Young and Restless' Joshua Morrow on 'Shictor': "I Was Always Kind of Surprised That Nick Just Accepted This From His Dad"

Heaven (and/or Eric Braeden and Maria Arena Bell) forbid one of TGVN's kids be able to talk back to him in a scene! In an interview in the Sept. 10 issue of CBS Soaps In Depth, Joshua Morrow fields questions about why Nicholas Newman didn't hem up his pervy old daddy for hooking up with his high school sweetheart, Sharon (Sharon Case). Said Morrow:

"I don't like to say that the writers didn't do something, because they've got the toughest job in our medium," he says diplomatically. "But I was always kind of surprised that Nick just accepted this from his dad. There were never any scenes showing legitimate anger, like, 'What are you doing?! I had several scenes with Sharon [Case, who plays Sharon] where Nick voices his displeasure..." He pauses and shakes his head. "There are so many stories happening, so maybe they couldn't invest in that. The writers just wrote Nick with him raising his hands, like, 'Well, what can I do?"

Good looking and diplomatic to boot! It is a shame before the Soap Gods that none of Victor's children, wives and/or enemies are ever allowed to fully stand up to him. Here's hoping Jill Farren Phelps and Josh Griffith put a stop to that madness! 


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I'm not surprised. Maria and Hogan never got deep with anything. Their writing has the emotional equivalent of a text message. Not to mention they completely disregard logical character motivation to move their idiot plots forward. Maria wanted everyone to be ok with Victor and Sharon so she turned her characters into spineless bafoons too. I agree with Joshua. I didn't get everyone's blazay reaction to it either. Typical vapid Maria Bell storyline. SO glad she got fired!!! I can't wait for Hogan to get his thankless butt kicked to the curb too.

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I never understood that either. Nick should have been pissed. Sharon is the love of his life!

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No reaction from Nick on his Dad hooking up with the Mother of his 2 children, at the very least. Wow.

Just goes to show you why MAB got kicked to the curb. Awful awful imbalanced writing. Makes no sense, really.

MAB and co. worked too hard trying to impose barriers to Nick and Sharon-- we get it, MAB, you didn't want anyone to remember what chemistry they had (nor how good the show used to be). She went way overboard trying to make that happen.

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it's very weird how everyone just seem to have accepted Shictor.

Nick should've been more angry like the first time when Sharon and Victor kissed years ago.

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@ TraceyAbbot101

The Great Victor Newman. (ugh.)

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Hopefully with the new regime, Jill will look at Eric and state that with or without you we are going to change the show. We are going back to the core storytelling on this program and that means VICTOR losing some and can win some. But that also means, Eric, you will lose this idiotic "I am all powerful" on this show. It's not only about Eric or Victor.


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Yeah it never made any sense to me either! SMH

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Not really surprised. MAB and her lackeys weren't known for "depth" or going beyond surface storytelling.

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JM's Nick threw a shit fit when Sharon hooked up with his brother Adam, even before the baby-napping was exposed. He went crazy about her sleeping with his younger brother. I think he punched Adam out on more than one occasion.

Then he said nothing to his father about boning his ex-wife and mother of two of his kids. Frankly, it's a sicker situation than her relationship with his brother.

At least MM's Adam called his father out on shacking up with Sharon. He said it was not a good thing for his grandkids knowing that Grandpa was gettin' nekkid with their mother.

Shictor was the poison pill that ended MAB for good. She got exactly what she deserved. I hear EB is acting out on the set with JFP and JG now. He'd better get his shit together or Victor may wind up in a body bag very soon.

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Actually, Nick's reaction is not so far-fetched:how many times can he storm about Sharon's or his father's choices? Nick is growing up and realising that he can no more control his father than he can his ex wife--both are nuts. So he throws up his hands and moves on with his life with his crazy wife.

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I don't know. I think they have played Nick's relationship with Sharon differently. When it was Adam, they were also still playing around with and teasing there was an element of jealousy that played into Nick's reaction before he found out about the kidnapping. Also, let's face it, Adam was still considered an untrustworthy creep and he kept throwing Sharon in Nick's face to egg him on. So ultimately, when Adam first began dating Sharon, Nick hated it because he also didn't like and didn't trust Adam.

With Victor being with Sharon, the response is more betrayal by his father..maybe confusion..but I don't think pure anger. It comes from a different place because it is his father. He was also rererererererererere-committed to Phyllis, so any over the top reaction would make Phyllis think that he still has feelings.

I also think he was angry at Sharon because ultimately, Noah and Faith become his children and step-siblings at the same time.

I think that you can have different reactions to different people in the same situation. It depends on how you feel about each person within that situation.

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Nick is going to lecture his Dad about Sharon? When he slept with Diane, when Nick knew Diane and his Dad were an item. I dont feel that sorry for St Nick. Besides, its all been downhill since The Kiss back in 2003. Sharon hooked up with Crazy Cameron, Cassie died, Nick and Phyll.

MAB does have some intense moments in her writing menagerie, but they only go to the people that she feels can 'pull' them off. Mike Muhney's Adam, Doug D's Paul, and of course, roll her eyeballs Red.

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Smitty wrote:
I never understood that either. Nick should have been pissed. Sharon is the love of his life!

True. I feel bad for the Shick fans out there, as Shick has been pretty destroyed. I don't even care if they reunite anymore.

Actually, they need another love interest for Nick. Phick isn't really compelling either - Phyllis and Nick just keep making fools of one another.