VH1 Greenlights Third Season of Single Ladies!

Get ready for another season of drama, romance and comedy with featuring those Georgia peaches. No, not the ones from Bravo's Real Housewives of Atlanta! VH1 has given the okay for a third season of ratings darling Single Ladies. In a released statement, EVP of original programming and production's Jeff Olde stated:

Our viewers’ love affair with ‘Single Ladies’ got even bigger this year, growing significantly from its successful first season and dominating its timeslot on basic cable. We’re extremely happy that we’ll be able to give the audience another great season of the series and its honest, current take on love, dating and female friendship.


Starring LisaRaye McCoy (Keisha), Charity Shea (April), and All My Children's Denise Vasi (Raquel), Single Ladies follows the lives of three friends as they delve into the murky waters of dating in upscale Atlanta. Look for Season 3 of Single Ladies in 2013!

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    Does anyone know if the renewal is for the same number of episodes or for more? MTV gave TeenWolf a 24 episode pick up and its ratings were much lower than Single Ladies’ ratings

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    This is good. But Lisa Ray’s acting is needs a lot of work. She is is kind of ummm… How would you say it… A black Kristian Alfonso on Single Ladies. Yeah… that is it. Um hum….

    Some of the others need some help to.

    In the words of Robert KK, they need to “bring up the level of acting.”

    Because the storylines are on-point. And if you get past the acting then you have a template for a good show.

    And from what I have learned is that more women tune for the storylines and not the acting per say.

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    Can they PLEASE get rid of Denise Vasi? Lisa Raye is ghetto fabulous, so though her acting is a bit…..um, unseasoned, I have always liked her. This show needs an infusion of REAL talented sisters to help take these stories to the next level. Vasi just does nothing for me, but bore me senseless! She only got hired because of how physically similar she is to Stacey Dash!

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    I like the storylines, the fashion and the people are beautiful and sexy. The acting is so poor. The men can act and the white girl but Lisa Raye and the others? Lord! Victoria Rowell made a couple of guest appearances and she CAN ACT! Keep her on.

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    Lisa Raye is the only one who can’t act. I freakin LOVE Denise Vasi! I never watched her on anything else but I actually enjoy her on this show. She is actually funny and has chemistry with all her men. Now the guy playing Reggie is the worst actor on the show. Usually the guys are good but he was bad. The guy who played the mechanic that Denise Vasi’s character was going out with was a bad actor but my goodness, that man was so freakin fine I didn’t care.

    Just work on Lisa Raye’s talking skills and I think it can work. Her Chicago accent is strong but as an actress, she should know how to work on that. Also get her behind back with Malcolm. For some reason they work so well together, he helps her acting.

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    To the writer and everyone involved in this production : Me and my friends think ur show is great! I even know men who view it as well! There will always be haters no matter what u do! Who r the critics who say “they can’t act?” R they trained? Probably not. Don’t change a thing u got a hit with the people u r using! Can’t wait til next season! Oh yea, the mechanic bring him back cause he is sssoooo fine and he doesn’t look bad either! Great job!

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