Young and Restless Stars and Bell Family Celebrate 10,000 Episodes

The Young and the Restless icons Melody Thomas Scott and Eric Braeden (pictured above with former showrunner Maria Arena Bell) were among the soap's stars who celebrated the No. 1 daytime drama's 10,000th episode at The Paley Center for Media on August 23.

Bell family matriarch Lee Phillip Bell and her children, William J. Bell Jr., Bradley Bell and Lauralee Bell, also commemorated the late William Bell Sr.’s momentous legacy with their spouses. See more photos of The Young and the Restless’ 10,000th episode celebration after the jump!

Colleen Bell, Bradley Bell, Lauralee Bell, William J. Bell Jr. and Lee Bell

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    Why does Eric Braeden look almost as if he is trying to hold Jeanne Cooper in place next to Maria Arena Bell? Almost as if he thinks Jeanne is going to saunter away or would rather stand elsewhere? (LOL)

    I’d love it if someone who attended the event can give their impressions of it. I read a few things just a few minutes ago online but don’t know if any of it is true.

    By the way…

    Is Roberta Leighton the actress that used to play Nikki’s sister Dr. Casey Reed?? If so, she looks very different from what I remember!

  2. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    That awful woman didn’t deserve to be there.

    But she was while Jess Walton was MIA and Sharon Case wasn’t even invited. Oh well…

    However Melody Thomas Scott looks amazing!!!! HOT!

  3. Profile photo of Coffee_Junkie

    I love pic 18. It looks like Phyllis is growing out of Peter Bergman’s NECK, LOL!

    What the heck was Roberta Leighton doing there? If they’re going to go THAT far back they should have had Ma Foster and the boys there. But since they apparently forgot to notify “Jill” they’d hardly invite the rest of the Fosters.

  4. Profile photo of Eleanor Rigby
    Eleanor Rigby

    Well we don’t know that the others mentioned above were not invited, couldn’t make it, didn’t want to make it, or were simply not photograhed or posted here. I am still so shocked at seeing ex Casey Reid in these photos, I mean TOTALLY unrecognizable. WHY do beautiful women do that to themselves (note to Hunter Tylo!)!

    I actually had to google Roberta Leighton Y&R to get a reminder of just how cute she was. Sure it’s 30 years ago, but she just doesn’t have a THING left over from the face she was born with! Getting older is NOT a bad thing, people!

    Thankfully, most of our Y&R cast has aged very gracefully, with Melody looking so gorgeous. If she got a little work done, that is the way to do it (if you must)….just to keep things looking NATURAL!!!! But perhaps that’s just her being her, and isn’t that the point of cosmetic surgery: you shouldn’t be able to tell!!

    Eric B is looking mighty arrogant, like his alter-ego, except of course, as always, when he’s with his BFF J Cooper! Those 2 look like they share a few genuine laughs (the camera doesn’t lie!) as opposed to Peter B and Eric who both look like they’d rather be gargling nails then standing there for the pose, LOL!

    It’s fun to see our peeps, though, I can’t lie. I read the Bill Bell so-called biography and it was disappointingly one-sided, obviously, since he was hand-picked by Lee herself. Was hoping for more insights, but it was a fun read anyway.

    Congratulations to our wonderful Y&R! :-)

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    Kristoff St. John said “These motha fuckas can’t give me any air time, I’m about to roll up in that place in some Converse”…

    As for the rest of the cast, y’all look flawless. Love the EB and JC picture near the end!

  6. Profile photo of pennywise555

    MM tweeted last night, that the actors that weren’t at Paley Center were not invited, so Sharon Case & Jess Walton were purposely left out by Maria.

    What is Maria’s beef with Jess Walton and Sharon Case? She destroyed Jill then proceeded to write her out of her own life, with Katherine, the Abbotts, her children, and the GC business world, replacing her with Tucker. Then ushered her off the show.

    Sharon Newman is nothing like the character Bill Bell created either, she get plenty of airtime but it’s used to tear her character to shreds by humiliating and degrading her daily. I’ll bet MAB’s plan was to eventually write Sharon off, just like she did Jill.

    In hindsight I can see MAB’s been destroying their characters since she took over. I wonder why she was being so vindictive? She must of really hated them for some reason.

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  8. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @CGat & pennywise555:

    CGat: Lol now that was funny. Hamburger!

    Pennywise555: They tend to do that when they have beef. Dixie was killed with Poison Pancakes on AMC over Cady McClain’s and Megan McTavish (Then Head Writer beef). So now it all comes together why she decided to turn Sharon into a hoe. But what is it she does not like about Jess Walton and Sharon Case? Now see this is where the real drama was.

  9. Profile photo of pferrando

    I think the cast looks great. I hope JFP is smart enough to realize not to tinker with too much, other than the writing of course. I’m praying for at least 10 more years….(2500 episodes at least?), but yes, 10,000 more would be nice.

  10. Profile photo of pennywise555

    [quote=david46208] But what is it she does not like about Jess Walton and Sharon Case? Now see this is where the real drama was.[/quote]

    If Y&R doesn’t have Jess Walton return I hope she writes a tell-all book and lets us know all about it. LOL I feel so sorry for both the actresses it must have been hard being written for, & working under someone who hates you, and is this vindictive, I can’t even imagine.

    At least Sony took over before she sent Sharon away. I hope they bring Jill back too & undo everything MAB did to the both of them.

  11. Profile photo of RealityCheck 33
    RealityCheck 33

    Jess Walton and Sharon Case should have been invited. Those snubs are indefensible and truly insulting. Tracey Bergman is another person who should have been invited. What moron left them off the list?

  12. Profile photo of DaytimeFan0001

    Wait folks- isn’t the whole idea of the Paley Center to have a panel? There is a limit as to how many you can have. Excluding Roberta, that cast makes sense to discuss 10,000 episdoes, they can’t have everyone on the panel. However- invitations should be limited to the cast.

  13. Profile photo of RedChair

    It is truly a puzzle not to have Jess Walton, but her maid, Esther is there!

    Another odd thing to me:
    I’m no fashion maven, but I dress better than Joshua Morrow when I go to Walmart. What the hell… short sleeves to a media function? I guess there’s ‘casual’ and then there’s ‘Cali-casual’.

  14. Profile photo of tedew

    Am I missing something here? Why do so many of you assume that certain alumni were not invited?

    The group of pictures. MTS does look great but the hair could have been dealt with. Jeanne Cooper is the one who looks best. However Joshua Morrow looks very fine indeed.

    On the hilarious side. Now we really do know that Ms. Stafford is actually a manitou and don’t Eric and Peter look so very comfy cozy nuzzled up against each other?

  15. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Wow! Melody Thomas Scott really looks fabulous!

    My favorite picture is the one with Jeanne Cooper & Eric Braeden – WONDERFUL.

    Also loved the leading men photo with CLB, PB, EB & DD. Very manly!

    Jeanne Cooper looks flawless as usual.

    Sharon Case tweeted that she wasn’t invited. The Staf came on board after SC so pretty weird. I’m betting MAB had sth to do with SC not being invited.

  16. Profile photo of snizzle

    It was obvious from day one that MAB had issues with the actors/characters of Sharon, Jill, Brad, and Colleen. She basically got rid of one each year. I’m sure SC would have been next on the chopping block if MAB was allowed to remain on.

    I agree that MTS looks fantastic. She clearly has lost a bit of weight since the days I used to watch YR.

  17. Profile photo of Coffee_Junkie

    [quote=tedew]Am I missing something here? Why do so many of you assume that certain alumni were not invited?


    Yes, you’re missing something. There were key people missing, cast members who have been on the show for YEARS. (Jess Walton, Tracy Bregman, Sharon Case for example). Sure they can’t invite everyone. But Walton is a glaring omission as her alter ego Jill is the only character left on the show who has been there from day one.

  18. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Actually, Kate Linder is very close with the Bell family, and I think she has an automatic invitation to all Y&R functions.

    JW, TB and SC SHOULD have been there/ invited.

  19. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Kate Linder has been with the show longer than any other female actress on the show, other than Melody Thomas Scott and Jeanne Cooper, so if anyone were going to warrant an invite, it sure as heck should have been her, even though she’s basically been “window-dressing” for most of the past 30 years.

    And she’s such a sweetheart, how could anyone NOT like her, or NOT want to invite her to events? Makes no sense to me.

    Of course, LaStafford can’t pass up an invitation to get her picture snapped on the red carpet. :Sp

    Lauralee Bell could have come up with a better outfit than THAT……….just my opinion.

    Kristoff St. John is just such a cutie and such a funny guy that I don’t even care that he’s completely underdressed. lol. :love:

    I wonder if Eric Braeden and Maria Bell left the event together……..since they seem to be soooooooooooooo close? :D :D

  20. Profile photo of pferrando

    Looking through these pics is very nostagic. Regardless of some the crap they’ve been given by the writers, yes, I mean both LML and MAB, they are the reason I’ve kept tuning in daily since the 70’s. Hopefully the new regime honors the legacy of the show and continues to write for all of them on the canvas, while bringing the younger legacy characters up the ranks.

  21. Profile photo of tedew

    alstonboy4315 … your post #34 is again right on target. I don’t get why some think Kate Linder shouldn’t have been there. She’s always been a fan favorite and has always been at the forefront of social and charitable events, plus she may possibly have been the most appropriately and best dressed (or at least tied with Jeanne Cooper).

    You could also be right about Eric and Maria. Because unless Eric and Peter have been putting up a highly effective smoke screen over the years it’s highly unlikely that jovial pair left together instead.

  22. Profile photo of harlee490

    OMG! Casey Reed UGLY…I went throught to finish looking at the pictures hadn’t seen all of them and came upon Roberta Leighton and FREAKED! Her plastic surgeon must had been recommended by Hunter Tylo. She looks horrible!

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