Bill Bell was there Victoria Rowell was like a daughter to him. She helped with casting and storylines. He often wrote her scripts. If he had been around when Lily was being cast as a teenager. Vicky would have had say in who played the role. He trusted her judgement. CK would not have been picked.

  29. Profile photo of pferrando

    If Bill didn’t pick her, who did? Everyone there at the time, I trust. Kay, Jack, Ed Scott and Vic too. Since then I trust no one. And that includes Josh and Jill UNTIL they prove they can handle this show. Sounds like both Vic and CL hated each other on the set. But all that Mom and daughter chemistry they oozed on the screen….

    Hmmmm…both must be great actresses.

  30. Profile photo of david46208

    @pferrando: They didn’t have any mother/daughter chemistry. It was just odd. And by then Bill Bell was too out of it to work for the show or have anything to do with it. So that was the show’s choice to pick her. Victoria Rowell just made the best of a bad situation.

    Vicky advocated on the behalf of the black people. So she advocated for Lily to have a black love interest because she knew the majority black audience of Y&R would want to see that. According to Viki CK went into the EP’s office and said she wanted to be paired with white men only. And that is why we have never seen her paired with a black man.

  31. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    Its hard to picture another Lily other than Christine. Davetta Sherwood was too mouthy, and not ‘innocent’ enough, to come across as Lily Winters. Now that Cane is in Lily’s life, it would be almost impossible to imagine another Lily — and I know that Lane fans are going to be in revolt.

  32. Profile photo of tedew

    I’m not a Lily fan but I don’t really have a problem with her either. I think she’s not that bad of an actress who has been saddled with some awfully weird story lines. Give her something meatier to chew and someone new to interact with to prove that she possesses the mettle that her admirers feel she has.

    She is not popular on this blog but I have to assume that she garners great admiration from fans who have never heard of blogs such as these. Also … of all the prominent Y&R ladies, she is most definitely not the worst actress.

  33. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    [quote=hey mon]Its hard to picture another Lily other than Christine. Davetta Sherwood was too mouthy, and not ‘innocent’ enough, to come across as Lily Winters. Now that Cane is in Lily’s life, it would be almost impossible to imagine another Lily — and I know that Lane fans are going to be in revolt.[/quote]


  34. Profile photo of Coffee_Junkie

    [quote=Samie]CHRISTEL SPEAKS! I’m really curious about the “restrictions” she speaks of. With respect to money, I’m surprised she’s asking for more. Given the current economic climate, and the fact she has nothing to do(no storyline) and is barely on the show.Christel Khalil Talks ‘Young and the Restless’ Exit

    I can almost hear her whiny voice in that interview. “I thought I would be worth what I thought I was worth to them, but I guess I’m not.”

    Ugh! Go away!!

  35. Profile photo of harlee490

    [quote=david46208]She’s worth $8.75 an hour. And that is because of labor laws.[/quote]

    LMAO…and again and again @ your comment! :bigsmile: You are so right! :p

  36. Profile photo of david46208

    @harlee490: As my mother would say, she would get “put together right-quick.” She ain’t no Halle Berry, no Tandie Newton or no Kerry Washington.

    She is coming to the negotiation table like Y&R won’t survive without her.
    But I don’t care. I’m sure she’ll land on her feet at the Micky D’s.

    “Would you like fries with that?”

  37. Profile photo of JasamForever

    CK has been on the show 10 years, and has won an emmy, but she has to realize, no soap actor is making what their worth nowadays. It really sounds like she also wants to do outside projects, which I don’t blame her for. She is still young, and her friends Tammin Sursok are doing well on ABC Family and Lyndsay Fonseca is on Nikita. I could see CK guest-starring on shows like that. I think she would actually fit with the ABC Family audience. I do still hope it works out for her on Y&R. I wonder if DG is getting nervous himself?

  38. Profile photo of david46208

    Drew Tyler Bell won an Emmy. It means shit today. And 10 years of what she has been producing is worthy of recurring status. Day player if you want to keep it real.

    Victoria Rowell earned to right (back in the day) to play hardball at the
    table. She was producing something that made people pay attention.

    Ten years is not worth anything if you ain’t producing the goods. That is just a waste of time and money.

    Wake me when the talent shows up…

  39. Profile photo of timepass

    Not too bright for CK to do demands to a new team on both money and freedom from the bat.

    Nelso Branco confirmee that she is gone.

    No lost for me.

    He also said that a superstar will be let go soon, but he van say because he promises not too. DC people any scoop?

  40. Profile photo of

    My thoughts exactly. Please bring back Victoria Rowell. She is truly missed and desperately needed. TPTB need to move forward for the sake of the show and return Drucilla ASAP.

  41. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    [quote=1979YandR2Present]My thoughts exactly. Please bring back Victoria Rowell. She is truly missed and desperately needed. TPTB need to move forward for the sake of the show and return Drucilla ASAP.[/quote]

    I see you are another one of the people that don’t realize, Victoria Rowell will never be back on Y and R. Get over it. She is so popular that she is never shown on TV shows.

  42. Profile photo of Crystal_Ann

    [quote=brettyboy]Why on earth would they want to lose such a wonderful actress, she’s a daytime emmy winner for gods sake![/quote]

    Being a Daytime Emmy winner doesn’t make an actress or actor worth keeping. Any soap star can win a Emmy even if they lack talent, it’s popularity contest. GH’s Natalia Livingston is a perfect example of that. When she won her Emmy, her idea of acting was starting her lines with the word um and rapidly blinking.

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