Florencia Lozano Returns to General Hospital on Sept. 7!

Looks like General Hospital is gearing up to wrap up the baby switch saga even sooner than I'd heard! Soap Opera Digest reported in their most recent issue that Florencia Lozano would be seen on screen as Tea on Sept. 7. 

According to sources, GH wanted to do one of those old-school, Bill Bell paternity sagas, where JaSam wouldn't learn their tyke was alive and living in a cancelled soap town until sometime next year. However, the network wants the reveal to happen ASAP to appease those JaSam lovers!

Photo credit: ABC

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    Wow! This is just another reason to HATE the network suits. Screw the JaSam fans who need a quick fix. Good storytelling can be intriguing. Why not have that kind of story that keeps fans hanging on the edge of their seats aching for the truth to come out? Instead, we get quick fixes. A glass of box carton wine versus a nicely aged bottled wine.

    It’s network interference that crushed GH. It’s sad to see the mutton heads still interfering.

    How will this affect Todd’s ability to become entrenched in Port Charles? Once the truth is revealed, he’ll be hated and shunned.


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    Just when I was enjoying GH again. Don’t care about Sam getting her baby back. Also just cause she gets her baby back doesn’t mean the paternity is outed. Again the jasam fans getting what THEY wanted help sink GH. Over it.Might have to go back to boycotting GH. GGRRRR

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    Screw the JaSam fans who need a quick fix.

    :) :) :) Amen
    This couple has been given everything the last 3 yrs under the past regime and they brought in record LOWS. Just when fans are coming back and GH is getting GOOD BUZZ, they do this. Idiots. They will never learn.

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    Good. It’s been dragged out too long by at least a month. I don’t particularly care for any child being kept from it’s mother unless it’s an abusive situation. It’s more about Sam being reunited with her child. The way Jason’s being written, I’d prefer he doesn’t know the paternity. And I’d actually rather she be paired with McBain. But that’s me… 0:)

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    I remember both loving and hating the Lily paternity storyline on Y&R. That story took YEARS to come to a close and while I never felt that the story was going in circles, I recall the anticipation of “what till he finds out”, or “wait till she finds out”. It’s a shame that we no longer have the attention span for these kinds of stories anymore. I LIVED for it.

    On the other hand, i can understand the perspective of a JaSammer that feels that this couple has been continuously tortured and need some happiness. If only a glimpse….then they can be tortured again.

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    Appease the Jasam lovers!??? Oh good grief!!! I thought they did that when they killed off Jake last year!!

    Still, I am glad Tea is coming back. I love her and she deserves to know the truth..

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    [quote=samanthadelayed]Appease the Jasam lovers!??? Oh good grief!!! I thought they did that when they killed off Jake last year!!

    Still, I am glad Tea is coming back. I love her and she deserves to know the truth..[/quote]

    ^^AMEN to all of this!

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    It’s about time.. This story line has been just awful. Not only do I want Sam to have her baby back but I want to see The Davis Clan and Q’s welcoming it and celebrating it. Sorry but the baby isn’t just connected to Jasam- it’s a Cassadine/Quartermaine baby. Plus I never see the baby it’s not like its a story where another character has the baby and neither mom know.

    I really could give a fig about Tea cause I don’t know her. I mostly feel bad because she doesn’t know her baby died and it’s better she finds out sooner than later.. For Todd while I enjoy his character he should be put through the ringer for it. He did steal a baby..

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    I just dont care about Jasam anymore not since Jason told Sam that they can move on and have another baby. As for the baby switch storyline they should of never had killed off Tea and Victors child.

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    Again, when you look at facebook where people can only have ONE account, you see person after person clamoring for sam to have her baby back. I think too part of the problem is there are no close calls. Im trying to think of the jenny/katrina karr story which i thought was beautifully done and I think back then kat saw jenny on a regular basis and interacted with the child from time to time so you kept having those heart stopping moments where you wondered is she going to clue in to the fact that shes holding her baby. Didnt babe keep miranda and that too was right under biancas nose? so we got one scene at the funeral and then they havent really showed sam grieving much since. No run ins, no nothing. Plus the couple ends solely BECAUSE she cant forgive the death of her baby – when we know the baby isnt dead.

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    PS yes liason fans NEVER sent nasty emails to gh and there wasnt a story about protesters arrested outside the studio in sod and oh yeah they never demand things in the story and have NEVER uttered the words VOTE WITH YOUR REMOTE. PUH-LEASE

    The moustache I loved OLTl but not like i love gh. You are talking about firing another cassadine and two more spencers. thats not the show I want to watch. I would be happy with blair and then just cameos from oltl people. We dont need tea when we already have alexis.

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    No, no, no to firing more GH characters!! If anything it is has been shown that when you bring back our vets the people tune back in. I don’t mind seeing a few new faces but the stories bore me bacause I have no idea whats going on- I don’t care about them. People want to watch GH for GH. OLTL is gone- soon maybe GH will be to and I want to see my characters get their HEA’s..

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    Sorry meant to reply to SwanQueen59,I do love John and Sam together. Cannot recall the soap,though do remember them as a vampire couple years ago on a soap opera. Love their chemistry!!

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    Appease the Jasam lovers all day. If Steve Burton leaves, the shit will be a moot point. Them knowing that baby is alive is NOT going to magically get them back together. Their problems started way before Sam got knocked up.

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    All the Sam fans want is that baby back. YOU sound like a Jizzer. All you people have been whining about is bring that dead baby back so that JIZ can be a family.Sam have been wanting this baby for years, whenever jason learns he is a father don’t matter to the Sam fans. The JaSam fans yes, they have waited years for jaSam to have a kid, if Jason can hang around his illegimate kid and know its his kid from the start, JaSam should have the same respect.(they do have a very large fans base).

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