Wishful Casting: Christel Khalil as Dr. Maya Ward on General Hospital!


If Christel Khalil is truly shooting the deuces to The Young and the Restless, ABC Daytime could take the opportunity to snatch up the popular starlet—and her diehard, ever-mobilizing fans—and lure them over to General Hospital. What about Khalil in the role of Edward Quartermaine's (John Ingle) biracial great-granddaughter, Dr. Maya Ward?

GH has never really known what to do with hunky, reformed kidnapper Shawn (Sean Blakemore). I wouldn't mind seeing him start a fresh, fun relationship with Maya, much to the chagrin of the remaining Quartermaines!

Tracy (Jane Elliot) would of course be worried Shawn is only dating Maya to get his hands on the Quartermaine fortune. Meanwhile, Lulu (Julie Marie Berman) would be ticked at the progeny of her parents' late pal Mary Mae (Rosalind Cash) for breaking her brother Ethan's (Nathan Parsons) heart.

Speaking of Ethan, maybe Luke's (Anthony Geary) Aussie offspring would also return to Port Chuck to fight for Maya's hand? Khalil, paired with a Down Under bloke, certainly inspired a lot of fan devotion at Y&R! While reconnecting with Maya, I wonder what Ethan would think of an all-grown-up Kristina Corinthos (Lindsey Morgan)?

Fans have been screaming for more of a Quartermaine presence in Port Charles. I say bring back one of the black Q's with Khalil in the role and finally give Blakemore a leading lady in the process!


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    Jamey OMG what a wonderful idea!

    Christel would fit perfectly to being bi-racial, we would get another Quartermaine on the screen – God knows the show needs more Q’s and…it would just be all kinds of fab!

    If Genie Francis goes back to GH at some point, then maybe they can interact again.

    This is the one of best wishful castings from you ever!

  2. Profile photo of Marcelle

    I could agree with this, except the pairing her with Shawn thing. That’s the problem with Y&R, putting her with the old crowd. She’s 24, mix her in with the other young folks on GH.

  3. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    Back on track with you, Jamey…and I knew it wouldn’t be long (LOL). I could see Khalil in that role.
    True actresses would not express an aversion simply because of outward appearances but the question is whether Christel fits the bill for the qualification of what a true actress does. I do like the idea of reviving the Dr. Maya Ward character.

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    i cannot stand her acting. please don’t punish us

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    I’m new to this board and somewhat new to Y&R, but I quickly became a fan of the Cane and Lily pairing and only followed their storyline. I must admit that although the chemistry between the two actor (DG & CK) was very hot, the solid storytelling was not there to support them. Also, I didn’t feel that Lily fit in the family. You can clearly see Indian features which I found very distracting when both of her parents are AA. The storytelling on this show is extremely clumsy and unsatisfying. Again, the chemistry is what kept my interest.

    Lily has no purpose. I caught up on a few past stories (her cancer) and they were ok, but she only exists for Cane, her family and the twins. Her relationship with her father is often heavy-handed and annoying. Since her friend died a few years back, she doesn’t hang out around anyone her own age (other than her brother). What does she do all day (other than pick up lattes and hang out at Gloworm). Why does she have a nanny?????

    I think that DG & CK did the best they could with the material given. Why recast if they have no vision for the character? She is just filler and should be axed if they’re continuing on this path to nowhere.

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    J Bernard Jones

    IMO, I think the perfect actresses for Maya Ward would be either Daphne Duplaix (ex-Rachel Gannon) or Kearran Giovanni (ex-Vivian Wright, currently on “Major Crimes”), late of OLTL.

  7. Profile photo of tfcocs

    Kearran Giovanni would be a great addition, if TPTB were to recast the role, albeit she would be slightly SORAS’ed. FWIW, I had always wondered why she wasn’t tapped as a recast of Evangeline on OLTL.

  8. Profile photo of pferrando

    What is wrong with people on here? The ones that complain about her acting and want her out on Y and R, are thrilled at the idea of this pairing on GH? What’s going on?

    Is she is leaving Y and R on her own, I wish her well and will miss her. I hope she’s not being replaced and recast. She been a part of the show for a long time.

  9. Profile photo of timepass

    Hell to the freaking no; I already have to endure asinine character from OLTL like starr and add to that talentless Trey and Kristine and his father. For the love of god enough with the add’s on.

    GH has ENOUGH character as is, no need to add anymore!

  10. Profile photo of angrierblackerman

    I think all the Christel Khalil hate comes from the fact that they got rid of Davetta Sherwood in a grimy way. It was similar to what happened with Rebecca Budig when they axed Sabine Singh as Greenlee on All My Children.

    Also working against CK is the fact that she has problems with Victoria Rowell, who people also loved. Now that CK may be exiting, who knows…maybe VR/Dru will return?

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    [quote=alstonboy4315]AngrierblackermanThat redheaded heifer with phlegm issues is also blocking Victoria’s return!!! :D :D[/quote]Maybe not for long, cuz I don’t know if there’s room for two Queen B’s on that set. Maria Bell was just a Valley Woman (a grown up Valley Girl), so Michele Stafford probably could rule her, but Jill Phelps hates actresses.

    Jill Phelps VS. ‘The Staf’. I give it six months before Michele Stafford exits, lol.

  12. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Marcelle: Probably over having a black love interest. They were going to pair with a black man and she bolted for the door! Remember what Vicki said about her going in to the office of the EP after Vicki went in there and advocated for her on-screen daughter to have a black man.

  13. Profile photo of stoney07

    I can’t with CK. I just can’t. I refuse…I never have, and i never will. The only time I liked Christel Khalil was around 2002 when she FIRST came on Y&R as a young girl with Drucilla. And my young adolescent hormones went into a rage. After I fell in love with a man, I hated the Lily character, and now I’m not too fond of CK either. Especially not with the whole “I won’t date black guys” rumors floating…since they all seem so true. UGH…

  14. Profile photo of logan_echolls

    I think she would be great but there is no way she would have a Black man as a love interest. I can not picture her being with a Black man.

    I think she would be good if Lucky came back and they don’t pair Liz and Lucky back up together. Maybe her and Spinelli could get together, I can soooooo see her and Maxie going up against each other. OHHHHHHHHH her and Johnny would be great.

    They need to expand the Q’s. They need to recast Brooklyn badly. We need her around. We badly need Dillon back. So to have Maya, Dillion, Brooklyn, Maya’s little sister (who was suppose to come and get paired with Mykill), and hopefully Jimmy Lee Holt has some kids out there to come and claim the Quatermaine inheritance.

  15. Profile photo of TicToc238

    Please stop trying to cast this girl…. I think the shows we have left should just get ACTORS and stop casting other actors from cancelled and or other soaps. At this time in the game it’s getting lazy, boring and not exciting seeing them pop up on either of the four shows we have left.

    ..just my opinion.

  16. Profile photo of pjc722

    If they are letting Lily go I think it would be the right time to jetison Cane out of town as well and forget about recasting Lily and keeping this couple together. Daniel Goddard’s Cane has been a complete mess since Maria brought him on to play faux Phillip. Sure that was a great recasting idea but when they opted to make him someone totally different and brought real Phillip back, as well as Nina and Chase, it only proved what poor casting ability and the over and UTTERLY inept powers Maria yielded at the show.

    Sure, without Nina or Chase (A Iraq war veteran, no less), Goddard as Phillip was OK. But once Phillip’s back story was brought forward with the arrival of Christine, Nina and Chase and then the eventual return of the real Phillip, the glaring age difference, HEIGHT DIFFERENCE, body shape difference and ACCENT difference was sooo ridiculous … Phillip should be around 40 because he has a mid20 year old son, real Phillip is 5’8 at best and a narrow frame and FAUX Phillip is around 30, board shouldered and close to 6 feet or more AND HAS AN AUSTRALIAN ACCENT (I was born in Ireland, raised in the states since 3, lived in Ireland in my 20s for 2 years and traveled back and forth to the country every summer for 10 years AND NOT ONE LIL BIT OF AN ACCENT and my parents have lived in the states for 60 plus years and STILL HAVE THEIR IRISH ACCENT)

    And the best reason JUST TO GET RID OF CANE if Lily and Christel are leaving IS GODDARD whispers every single damn line of dialogue WHICH IS THE MOST ANNOYING THING ON AN ACTOR, especially on this show (hello Melody Thomas) and CANE/GODDARD are as boring as Lily may be.

  17. Profile photo of Samie

    **************************** It’s sad to hear this disgusting rumor of her not wanting to date black. It’s one thing to dislike a character or an actor’s portrayal, but these rumors are just vicious! So many are running with this as if it’s fact just because they are not a fan of the actor. They want to believe it. She’s only 24, and we are talking about soaps, so there is plenty of time to pair her up with all colors under the sun. :( I hope another soap scoops her up and gives her a meaty part. ANYTHING is better than what she’s currently working with at Y&R.

  18. Profile photo of Grimm

    While I would welcome the return of the character of Maya, and realize that Annie Ilonzeh may have moved on to other things, I’m not sure Khalil is a good fit. I do, however acknowledge that she has a vocal following that can only be a good thing for GH if she can bring in the viewers (more on that below).
    In any case, Maya (and Christel) seem too YOUNG to be paired with Shawn (Sean Blakemore) unless Maya is aged a bit offscreen. Blakemore seems to slide into the older generation a bit easier.
    In spite of that, somehow I have been playing with the idea of the character returning to Port Charles with an older beau in tow. That love being portrayed by Keith Hamilton Cobb, an exciting charismatic performer that would bring some eyeballs to the screen. Seemingly exactly what the remaining Soaps need to survive.

  19. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    i cannot stand her acting. please don’t punish us[/quote]


  20. Profile photo of LindaV

    AI was horrible as Maya – very pretty but as stiff as Shawn. Let Alexis have some action for a chancge, and CK can go elsewhere. We are suffering enough with NuKrissie and Trey.

  21. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Everyone: CK needs to be cast doing exlax commercials and selling hemrod cream.

    Because I would not wish her on Jesus!

    “Like, all the Inn’s were full and I was like that is sooooooooo terrible! And I was like where are we gonna stay Joe? And he was like in the stables. And I was like owwwwwwwww yuck! And that was like how you were born! I am soooooo posting this on Faceboook!”

  22. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    CK is a pretty girl, who for whatever reason, caught on with a certain segment of the Y&R audience. She has always struck me as lightweight in her acting skills. She’s a “blender”, not bad, but hasn’t done anything that makes me sit up and say “Wow!” I tend to believe it’s a combo of who she’s matched with as well as her material. There’s no definition of who or what she’s supposed to be. I don’t “see” a lot of Dru in her personality, and what there is of Neil and the absent Malcom, even those characteristics aren’t well defined either. If she were to be considered for Maya, she would have to step up her game in terms of projection, and not just in terms of character. GH has a lot of heavyweights that would “eat her up” no sooner than she would step on set. AI was a nice actress, and matched up physically well with NP but again, the character of Maya, for my taste, was also ill defined. I kept waiting for something to happen but it didn’t. That was a wasted opportunity to bring on a Q family member and make them an integral part of the canvas. I don’t know that it would be a good idea to try and bring this part of the Q’s on at this time when you’ve got so many tendrils on the current umbrella story extending in so many directions. If they were to go for it, have her come on as a full fledged doctor (or intern/resident), as the hospital needs more staff. And she could be mentored by Monica… 0:)

  23. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    The last role I Wishfully Cast Brooke Kerr in, Rachel on OLTL, they called her in, but she allegedly tried to play hard ball in negotiations, so they went with Daphne Duplaix.

  24. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    @David Okay? LOL When I was told they actually called her in, because of my Wishful Casting, and she tried to play it tough, I was like girl stop. No more Wishful Castings for you! Try to help a sistah out…

  25. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    David-Now BK is someone I could very easily see as Maya. Passions was too over the top for me, but she has the ability to “beef it up” or “reign it in” as it were and is capable of subtlety when needed. Granted, there’s been the “camp” element that has shown up on GH, but (so far), I’ve been willing to put up with it. If they brought her on (or someone of her caliber ie. the aforementioned Lily re-cast suggestions DS, CP, SK, etc.), I’d be more than willing to give her a chance to work into the Q part of things. In the end though, a lot depends on the writing. And we all know what a bug-a-boo that’s been for every soap still on a “Big Three” network.

    By the way, I appreciate your encyclopedic knowledge of story/cast histories. They’re great references to check back on. Between you,
    J Bernard Jones, Soap Armageddon, alstonboy, and TV Gord (and a couple of others whose names escape me), reading on this board has been a “Soap Education” for not just the enjoyment factor but also how much soaps are a commentary on the social/cultural fabric of “real life”. I thank you for that… 0:)

  26. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    Just a thought. Where is Erica Gimpel? She was on Y&R as part of the Diane murder mystery and then she was gone. Poof! Little build up and no “So long farewell. Thanks for helping us out.” Rude in my book, unless that’s all she signed on for. She has a youthful look and a mature delivery and I really enjoyed her when she had a recuring part on Veronica Mars. I could see her working with SeBl’s Shawn… 0:)

  27. Profile photo of stoney07

    I don’t dislike the Lily character. I don’t even mind that she doesn’t have the characteristics of Dru, since that isn’t uncommon in real life. What I DO NOT like is that CK, (and this is just my opinion) is not that versatile of an actress. The character hasn’t had much to work with AT ALL, but then again, if we really look back on things…she’s had more than enough opportunity to showcase her abilities. Look at Doug Davidson for Christ’s sake. The man gets a bone once a year when one of his psychotic family members shows up, and he snaps into action right on cue.

    CK on the other hand, has had to deal with the death of her mother, fight Chloe for Cane, have CANCER, battle with a surrogate mother, deal with the supposed “Death” of her husband, be stalked by a “ghost”, learn that her husband’s alive, deal with her father-in-law trying to steal her children, etc….and of all those stories (most of which weren’t executed well as far as writing), I may have taken notice of Lily maybe for 2 or 3 episodes total. That’s sad!!!! Now had a capable actress been in the role, although the stories weren’t that great, she would have taken the opportunity to somehow make it work.

    I have to say, I don’t think CK as Maya would work. I’m sorry…I just don’t. I’m kind of new to GH (a couple of years) and I don’t really enjoy the show, but I DO know that they have some very good actors on that show, as does Y&R (for the most part). The same way her acting doesn’t stand out on Y&R, it will be even WORSE on GH. At least on Y&R, she’s not really up against the heavyweights. She’s sharing scenes with Daniel Goddard, Julia Pace Mitchell, etc…these are people that are basically almost the bottom of the acting barrel on that show. So imagine if she goes to GH, sharing scenes with some of the best? NOthing against the actress, but yeah….idk. That’s something I’d have to basically SEE…not saying it won’t work, but I”m just saying IDK.

  28. Profile photo of ER Writer
    ER Writer

    This might not be a popular sentiment. But I don’ think Christel is a bad actress. I just think she’s lazy.

    Also, I think she needs to play a vixen, not a heroine.

  29. Profile photo of Grimm

    [quote=SwanQueen59]Just a thought. Where is Erica Gimpel? She was on Y&R as part of the Diane murder mystery and then she was gone. Poof! Little build up and no “So long farewell. Thanks for helping us out.” Rude in my book, unless that’s all she signed on for. She has a youthful look and a mature delivery and I really enjoyed her when she had a recuring part on Veronica Mars. I could see her working with SeBl’s Shawn… 0:)[/quote]

    Erica Gimpel for Maya? or as a new character to be paired with Shawn?
    Gimpel is in her late 40s now despite her youthful looks. She was on the tv version of “Fame”.
    I’d love to see her anywhere…can we de-age Dr Simone Ravell and bring her back to GH?

  30. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    Since EG’s chronologically more mature than Maya, and with KMK working on another cable series, they could maybe recast Lainey. Another shrink at GH, brains and beauty… 0:)

  31. Profile photo of JasamForever

    The reason I thought CK would be good as Maya on GH is they have recently hired sup-par talent on the show. CK is not the best actress, I agree, however she fits right in acting wise with the NuKristina, Joe Scully, Trey, and Starr. I don’t know if Mark Teschner is still doing the casting for GH, but the picks as of late have been terrible!

  32. Profile photo of Marcelle

    [quote=david46208]@Jamey Giddens: Brooke better think. She has not worked much since Passions.[/quote]
    David, she was the og Tara on True Blood, smh. Have you ever seen BK’s pilot scene as Tara? It was not pretty, LOL, and I was a fan of hers way back when I watched the early years of Passions.

    Also, what’s funny/ironic about wishful casting CK as Maya, is that Davetta Sherwood said she auditioned for the Maya role when AI got the part.

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