General Hospital’s Steve Burton to Panicked Fans: “Much Luv to U All. More to Come”

General Hospital hunk Steve Burton hasn't had much to tweet since I published my report on hearing he is thisclose to leaving the sudser. Early this morning, however, the popular star responded to panicked fans offering them "luv" and "more to come". Tweeted Burton:


From what I'm hearing, the ball is firmly in Burton's court.

 "The show obviously doesn't want to lose him," says one source. "But what he's asking for has to be approved on a network level, given the current state of the industry."

Money doesn't appear to be the only sticking point in Burton's negotiations — but it is a factor.

"Steve has really been talking about making this life change, and moving back to Tennessee for awhile," adds another insider. "It may come down to what ABC is willing to offer to keep him."

To protect themselves, I hear ABC has already asked for a potential exit storyline for the character of Jason Morgan — one which would easily allow for Burton and the character to return to the serial.

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  1. Profile photo of goyankees

    I know this isn’t the point of this post, but the minute I tell a celebrity that I “love him” before wishing him “sweet dreams” before bed, is the minute I realize I’ve lost all sanity in this world.

    Carry on….

  2. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    You know what at this point with the state of the industry like it is and GH being the only show left on ABC if he wants more money then get rid of him. If he just wants the same he’s always gotten well then I understand his issue.

  3. Profile photo of really

    [quote=goyankees]I know this isn’t the point of this post, but the minute I tell a celebrity that I “love him” before wishing him “sweet dreams” before bed, is the minute I realize I’ve lost all sanity in this world.

    Carry on….[/quote]

    haha very true. Its an extremely twisted thing.

  4. Profile photo of Soapfan44

    Sorry but I think it’s time for Jason to ride off in into the sunset. I love Steve but he has not really been the same since they put together the band Port Chuck. He really comes across as not interested in his scenes. If he is asking for money that’ crazy. He works so much that asking for more money is ridiculous. I’m glad Frank and Ron are getting away from the Sonny-Jason show. It was getting to be too much. Maurice has really shined since Frank and Ron came aboard and he shows his dedication to the show. Steve has not and if one of his reasons for leaving is Frank and Ron then GODD-BYE.

  5. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

    Soapfan44 I’m also enjoying Maurice/Sonny more and more lately heck I even have warmed up to him and Kate maybe its because he’s being supportive instead of shouting “Your dead to me” ;)

  6. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @everyone: When they have canceled 2 soaps on ABC there should be no actor coming to the table acting like they are immune to paycuts. You can’t expect to keep the same salary anymore. It just ain’t possible. So I have nothing but contempt for people who think they are in Denzel Washington’s and Tom Cruise’s positions to be able to drive a hard bargain at the table.

    These days networks are calling people’s bluff’s.

    When the soap industry was the shit you could ask for the moon and the stars and they’d give it to you. But not today.

    Also 1 in 5 Americans are hungry today. 1 in 5 people! So as long as you are getting a paycheck then you should be happy you are not one of those 1 in 5 Americans who are starving.

    Come on now! Come on!

  7. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    Right David46208!

    These shows are now doing a “take it or leave it” stance when it comes to contract renewals. These aren’t the 80s anymore where $ was flowing like piss in the street.

    If these actors play hardball they need to be ready to walk.

    Personally if I was on actor I’d stay as long as I could. These shows all have probably 5 years or less left.
    Ride the cash cow until the end!

  8. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    Pretty sick tweet goyankess.

    Just as sick as fans who can’t separate tv from real life and who address actors in character in public and act as if THE STORYLINES ARE ACTUALLY HAPPENING.
    The “Written By” credits must go right over some people’s heads.

  9. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed any storyline he’s had on the show. I no longer think he’s essential to GH. So if he’s considering leaving, my unsolicited advice to him comes by way of Nike:


    (The way some adult fans fawn over these actors makes me think of Kathy Bates in Misery.)

  10. Profile photo of Kazy24

    I wouldn’t want a recast of Jason. Steve Burton has had the role for so long another actor in the role wouldn’t help any. I really don’t want him to leave either. I’d prefer he add some variation to his character and act a little more like he isn’t tired of this gig.

    And I REALLY hope he isn’t being some sort of diva about getting a pay increase or more screen time or something like that. That would just be disappointing.

  11. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    No actor, nor any other working person, for that matter, should feel obligated to take any kind of pay cut or accept any kind of contractual terms offered to them if that person feels — absent of necessity or willingness — they are not being paid what they feel they are worth, if other opportunities are available to them or if they otherwise feel such offers are not in their long or short term interests. This whole idea that daytime actors in particular should accept whatever the network/production company offers to them is, on its face, absurd.

    First of all, whatever salaries actors make EVEN ON SOAPS might be a lot better than the average American makes, but is usually divided up among at least two sources or more — agents, managers, publicists, lawyers — before the actor sees a dime. This doesn’t count other professional, fiduciary or contractual obligations a performer might have.

    In addition, a lot of times these contracts do not allow actors sufficient options to explore other opportunities or make money elsewhere, even as they are being asked or told to take often major pay cuts. They can’t get time off to do auditions for short term gigs or guest spots in movies or tv shows that might (depending on the story) be otherwise worked around in the writers room. Tying actors down is often more of a reason for them to walk than the actual pay involved relative to the amount of work they have to do day in and out.

    Second, there is a general acknowledgement that “the end is nigh” for soaps. This is wrong. Soaps — as in continuing dramas — are not only not going anywhere but all evidence reveals that they are deeply embedding themselves more and more into popular culture and transforming in the process. What is changing is the idea of the traditional, five day a week daytime soap…that most people don’t seem to watch during the daytime at all. Since we “all” more or less are saying the traditional daytime soap is on its way out the door, then why would or should some actors stick around? They are in a better position to judge the state of the ratings, the value of the contracts offered them, the politics and backstage intrigues of their own shows and what they feel they can ultimately live with than we are from the comfortable distance of our computers and tv sets.

    Finally, there is a sometimes implied/sometimes explicit idea that some fans have is that soap opera acting is all these performers have going on in their lives, that this is all they do or can do or will ever do that is of any value. If an actor leaves a soap (or is fired or their show goes off the air), this thinking goes, they might as well go be a Starbucks barista for the rest of their time on earth. But acting very usually isn’t the only opportunity actors in their lives. In their after-soap lives, many do disappear from public life and the (relative) celebrity that being on a daytime drama may bring. Some sell cemetery plots (Judi Evans), real estate (Stuart Damon, Daniel Kennedy), host reality shows (Michael Corbett), write or perform in plays (Tina Sloan), do Broadway (too many to name) or even run a Christian school (Marcy Walker). A lucky few even go on to prime time and sometimes even movie success (another list too long to cite). Who is to say that these endeavors are not and can’t be as fulfilling, challenging and, in some cases, more lucrative than what said actor was doing on so-&-so soap? What this notion reveals even deeper is the fundamentally flawed idea that these stars “owe the fans” no matter what the situation, even if the actor feels that situation is not in their own best interests. This is an obligation that most “real people” would not make in their “real life,” so why should soap actors who are real people leading real lives?

    For the actors who decide to stay non their shows until the sun sets on the genre or are miraculously reborn, more power to them. To those who want to leave or feel compelled to, whether the ratings are golden or turd-like, more power to them.

    A whole lot of people think they, too, would heroically play “Nearer My God to Thee” with the band on the Titanic…until they are on the Costa Concordia themselves.

  12. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @J Bernard Jones: Not in the face of this economy can anyone come to the bargaining table and make heavy demands. It is absurd that you even have the gull to give credence to such an idea.

    I don’t have sympathy for them. So I agree with Nancy Lee G. wholeheartedly!

    If you don’t like what they are offering then just go. It is that simple. Not when 40 million Americans are poor. Come on now! Come on!

    No body is entitled to anything! No body! This is the problem with too many Americans today. They feel they are entitled to this and that.

    So if an actor has a degree and has not dusted it off yet. Then dust it off and get to selling Housing or stocks and bonds.

    But if anybody came to me with that BS i’d show them the door and i’d mean it!

    That goes for Steve Burton, Maurice Bernard, Eric Braedeen, Ron Moss and any other actor/actress who has gotten full of themselves.

    Try again! EPIC FAIL!

  13. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    These actors are part of the 5% of the acting community that is actually WORKING and making a living from ACTING.
    I think they need to remember where their bread is buttered and realize the bakery doesn’t have the loaves going down the assembly line they used to.

    And yes…soaps are spinning into other formats like these online soaps but do the actors involved make any real $ off of them?
    It was my understanding no.
    It was my understanding they do it as a chance to act and tell stories.

  14. Profile photo of DisillusionedGHfan

    Burton thinks he’s indispensable and worth what he’s asking for. There has been tension with TPTB and him for some time. He’s not willing to work with character development changes under the new regime, he still thinks he’s the leading man, which most viewers will attest he was never seen as such. Money plays a role, but he’s had his panties in a bunch since Guza and Phelps were shown the door. He seems to be in a bubble about the state of the show and what it needs to get ahead. Think “Primadonna” and you’ll understand the issue. Seriously!

    He’s not a team player since the new regime came to town, its what I’ve been hearing all along.

  15. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Ryan-Scott: You are correct.

    Eric Braeden had a fit last time over having to go down to 1.1 million. Don’t quote on the exact number. But it was something like that.

    Melody Thomas Scott squabbled over being asked to take a pay-cut which would have left her at $900,000. Then she was willing to take it and the offer was off the table. She snoozed and lost. Eventually she was able to work it out.

    Susan Lucci (once the most highest paid actress at around $7 million) in daytime took the cuts one after another, because she saw the bigger picture.

    On the other hand many actors would love to work and understand that value, joy and blessing at being able to make a living doing what you love. And in this economy most actors have humbled themselves and thanked whatever they believe in that they can live another day and not have to eat at or sleep at anyone’s shelter.

    Now if you asked me how much I thought I was worth, I would tell what I thought I was worth. That don’t make it fact.

    You see some of these actors have gotten an inflated sense of self. Sorry your cronies are not around in the Old Boy Network to make sure you get whatever it is you want.

    It is a new day. It is a different reality.

    And in the words of Senator Clayton Davis from The Wire: Sheeeeeit!!!

  16. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    david46208: I don’t know what kind of eight-legged, hairy bug you have up your ass about anything I say in this forum, but Jesus Fucking Christ, everything is not a battle, contest or shoot out on Main Street with you and your God Given Right to your opinion.

    I expressed an opinion that is contrary to a lot of folks here have said about this issue, including some of what has been said by the good folks who run this website. It wasn’t directed at you. It wasn’t directed at anyone in particular. It is my God Given Right to my opinion. You need to calm your ass down.

    Exactly where will you find ONE FUCKING SYLLABLE IN A WORD I WROTE about anybody being entitled to anything? I said if they want to walk, fine. If they want to stay, fine. It’s their right to make that CHOICE to do so. You seem to have a problem with that notion. But it’s yours, not mine.

    Ryan-Scott: I stand by every word.

  17. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    Susan Lucci said on Oprah’s Soap Show during her final season: “We were all asked to take pay cuts. I did it because I love what I do and I wouldn’t want other people to be without a job if I didn’t.” meaning she didn’t want to see the show get cancelled and have the crew and co. be unemployed.


    It’s on Youtube if you don’t believe me.

    That kind of bigger picture mentality is quite refreshing.

  18. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Ryan-Scott: Yes Susan was a team player. Love her for that and wish her the best.

    I think fans should ask to be paid if an actor wants them to advocate on their behalf to try and push for them to be given whatever it is they want.

    Because we all know the drill by now:

    You’re in contract negotiations. Things are tense. So the actor takes to the press or social media and rallies the troops. The fans of said actor/actress then write letters, e-mail, phone, blog and comment about said actor in hopes the network or specific show runner will get the message.

    So they got people doing all that work for free.

    I ain’t working for free.

    Heck I wouldn’t be a Renee Jones fan club president for Free. I gotta get something out of the deal. And you on screen ain’t enough…lol

  19. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    @david46208: Oh really? If it wasn’t, why was it “@J Bernard Jones” and “Try again! EPIC FAIL!” if not really directed at me? Was that a direct response to Bob Iger and Ann Sweeney and I just happened to get in the way?

    You know what, I wouldn’t mind if it was just a disagreement, even a heated one. But this isn’t the first time you’ve taken a direct, harshly adversarial and even hostile tone toward an opinion I’ve written and it’s a pattern that is tired. That’s why I didn’t even bother to respond and stated that I wouldn’t repsond to the last “debate” we had, when you essentially dared me to “bring it,” as it were.

    There is a difference between discussion and discourse, even when it is with raised voices and heated words. But you seem awfully interested “knocking me down from my pedestal” or whatnot. I didn’t come at you out of pocket, I stated my case in broad strokes as reasonably as I could. There was no “Try again. EPIC FAIL!,” because none was necessary.

    I actually think you have valid points to make here and there. I am not in opposition to some of your opinions or thoughts on matters as I have read them here. And I don’t mind a good blow-by-blow, knock down drag out fight even with you. But pissing contests don’t interest me either and disagreeing SIMPLY for the sake of disagreement gets on my nerves. So I will make this deal with you: I won’t respond to anything you say. Even if or when you twist my words and/or drag my name into one of your posts, like you did when this “thing” started happening. That should solve this, at least on my end.

    It’s a lovely day out. I wonder what Jerry Jacks is up to…

  20. Profile photo of THEBEST

    I don’t want Steve to leave, but if he needs this change, then so be it. If this were a yr or 2 ago when GH was in Shitville, USA, I prolly would’ve felt differently. But, the show is much more balanced & in better shape now. The industry isn’t what it once was, but I don’t believe these actors should work for peanuts. If these shows weren’t turning some kind of profit, they wouldn’t still be on the air.

    I believe that the network daytime soaps are becoming extinct, but the future is cable daytime soaps. I’m sure that Frank Valentini or another business savvy exec could come in & give us an AMC, OLTL, GL, or ATWT reboot on a shoestring budget for Lifetime or ABC Family. Start off with a 30min soap based off one of the 4 that was canceled, put 10 characters on contract (5 vets, 5 newbies and let the other 10 characters recur), produce it in ATL or Chicago for around 350,000 a week. it can be done.

    There are a plethora of out of work soap stars that would jump at the chance to be making even a fraction of the money they once did. I am sad to see a lot of these vets go, but a few sick clowns don’t stop the circus.

  21. Profile photo of thecourt99

    Given how many sites I look at, I am always confused as to where I see what information. So with that disclaimer, I read somewhere that SB was willing to agree to the paycut as long as he also got a reduction in airtime/working hours. What is at issue, is how to match the appropriate pay cut to the appropriate reduction in time.

    If what I read is true, then I think it is a legitimate negotiating point for both parties. SB should have the ability to walk away without being slammed for not being a team player.

  22. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @THEBEST: That is still too much money. Heck they can produce for less than 100k a week. They don’t need a lot of sets. Back in the day they were still in that living room 3 days later.

    But as I said once in a long forum posting they just need to create original 13 week telenovela’s American style and stop translating Spanish ones. I know it easier to rip off the well established Spanish novella’s but i’m sure a Lorriane Brodrick or a Sally Sussman Morina could come up with an original series. That is what they need to focus on.

  23. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    Well if he is going to leave and KMc is stayin gone- then I say doing something where Robin and Jason are stuck on an island somewhere. They are my second fave pairing and I could do with imagining them living somewhere together.

  24. Profile photo of BornSoapStar

    Hearing from who? As much some people like to point out how “crazy” it is that fans/viewers can’t separate actors from their characters…it’s just as “crazy” the way many fans/viewers think that they know these people personally.

    I truly hope that Steve Burton does not decide to leave…especially before the 50th Anniversary. Jason Quartermaine/Morgan has been one of my favorite characters- at least before the last 4 years or so. I actually love the direction Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati are taking the show, so I hope that they work things out for him to continue on.

    That being said…if Steve Burton does decide to leave…I wish him and his family all the best. I thank him for the Quartermaine/J&R/Liason years. But I will probably walk away from watching GH (after 33 years)should he depart.

  25. Profile photo of dsmwmn

    While I respect an actor’s choice to leave a show if they are not happy with their pay, I think there is more to this in this case. SBu has been complacent & is not giving quality work. While the rest of the GH cast has really stepped up their game, SBU is giving only a few good performances while blinking and staring his way through everything else. Why continue to pay him top dollar if he isn’t doing a good job? That is the type of crap that has caused daytime soaps so much headache. Actors shouldn’t behave like just because the used to be the show’s stud at one point that they can stop trying and still bring in the dough. These shows don’t have the same budget they once had which means if they continue to pay bloated salaries to a few actors funds have to be cut from somewhere else or someone else. Should stage hands, make up artists, camera men, etc. have to get their salaries cut just to accommodate Mr. Burton? I don’t think so. The last few months have proven that GH can exist without revolving around him especially if it will be better for everyone else.

  26. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    You know there has been a lot of hate on this board for SBus acting since Cartini has come on board but I think people have to realize that while nearly every other character is coming in to their own so to speak, jason has been written like a complete asshat for months now. As for him just blinking and staring, I disagree. I think his scenes with carly and liz have been somewhat laxluster, but Ive liked his work with spinelli and sonny and I thought his goodbye stuff and some of the how do we fix this marriage scenes with sam have been excellent. hes worked a little here and there with others but those have been the main five hes shared screen time with over the last few months. Maybe he feels disconnected from the work because the writing is so OOC?

  27. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    I think that Jason plays some of his sweetest most emotional scenes with Kemo. His acting with her has just been awesome- hers even better. I love SB and the character of Jason- (I did chase him at the mall as a teen). While I don’t want him to leave if it’s his choice then more power to him. I hate when an actor is fired like, RH, TC and IR- but if it’s their choice like KMc and maybe SB then good luck. While I have my faves this show is built to be revolving stories about many characters- I won’t get upset if just one leaves.

    I actually think they missed the bus with the whole baby story. As a mother of a daughter with autism I would have loved to see the baby born with special needs and watched as Jasam worked on helping the child and watched them being parents. It’s one of the reasons that I love Parenthood- I get to watch a family struggle with the same things I do. It helps me connect with them.

    @EET- After Jasam- Jason and Robin are one of my fave couples. I still remember the scene when he carried her out of the Nurses Ball. I think the blanket was being shown and she had just said something about her being the face of HIV.. Then he comes up and rescues her.. Just brilliant writing I am telling you.. I would have no problem watching them ride off together..

  28. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    JASAMMABBY-If you’re familiar with GL, one of my favorite stories involved the characters of Holly and Fletcher (Maureen Garrett and Jay Hammer) finding out their daughter was born with Down’s Syndrome. It was a beautiful example of artistic talent blending with a real life situation and the sensitivity from the writing and performers made for a story that was so uplifting and inspiring. That has to to be one of my most cherished memories from that show. Still makes my nose fuzz up… 0:)

  29. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    @Swan- I never watched it but it sounds like it would have been up my ally. In my community the special needs parents are very big on telling each other when they see a good story going on that involve children like that. I turned so many parents onto the show Parenthood for that reason and now so many are hooked. While I love the escapism of watching a soapy story the truth is a lot of people would tune into watch the story of parents facing the same things they do..

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