Ronn Moss on How Bold and Beautiful Departures Leaked: “Susan [Flannery] Had Blurted Out on Stage That We Were Both Leaving”

Ronn Moss has given an exclusive interview to Entertainment Weekly on his decision to leave the The Bold and the Beautiful after 25 years. During the metaphysically-charged chat, the actor revealed how the car accident he and his wife were recently in, along with other "signs"—such as the dressing room clock that stopped at the exact time he was born—led to his decison to leave Ridge Forrester behind. 

On a slightly lower plane, Moss also revealed money played a factor, and how news of his and on screen mama Susan Flannery's (Stephanie) departures were made public. Said Moss:

Did you see the news about Susan Flannery also leaving the show? What do you think about that?

I had already known that, and the reason that my leaving got broadcast out was because Susan had blurted out on stage that we were both leaving last week. I knew that, and I knew that she was considering doing this. I think she’s doing it sooner than she even was thinking, but I think that says something. I’ll leave it there because I have to. I can’t really comment on that because her path is there now, too.

Alrighty then!

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    Interesting that when Ronn was thanking everyone, he mentioned Bill and Lee Bell, but Brad Bell got no love. LOL

    That and him mentioning that he Susan is leaving earlier than she thought makes me think that there’s more to story to what’s going on over at B&B. I need the scoop Jamey!

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    OH! woe is Ronn…goodbye, don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya! I’m very happy we could get a top name actor to play Ridge. The character is SO IMPORTANT to show and now it will get justice.

    As for Susan, sad to see her go because it was never SF’s acting because she could play the hell out of ANYTHING! I still don’t want Stephanie to die, because I think there is more story for the Stephanie character and yes in a different character. It can be done and I saw it done twice when they found Carmen Duncan and Marj Dusay. It was every hard to replace Beverlee as in Susan but it can be done with the right kind of actor! :love: I’m convince and sticking with Jamie Lyn Bauer. ;) Because of buzz it could produce and chemistry between JLB & JMcC was steamy and perfect in every area of chemistry. Y&R’s supercouple during the first 10 years…I loved Lance & Lori :love:

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    LOL, guys, still the show still will suck after Ronn and Susan leaves, Brad is the worst writer or just don’t care about the viewers or cast because it just get worse and worse and I tuned out. I can’t take anymore the triangle from hell any longer, I would rather watch Donna pour honey on Eric than that this triangle any longer, lol. Something got the give and it will be the show’s finale, so sad.

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    Susan is the best, it amazes me she stuck it out so long. They have REALLY pushed out – to the point her screen time was asking Dayzee what her favorite flower was.

    She’s the last one left in the soap game from THAT generation. Big Loss.

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    The show will not be the same without Stephanie and Ridge. I have watched regularaly since 1996 and agree with a lot of the comments posted that the triangle between Steffy/Liam/Hope is getting real OLD!!!! We have been there done that for years with Taylor/Ridge/Brook. Let some of the other characters have some “LOVE” please. Enough is enough. The storylines where social issues have been included were a great idea and should be incorporated more often.

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    I agree pair up hope with oliver and pair up steffy with liam and let the only triangle be between rick/caroline/thomas and pair up taylor and thorne and dr meade with brooke and give others their airtime. stephanie has been wanting to retire for a few years now. she is due that much. i am not sure about why ronn moss is leaving but i wasn’t into ronn moss actually. i did miss jack wagner when he left b&b and would love to see jack wagner return as a different character on this show. we need to bring more females on airtime so rick has his pick of young ladies in la.

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    @hopefan primarily but don’t feel left out if I didn’t mention you.

    I understand from your post you are very young as all B&B seems to be about to yo is who is paired with whom. I can se how one could get to that conclusion. But This is so not The B&B I grew up watching from the very first episode when Bill Bell introduced to us the Forresters,Spencers and Logans.

    Yes, love has been the protagonist and the antagonist on this soap all along. But Bradley Bell is making a mockery of love day in and day out by having characters be only about who boned who or rather who kissed who standing up? And the way they are fickle about it? Everybody is talking about a boring triangle in perpetuity and that’s storytelling?

    Brooke was a chemist and worked in a lab..ta-da! enter “BeLieF”. Story for over a decade in payoff.
    Caroline was a journalist & started a magazine…ta-da! Enter “Eye On Fashion” (here’s lookin at you EyeONSoaps) Story for years and years!

    Stephanie didn’t get along with anybody but her sons. She was the queen of cutting remarks. “The Enemy of My Enemy” was so her motto and that’s why ya couldn’t hate her. she served everyone an equal amount of ice. Though Everybody was always ready for snark and sarkasm back then.But Oh, the dialogue…and innuendo…ugh..TO DIE!!!

    Now we get “The Unmentionable” as delivered by a Southern Bell over-enuciator, a fish-face impressionist winning D’Emmy’s and an over-styled HT post OP-clone.

    There are thousands of old B&B clips on YT and my personal saving grace of Stephanie centric Clips on
    Anyone of you who don’t know B&B history should watch just the first episodes from 1987 and then you might understand how Heartbreaking it is to see what it is now.

    Yay nepotism!

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