HOT or NOT: Dancing With The Stars: All Stars’ Kelly Monaco and Valentin Chmerkovskiy?

General Hospital star Kelly Monaco will once again be fox-trotting her way across the ABC primetime dial this fall. The Dancing With The Stars first season winner is returning for Dancing With The Stars: All Stars.

The woman who brings the fictional Samantha McCall to life on GH is paired with Valentin Chmerkovskiy this time around. What do you think of the dancing duo?

Are they hot or not?

Dancing With The Stars: All Stars premieres at 8 pm EST, Sept. 24 on ABC.

Photo credit: ABC

HOT or NOT: Dancing With The Stars: All Stars' Kelly Monaco and Valentin Chmerkovskiy?

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  1. Profile photo of GHFan777

    Kelly looks fabulous in this picture. BEAUTIFUL and SEXY….However looking hot, will not keep her there….I really hope all of her fans mobilize, and vote in force for her…She has very tough competition on the show this time. A LOT of major fan favorites are returning for this All Star Season….She is going to need all the votes she can get to stay in the competition.

  2. Profile photo of WickedThoughts

    Funny that the caption on this picture in People online says; “”Former”” General Hospital star Kelly Monaco – who won the inaugural title in the competition’s first season – makes her return with Val Chmerkovskiy (Maksim’s little bro) in an attempt to nab a second mirror-ball trophy.

    If only.

  3. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Fan 777 I agree with you whole heartedly. I think kelly has a huge fan base by day time standards but Im not sure it compares with some of these prime time names like say kirstie alley and shes dancing with a partner that doesnt bring a fan base of his own to the table – I think someone like cheryl or derek or maks have fans who vote for THEM no matter who they are paired with and val isnt in that league. If she makes it half way I think thats huge.

  4. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    PS yesterday I made a JOKE about liz and jason riding off in to the sunset and I was told I was a hater who wished becky to be without an income. I wonder if those same people will come here and chastise wicked for being a hater who wishes kelly to be without an income. Im thinking not so much.

  5. Profile photo of GHFan777

    Well EET you know i like Kelly, and wish her well….I just dont like Jasam. I agree with you on the pros having their own fanbase and Kelly not catching a break in this draw. Her fans really need to vote in force, but I think you are right about the middle of the pack.

    As for your comment about Liz ….yeah i saw that too….personally I think you say things like that to get a reaction. You notice I no longer engage in that silliness.

  6. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    I hope to see her go far. However I think she comes off as cute and engaging in her interviews and I think that will help her go far. I was never gonna vote for Jennifer Grey or Erin Andrews- but both of them won me over with watching them during rehersals, interviews and dancing. So there will be people who will maybe not know a lot about her but will want to see more of her. She worked her tail feathers off during the last one- so hoping to see more of that..

  7. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Fan77 but you know that I have said nearly a dozen times now that Becky has a place on the canvas even if I PERSONALLY dont like her character of Liz. I said it because of all the pot shots in posts prior to mine at the sam character and at Kelly. It was a thread about burton leaving and there we had people implying that he might be leaving because they repaired jasam – even though they are obviously moving jason at this moment in time AWAY from Sam – and people were commenting on kelly just to take a dig. My post was CLEARLY a joke because my position on becky staying part of the gh family had been reiterated SO many times (and I even suggested what pairing I wanted to see her move towards – Patrick). Meanwhile we have seen literally DOZENS of people hoping for burton to leave and be without a paycheck, for Mo to be fired and for kelly to be fired (not to mention the unbridled spinelli hate we’ve seen on the board over the last six months or so) and there hasnt been peep one about how mean spirited that is or how their poor families would be without income (and BA JUST had a baby too). Add to that how many people have said that they should fire the actors playing sonny’s kids – esp. DZ, who also has a newborn. Im sorry but thats a bs double standard. Either its mean to wish someone out of a job or its not. When Becky was fired I said that I felt badly for her and that I felt badly for anyone that loses a paycheck. Some characters I want to see exit the canvas but I hope they find work elsewhere (scott reeves and lisa Lo come to mind. Other characters I want to see exit the canvas but I know that is not in the best interest of the show and so I grit my teeth and tolerate it. ie: I hate the idea of a potential duke anna reunion because I so desperately want anna back with robert but I know that vets bring ratings and if he bring eyeballs thats all I care about.

  8. Profile photo of GHFan777

    Yes EET…I do understand what you are saying…and I do agree with you that there are haters on all sides…I don’t want to see anyone lose a job either…AND I do know that you supported Becky in keeping her job…I DO remember what you said back then…and yes….you were supportive of BH..I appreciated it, as I am a fan of this nice lady. Many times in the past few years I have hated how Liz has been written, and if I hadn’t already been a fan of hers, I don’t think I would have become one. She is starting to be written better now thank God, and is no longer being used as a punching bag…Now if they would finally write a good story for her, instead of using her as a prop for others all the time. Sam is being written much stronger, and more like herself… so why not Liz.

    As for SBu leaving ….who knows…but neither lady needs to leave if he does. Sam has potential with John…and they can always put Liz with someone new, or even Patrick like you suggested. I do love the Piz friendship, though I have a feeling if anyone is leaving it will be JT.

  9. Profile photo of WickedThoughts

    Wishing for KM to be a “former” GH star does not translate to me wishing for her to be fired. Nor was it my intention to bait anyone..It was my attempt at a joke, albeit a lame one. Not to say I don’t feel that way about her. I would be thrilled if she decided to move on to other projects. But let’s be clear about one thing. I do not wish for any actor to be fired. What I find funny is that I just read through post after post of comments applauding the news that SBu may not be re-signing. So I guess it OK for them to express their wish for Steve to be gone but when we comment on KM it’s a different story.

    Can’t wait to start voting….for Apolo.

  10. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    No Wicked you missed my point – I have said i dont really care for all the steve should be gone too stuff if hes being forced out – if he decides to leave thats his choice and I would miss him, but i dont wish ill will on anyone. That was my point – that some people have a fave and if you say oh let that character go you are a hater who wishes their family to exist on bread crumbs and then they turn around and say good riddance to so and so as if that actor doesnt need income too. I think thats a total double standard. The thread was steve might want to leave and then people were saying that mo should go to – if steve wants to leave why should mo be fired? And if its okay for someone to say mo should be fired and nobody takes issue, why is it not okay to say ANY other actor on the show should be fired? its either always mean or never mean.

    777 I hate that they are writing liz to once again be blind to the villain she is dating and if they are considering a love story with liz and jason that they are a. doing it so soon after jasam when he so clearly still loves sam so hes not free and clear and b. she is exhibiting that she doesnt trust him the same way she did with ric and then she looked foolish when it turned out he was drugging her and carly was hidden right there in her own home. I liked the idea of piz because they have chemistry and it sets up a soapy ending when robin is found – new love thats current vs. first love and mother of your child – and SHE gets to be the strength in the relationship given patricks emotional free fall. Given that they are close friends and that robin asked liz to step in I would think that would be a gut wrenching problem to have – none of them could be angry, just heartbroken all the way around and it would be an ideal set up to leave the door open to writing either a story for patrick to leave with robin or stay without her. Hell if JT stayed to be with liz because robin felt she was too damaged they could have written jason out that way – assuming sbu does want to leave – that it was too painful for robin to stay and watch patrick with liz and it was too painful for jason to stay and watch sam with john and sonny sees that robin shouldnt be alone so he asks jason to go with her. Anna and robert could give their blessing because even though jason is a mob hit man he is the one person they know can keep their little girl safe. I think that might even fly with both the jasam and liason fan bases – a happy compromise if they are going to write him out.

  11. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    KeMo will have to have a few things fall her way on this round of DWTS. From a teaching perspective, she has the grit and the diligence for the task at hand. That is already a given. Her ability to take and apply correction/constructive criticism will also stand her in good stead. Where she’s going to need “help” is the audience/fanbase vote. If there wasn’t this aspect, where people’s perceptions, personal taste and projection are taken into consideration, (think Sabrina Bryan or Kelly Osborne), you would find “personal” favorites eliminated more quickly in the early stages. But it is what it is and, in some ways, every “star” is, to varying degrees, at the mercy of a like/unlike button, as it were. Her chemistry with Val will also come into play and she’s in the same boat with those who don’t have the advantage of having the same pro they paired up with originally. She’s also going to have to contend with a body that’s not going to be as resilient at recovery as it was seven years ago. Ibuprophin and Salonpas just may be who she shares a lot of time with behind the scenes. I’m going out on a limb here and say she can get as far as two weeks/one week before the final three. Beyond that, heck I’d love to see her get that Mirrorball Trophy again. Maybe FV can get RC to pen a scene where it shows up on set somewhere. A little cross promotion never hurts… 0:)

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