Michael Damian Returns to The Young and The Restless For 10,000th Episode

Rock on! Genoa City's favorite, musical son is coming home for another visit. Michael Damian tweeted he will be reprising the role of Danny Romalotti for the 10,000th episode of The Young and the Restless. Damian tweeted:

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    I’m confused….I’m sure SOMEONE on this site can answer my question…

    I’ve read somewhere that the 10,000 episode was ALL ABOUT VICTOR, or something like that…and it was supposed to be so horrible, etc. Why would Danny come back just for a Victor funeral or whatever is supposed to happen? UNLESS, the new regime has tweaked the scripts/episode a little and made it a little more of an ensemble effort. IDK…

    Anyway, glad to see him back for the 10,000 episode (and he said MORE)

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    Any word on Jess Walton? Is Jill returning or will she even be mentioned?

    Jill WAS the only character remaining from the from the debut episode of The Young and The Restless in 1973. Millions of viewers have followed both Jill, and Kay & Jill for decades. Kay and Jill’s relationship is a decade older than Victor and Nikki’s.

    I know soaps are famous for having characters disappear into closets or up the stairs never to return, but it usually isn’t a character that viewers have followed since the beginning of the program. Jill Foster Abbott isn’t Ryder for goodness sakes!

    I know it’s all about $$$ for Sony, so I’m finding it hard to believe they aren’t capitalizing in JC’s bestselling book. Millions of former viewers are probably checking in. Y&R used to have more than 3X the viewers, those viewers would expect to see Jill & Kay and a grown up little Phillip, not Laura & Stefan.

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    ^^ Jill should be back for that episode. The episode, which should center around Katherine altogether anyway!

    However, I wouldn’t be surprised if we never see Jill Fenmore again.

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    YES we will see Jill! I don’t want to think of not having Jill to present mixing it up like Jill can do. I think JFP & more so JG will give Jill a good story for her return…she’s been off canvas and Josh could do something meaty storyline to launch Jill back on canvas. Not much longer, I been so missing Jill…. :(( :(( :((

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    Jill and Katherine as much as, if not more than, Nikki and Victor, are the true center of Y&R. Their story encapsulates the vision of class struggle that Bill Bell originally conceived for this show: the ambitious girl from the wrong side of the tracks tangling with the corrupt high society doyenne. The celebration should be featuring them.

    It will be the first time I’ve watched Y&R in quite a while and I don’t want to be negative about something that hasn’t aired yet; but NOBODY has anything good to say about it.

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    [quote=CarlyCfan]I’m still hoping that rewrote Maria Hackerena Hell’s 10,000th episode. Am I being delusional?[/quote]

    PROBABLY! I do know that when Jill left, she was supposed to return in October, now that may have changed. I really didn’t feel she would come back, as they give her so little screen time, and hopefully at her age, she has saved enough money to live comfortably, for the rest of her life.

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    I think Jill will be back, but it will be later than originally planned (like maybe CHRISTMAS). I also think she’ll be returning alone and the plans to have her return with Colin have been completely SCRAPPED. :-( :-( :-(

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    All who are still living really should be able to be in Episode 10000 if they are willing and able. Any missing in action would surely be noticed. I wonder what the concept will be though.

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