‘Bold’ BOMBSHELLS: Ronn Moss Refused to Take “Significant Pay Cut”? Susan Flannery Thinks Writers Focusing Too Much on Younger Characters?

The real deal Holyfield is starting to trickle out about why Ronn Moss (Ridge) and Susan Flannery (Stephanie) are leaving The Bold and the Beautiful after 25 years. A pair of articles in the Sept. 3 issue of Soap Opera Digest reveal there's a whole lot more going on than stopped clocks and proper farewell storylines at the House of Bell!

According to Digest's moles, Moss was asked to take a "significant pay cut". Meanwhile, a source told the magazine of Flannery:

"Susan adores the younger actors and really believes they are doing a great job, but she thinks the writers are focusing too much on those characters," says a source. "She had a conversation with Brad [Bell, executive producer/head writer]. It will be interesting to see if any of her words made an impression with him."

I certainly can't disagree with Flannery on B&B's youth-centric storylines. While I once found the Hope/Liam/Steffy triangle promising, the silly saga has been dreadfully repetitive for months now, making the 30-minute soap a chore to watch. That being said, B&B's target demo isn't opinionated, black male bloggers. Plus, the soap's ratings are up.

Do you think Brad Bell needs to listen to what the legendary Flannery reportedly had to say, regarding B&B's focus on not-so-electric youth? Or, should the soap scion continue to chart his own path to Women 18-34 Nielsen salvation? Sound off in the comments!

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    While I have to side with Ronn Moss about the significant pay cut especially when the show did 4 location shoots in less than a year AND the show is extremely popular overseas in Italy and Australia, I can understand why he wouldn’t take a pay cut.

    As for Susan, I agree with her, the show is concentrating too much on the younger set and not enough on the veterans. This is Brad Bell’s loss and I hope that he rectifies this situation before John McCook and other veterans decide to leave the show and very likely spell the end of B&B before too long.

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    Okay, I actually watched B&B for the first time yesterday in over 25 years. I did watch the show back when I was a pre-teen in the 80’s. It was an international show then, and I can tell it still is. I can see why it may be attracting viwers. 30 minutes is tolerable to sit through a whole show on as opposed to an hour. However, I do agree with Susan. The WHOLE show was about Liam/Steffy/Hope. And I mean the whole show. That was all that was discussed. It made me wonder where are all the other actors that were shown in the opening sequence. I am willing to give the show a chance and see how I like it. GH has been boring me to tears so much, that it was time to look for another soap.

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    Unfortunately, it doesn’t seems like TPTB can do a balance storylines. Some storylines are bound to get more air time than others. Even though I think B&B has gone in the direction as Dallas 2.0, it just seems that they are not able to intertwine the older characters into the younger characters lives.

    It really doesn’t matter too much for me whether the older characters given too much air time or not. Because as far as I am concern when they were on back in the 80s and 90s, they were given all the airtime they could possible use. There is nothing wrong with the younger gen given airtime.

    I just want some balance! But unfortunately that will not happen because storylines can no longer span more than 13 or so weeks. Back in the 80s they could have storylines spanning over months and hence everyone could get their airtime. Now its not the same. I really dont care anyway.

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    I think a lot of people have mistaken a lot of criticism for us not wanting Liam/Hope/Steffy to have a storyline but that’s not the issue. My issue is why is this the ONLY storyline? Why are the other characters just doing nothing but talking about this stupid triangle. Why aren’t they doing more? There’s one story going on this show. It’s baffaling especially after watching this show tell multiple GOOD stories for years. I don’t blame Susan and Ronn for leaving.

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    Ask any long-time veteran of any soap, past and present, and they’ll say the shows are concentrating too much on the youth. Soaps have always been about the youth. Ask Don Hastings and Eileen Fulton. When they started on ATWT they were front and center in story. As they aged, their children and then grandchildren became front and center and the shows no longer focused on them. I’m not saying this is right or wrong … this is simply the way it is.

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    I can’t fathom how the ratings can be UP.

    B&B is BY FAR the WORST soap left on the air and has been throughout the whole season. The only highlight during the past year were Amber/Rick/Brooke scenes and Deacon coming back. THAT was the electric, CLASSIC B&B that William J. Bell had in mind – not this horrible newbie-kids acting like grown-ups -drivel.

    I can’t believe how anyone found this triangle EVER promising!

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    I have never seen such repetition on one show! I agree with Flannery 100%. But ratings translate to $$$$ and Brad is getting them with younger, cheaper actors. Personally I hate this whole Hope, Liam, Steffy showcase, but if it’s profiting the business I’m sure it will continue.

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    I knew there was more to the story.

    While Brad Bell has needed to build up it’s younger characters and start transitioning to the next generation, Steffy/Liam/Hope shouldn’t be the ONLY story going on. Others on the canvas, especially the Core 4, should still be getting story too.

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    I agree with SF about too much focus on the younger characters. Nothing againts the actors, I actually think they’re pretty good but good grief, move on already to other stories.

    I just read spoilers about the triangle from he!!, I don’t think it will ever end. :cry:

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    I’m so so so glad that Susan Flannery talked to Bell about how he’s let the youth triangle swamp the show! It’s to the point that when you watch the opening credits, you forget that there were other characters on the show!Brad needs to listen to whatever else Susan said to him, because I have no doubt it was very wise advice, he should follow for the sake of his show. Nothing against the actors but Liam/Steffy/Hope cannot keep the show going.

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    [quote=Smitty]I think a lot of people have mistaken a lot of criticism for us not wanting Liam/Hope/Steffy to have a storyline but that’s not the issue. My issue is why is this the ONLY storyline? Why are the other characters just doing nothing but talking about this stupid triangle. Why aren’t they doing more? There’s one story going on this show. It’s baffaling especially after watching this show tell multiple GOOD stories for years. I don’t blame Susan and Ronn for leaving.[/quote]

    I agree, it’s like,I understand that the new generation has to be shown and built up to get the advertising dollars/new viewers etc, but it doesn’t have to be excluding all the other people on the show. Why can’t they balance it out? I like the younger set, but I just would like to see the other people like Thorne, Taylor, Eric and others.B&B was also about family business and family/sibling rivalries along with the fashion thing, so I want to see all that too-not just the “kids” going on and on pouting because Liam wasn’t in their bed that night and I’m in that sought after demo group.

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    I knew there was more to the story, because for Ronn & Susan to leave it just crazy. The folks at OLTL & AMC were upset when their show got canned, so I would think B&B day players would try to stick it out. I mean can both actors be on the show part-time.

    Right now B&B is getting on my nerves with this lame story, and it sister show also making me want to stop watching as well too! Pls stop this madness @ The Bell Shows!

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    Mr. Bell had a great intuition by pairing Bill & Steffy. After making their first scenes together in fall 2009, he made a great s/l for Bill & Steffy when she fighted to get back FC. They were electrifying together, the tension btw them developped from rivalry-respect, to admiration-respect with an undeniable attraction. Bell then showed how Bill & Steffy feelings grew from lust to love after Thomas & Brooke rescue.Steffy & Bill share an intense chemistry that gets you addicted to their passion.
    I wish Mr .Bell wouldn’t let all the efforts he has put on STILL for 2,5 years go to waist by waisting Steffy on Liam.Even after one year, when STILL was stopped, no other couple on B&B have been able to recreate the chemistry Bill & Steffy have! Raw, passionate, intense.
    Bill & Steffy deserve a chance to explore fully their love story and have the potential to become an intense passionate power couple. The S/L potential is endless with them as a couple, not only for business power struggle btw SP & FC but also for family tension btw SP & FC.

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    I AGREE 100% with Susan Flannery!! The Liam saga is the most stupid kiddish drama ever, all people are sick of it!!
    What kind of viewers like this crap seriously??!! I have been a B&B viewer since I was 10 years old…I stopped watching because of the Liam saga since January!!
    I hope Bell listen to Susan’s great advice and to the viewers requests to end this triangle and develop other interesting story lines.

    I want to see Bill and Steffy as the new Power Couple of the show!!

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    But are people surprised? I watched the show in the 90s, primarily with Lauren and Sheila. Once that ended, I tried to stay on the show, but couldn’t. The reason was and is because I’m not a huge Ridge/Taylor/Brooke fan. I did root for Ridge and Taylor back in the day, but have since not cared (and Hunter Tylo hasn’t made me like her more in the years since, but I digress). I cared about Thorne, Macy, Ian, Darla, Clarke and Maggie (Barbara Crampton) and even Felicia (in the form of Lesli Kay). I got excited back in the day when vets I knew from other shows joined the show, but to be honest, I then became realistic. Yes, Bradley Bell DOES hire some awesome talent from other shows, but the reality is none of them ever stay on the show long enough to make an impact. Instead, they drive story for up to a year and are then dropped to recurring so Ridge/Taylor/Brooke can again dominate the show. But I learned my lesson, these castings are contract, but short term in the grand scheme of things and I stopped watching or caring. But being a loyal viewer to Days, I can appreciate the loyalty the B&B fans have to Ronn Moss and respect that. But regarding Brad Bell, I just don’t think he ever balances the show very well, it’s just right now he seems to be really angering the long time fans because he is sacrificing the veterans for these newer characters which is a shame. I feel it on Days. I have no care in the world for Melanie/Chad/Gaby/Rafe when it means I lose Bo/Jack/Carrie in the process. It’s unfortunate. I wish the executives cared about us more because we are the loyal viewers to their shows!

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    I will just say that I used to love B&B. Even though I was never a fan of Brad dropping stories and wasting actors, he usually put a good enough show on that I would be quite entertained. When he was good he was GOOD. But I had to quit watching the show after the endless teen story. I actually enjoy all three young actors, but they were just shoved down my throat too much without me being that invested in the characters. Balance is something Brad really needs to learn.

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    The show is a MESS, you’ve got Liam playing volleyball for 20 mins and Bill yelling “your a spencer” the other days. It’s annoying and I was a crazy loyal viewer and I’m out.

    As for Moss, it’s interesting, Brad spun it as has he had a calling to leave, but i guess it just comes down to the calling of the almighty dollar.

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    Brad Bell is stupid to let Ridge and Stephanie go from the show. I don’t blame the actors for bailing since it’s boring with the watered down Brooke/Ridge/Taylor wannabe triangle on there now.

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    I haven’t watched B&B in ages. For a long time, they haven’t been able to tell more than one story at a time. It’s terrible, because once they could juggle three or four stories at the same time, and do a good job of it. You’d think they would have noticed how well the reboot of Dallas did; although that show focused a lot on the younger folks, they didn’t ignore the vets. I hope whatever Susan Flannery told Brad Bell starts to sink in.

    As for Ronn Moss refusing to take a paycut; he’s such a dreadful actor, he should have been paying THEM all these years to allow them to keep him onscreen. Does he not realize major, MAJOR soap stars like Susan Lucci had to take paycuts so their shows would stay on air in the past? The days of unlimited budgets is well over.

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    The show is not that bad. The only problem with it, is that it lacks another storyline. B&B should focus on not one but two storylines. The Hope/Liam/Steffy thing is not as bad as all the people claim here, but its just too much right now. Brad has such a talented cast and there is so much more story to tell then only this one.

    But there is something serious wrong behind the scenes. Brad has lost his control, and actors are disapproving about the show. Its a bad thing when 50% of the core characters walks away within a week. Ofcourse KKL is going to stay onboard, and her dear friend JmC is going to stay either. For some reason I dont think Brad asked KKL for a huge pay cut…but I could be wrong.

    Whatever happens with Ridge and Stephanie, I think Brad should have let Ridge disappear, he has options from the past that he could use (Like Morgan or Deveny Dixon). Stephanie suffers from the lost and her cancer returns and she dies in pain not knowing where her son is…its sad..but really. I think it would be totaly in character that when Ridge would disappear that Stephanie would die, because after all, Ridge was the love of her life.

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    Canuck David

    Good for him. He’s a terrible actor but that isn’t the point. What is the point is that both he and Susan Flannery are the face of the show throughout the world. The world! They are Bold and Beautiful and are recognized on the streets in much of the world. The idiots in charge of course refuse to see that it’s the characters/actors that sell the show not the insufferable storylines. Oh well, Bradley Bell has bank accounts larger than most third world countries so why should he care. His money will be rolling in forever.

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    Yeah, I could care less about RM leaving. Its the art of the deal. RM didn’t want to take a paycut? Bell didn’t want to pony up the money? Fine. Bye-bye. Susan Flanney is another situation entirely! She’s leaving not for money but she’s done, had it, can see the writing on the wall with regards to where the show is going and she’s not going to follow and have her character “Stephanie” change any further. Eric McCook is left but how much time will he have with neither LAD nor SF on the show? Will he go with KKL? and YES, KKL was offered a 2 year deal. Funny how she was given everything she wanted. We do know that DD had just signed a contract back in December of 2011 for 2 years and he was crowing happy as a lark. Now I’m wondering if Htom was also offered a full package. So to summarize; for adults, we have on full contract KKL and DD that we know of. JmC and Htom? don’t know yet. Also don’t know if they have any input in the storylines as part of their contracts.

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