Jill Farren Phelps on New Gig: “We Just Want Y&R to Be More Alluring and Compelling”

You gotta hand it to TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan. When he goes there, he goes there! In her first interview since taking over The Young and the Restless from Maria Arena Bell, Jill Farren Phelps fields some of the toughest questions of her career from Logan. The pair talks FOJ's, JFP and Josh Griffith's plans for Genoa City and about who really killed my beloved Mary Frances Ordway Winthrop (aka Frankie Frame) from Another World! Keep reading for excerpts.

On what CBS has tasked her to do with Y&R:

The mandate is to make Y&R financially feasible so it can continue on. And also to bring the show into 2012. We will give it a more contemporary feel, shake up the way it looks and sounds just a bit, though nothing that will have the audience feeling uncomfortable. It would be so wrong to try to pace it and structure it and stylize it like GH. We just want Y&R to be more alluring and compelling as we move into the future.

On those poop storm-causing African-American casting calls:

The male role we are casting is definitely a new character but, yes, the female role is a recast for Christel's role. However, since we sent out that casting breakdown, negotiations with Christel have resumed. I don't yet know how that's going to work out.

On taking the blame for the death Guiding Light's Mo Bauer, but NOT for my Frankie Frame!

Look, I'm sorry I killed Maureen Bauer on Guiding Light all those years ago, but I am not responsible for the death of Frankie Frame on Another World! That was not my doing and I am tired of taking the heat for having killed a character when I didn't! [Laughs] The other day we were in a network meeting talking about one of the Y&R actors who wanted out temporarily to go do something and I said, "Let her go do it!" And the network executive looked at me and said, "You're not nearly the monster I've been hearing about!"

So if JFP didn't kill my fav-o-rite, flame-haired, soap psychic, WHO DID? I want to know NOOOOOW! (Breathes deeply. Recites passages from The Secret, before headng over to Wikipedia to see who the head writer of AW was in 1996.)

In all seriousness, I'm cautiously excited about JFP taking over Y&R. Sure, she's made some huge blunders at previous soaps, but she's also done her fair share of good in daytime. Her sudsers always look amazing and have great music. I loved the blackout on Guiding Light. Speaking of GL, give me diverse characters like elegant, manipulative Gilly Grant Speakes, over a recovering crackhead—who calls white women "Miss" in 2012—any day. 

To find out if JFP plans to bring over any of her FOJ's, fire Genie Francis (Please?) and/or re-hire Victoria Rowell (Pretty please?), click here.


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    @Jamey: Tom King and Craig Carlson were the headwriters on Another World when Frankie Frame was murdered.

    Jill Farren Phelps appointment as Executive Producer of Y&R is just another example of the horrendous decisions made concerning daytime soap operas that have plagued the genre: the recycling of the same people over and over! Why not inject soaps with new, fresh and innovative talent in these pivotal roles. It’s no wonder soaps are dying because TPTB are not invested in turning out quality products. JFP is stale, as were Hogan Sheffer, Scott Hammer and the list goes on and on, with the repeated hiring of the likes of Donna Swajeksi, Dena Higley, Garin Wolf and (to a lesser extent) Ron Carvialti and Frank Valentini! A quick search on Wikipedia outlines the repeated use of the same old, tired creative teams behind soaps for decades!

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    I read the whole thing. Sounds like they are back at the negotiating table with that FREAKING TWIT Christel Khalil. Why, why, WHY???

    And this interview all but confirms that Tristan Rogers isn’t coming back. Because she said that Jess would come back “if” the right storyline presented itself. Well, she was set to (and excited about) returning WITH Tristan. Now suddenly Jess sounds “meh” about coming back at all. So they must have told her the Colin returning storyline (an MAB creation) has been SCRAPPED.

    She all but confirms Genie Francis is on the chopping block, saying, “we’re not going to fire people just because MAB brought them on.” Nope. “we’ll just fire them cuz they SUCK!” LOL!

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    No Daisy

    I have to love the JFP can’t apologize enough for killing Maureen Bauer. Oh course, I’ll remain a bitter GL fan for the rest of my days, but I like that she still gets called out for this!

    Best Wishes Y&R fans. Jill only knows one way to slash a budget and that is to get rid of talent. Unless she has been taking notes from FV, Y&R will end up a wasteland. She’s going to rebuild the Abbotts? The same woman who allowed GH to decimate the Q’s? Yeah, good luck with that.

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    The Y&R sets need a major makeover.

    I am glad they are still negotiating with CK.

    I hope she doesnt fire Genie Francis because with Ashley gone I think a Nikki/Victor/Gene/Tucker quad would be interesting.

    They need to find Jack a new love interest. Everyone he has been with is either deeply in love with someone else or they have been fired. Why not pair him with Chelsea? I think MCE and PB would have chemistry. It would also give the Abbott brothers some drama.

  5. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    This interview is good!!!

    I think her answers were pretty honest & it felt good to have someone that is admitting about making mistakes in the past. While MAB might still not know why she was fired, JFP is aware of her past. And as long as she is overseen by Sony & CBS’s Angelica McDaniel I’m pretty optimistic.

    I’m happy that JFP is back to at least talking to Jess Walton about returning. I was shocked to hear that no one from the previous regime has reached out to her. Tells me that Jess Walton wasn’t too happy under the old regime & MAB didn’t bother.
    Anyway I hope Jess returns very soon and Josh Griffith can write a good storyline for her. I won’t be mad at all if this doesn’t involve Colin.

    JFP mentioned the Abbotts and diversity which were very important points. And I like that she actually sees Neil doing well in a really hot love story. Something MAB clearly didn’t.

    @soapbaby: But these talents can’t helm a soap opera. You have to be experienced for the job. Y&R just had someone at the helm who once was thought as fresh & innovative. Look how that disaster turned out. This isn’t the time for experiments. I’m all for supporting newcomers but let them work & learn from the ground up. It’s doing no good bringing people in who are in over their heads in the end of the day.
    And lets not confuse the position of an executive producer with the position of a head writer. Two very different jobs. And I think Y&R will do just fine with Josh Griffith.

  6. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    Okay Okay I can get down with this (accept for the CK part). Other then that it’s good…good.. I’ll see her work with Josh and see what happens. So Otc. 12th I will begin watching Y&R all over again from start to finish. This is the final push. It is now or never.

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    The interview had alot of laughs I tell you that. JFP has a rep, but I hope she does well. I’ve been Y&R hog for years, but I just wish Sony would of brought in new blood along with Bill Bell ppl Sally Morina and Kay Alden those were Bill’s ppl.

    However the interview was funny, because JFP said “Why am I such a magnet for this sort of thing?” However she knew she is still hated for killing Maureen Bauer off, but Jamey she said she didn’t kill your Frankie Frame off. She laugh at the questions, but who would of thought Jill has a sense of humor?

    I’m glad she spoke with Jess Walton, Melody & Eric. That means she knows how important those characters are. I hope she spoke with Jeanne as well too!

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    @soapjunkie88: Very well said and I, too, enjoyed the interview. I am not confusing the roles of executive producer and headwriter. I do believe that there are talented people of experience who could helm and write for soaps instead of the same few. Every one has to start somewhere! A producer of a different genre of show or even a primetime soap may be capable of heading a daytime production team. Heck, JFP produced the primetime soap, Hollywood Heights.

    I don’t think JFP will greatly improve Y&R. I am not completely opposed to former producers or writers moving to another soap but the same exact people move from soap to soap, regardless of their success or appeal to fans, is a problem for me. JFP served as executive producer of 1/3 of the last 15 soaps on the air (Santa Barbara, Another World, Guiding Light, One Life to Live, General Hospital.)

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    …”We will give it a more contemporary feel, shake up the way it looks and sounds just a bit, though nothing that will have the audience feeling uncomfortable.”

    This is exactly what I don’t want. Give me some decent writing, but I’ve always (except when LML was running loose trying to give the show her take on contemporary) liked the pace, look and sound of the show. If it ain’t broke, Jill, don’t fix it. Anyone can give a good interview, but like Logan says, he’s cautiously excited. Let’s leave me just at cautious. But am excited that talks are still in the works with CL.

  10. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    Talk is cheap. Actions speak. We’ll see in October on our screens.

    Love that Logan goes for the questions that some reporters would not.

    I’m STILL BITTER about the Beverlee McKinsey situation and that was 20 years ago.
    Another JFP Fuck-Up Special.

    I just wish she’d retire already.
    Helming SIX shows is not seen as a good thing. Just illustrates FAILURE.

  11. Profile photo of stoney07

    I do NOT want Y&R’s pace/look/sound to change. Those are the only things that I really kind of still like about the show.

    I hate those fast twenty second scenes and that ridiculous techno-music and all that crap that the ABC soaps have (as well as Y&R under LML). I hated it then, and I hate it now. JUST STOP IT!!! If you don’t want to change Y&R, then why take away the three characteristics that separated it from the other soaps? Y&R’s sets could use a bit of an update…but I love the old background music…(I don’t like the new stuff)…but under MAB at least you heard a few of the old scores from time to time. Under LML I heard NOTHING but that ridiculous pop techno crap that didn’t even fit in with the scenes. I hope they don’t go back to that crap…that’s not what 2012 is…there are many different genres of music, just like there should be different kinds of soaps. THe fast paced stuff is the RC and FV stuff. Y&R has NEVER been fast paced and I hope they don’t make it fast paced now…

    Basically, one of the MAIN things that is broken on Y&R is the writing. FIX THAT!! Trim the cast, but the other stuff really isn’t broken.

  12. Profile photo of Nk3play2

    The only that I was sure about was that Bryton is staying in the role of Devon, which really pleases me but I really don’t know what is going to happen because her interview contradicts everything we’ve been told about her over the years!!!

  13. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    @soapbaby: Y&R tried Lynn Marie Latham. She came from primetime and failed on heading a daytime production team. Then Y&R brought in Maria Arena Bell. They took their time with her, let her learn a little bit under Paul Rauch and then she failed miserably. All I’m saying is that for Y&R it may be the time to bring someone in who has a record like JFP has. ;)
    Y&R never had this jumping from soap to soap. First there was Bill Bell, then his trainee Kay Alden took over, after that came Lynn Marie Latham – with her primetime experience – and then came newbie Maria Arena Bell (who was at first overseen by Josh Griffith until she had enough power to fire the guy).
    And even with the EP’s. You had the experienced Ed Scott first – who I still wish was back on the show, then LML followed by first Paul Rauch in combo with MAB, to ultimately leave the show to her.
    What I am trying to say, Y&R really tried doing it different. Thinking outside the box. So maybe it’s time to go back to these veterans of this industry. :)

    @pferrando: The look is a matter of opinion but I have to say looking at the four remaining soaps, the Sony soaps are the ones looking cheap and outdated. Y&R’s sets look like leftovers from a canceled 80s primetime show. It’s time to redecorate.
    Adam and Chelsea are in their 30s and their house looks like a haunted mansion from the 60s. If I have to be thankful for anything that JFP has to offer it’s that she knows how to make a show look good. And Y&R finally has to look like a soap opera from 2012 – not 1986.

  14. Profile photo of angrierblackerman

    I don’t necessarily want Y&R to become more contemporary looking. I enjoy the brown wood walls and expensive looking offices. It reminds me of classic 80’s soap settings.

    All My Children tried this and we got that disaster Fusion/Confusion

    Days tried this, now everyone lives in K-Mart apartments and hotels. Also Horton Square looks like a fake set in Disney World…glad its gone.

    Y&R is the only soap that looks like it always has. Some call that stagnation, but I think it works for the show. It gives it that classic ambience. It is still filmed with the same quality it always has.

    Watch the sets start looking like Martin and Gina’s apartments from Martin soon.

  15. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    LML gets a lot of flak for helming Y&R and rightfully so. :beer:

    I would be interested to hear from fans who watched Port Charles for the year or so she was its HW before she resigned.
    When the show went on after 3 months the Cullitons were given the axe and LML was hired by Wendy Riche.
    One of LML’s stories was General Homicide.


  16. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Well, I will give her this – she does seem honest and tough at this interview. She clearly admits that James Franco is always welcomed in her soap and also that she does have FOJ’s and if the right part would appear, she would probably cast them. So I give her that!

    Also, I am a little more reassured about some vets. She intends to keep Eric, Melody and Peter. I just gotta wonder, what “beef” can they possibly add to the Abbott family?? Jack and Billy are already there, unless they bring Traci back, what does that mean? Could JFP POSSIBLY be the producer that brings back Keemo? That would be wonderful! Of course there is the horrifying possibilty that she will recast Ashley.

    It was a REALLY surprising and nice to mention that Y&R needs to be more diverse – it really does!! AND that Kristoff St. John should do a hot romance – he DEF should! He is looking MIGHTY fine these days!

    Also, with the no comment on Victoria Rowell (notice how that was prob the only thing she didn’t comment on?) – I kind of got the underlying feeling that she thinks VR is hot – she gets people talking and I think JFP may just want that. Hmmm…..

    Unfortunately it does sound like Genie will go. It was too nice of an answer. If she wasn’t going, Jill would have said so.

  17. Profile photo of pennywise555

    JFP talking to Jess Walton about returning..whoohoo!

    Sounds like the lady with the vet-killer reputation could be Y&R’s vet-saver. MAB killed Jill and destroyed the Chancellor family. She wrote Jill Foster Abbott out of her name, her family, her 35 year relationship with Kay, her career and her complete life in Genoa City.

    The fact that JFP would be talking to Jess Walton this soon after taking over is enormously positive. It says to me she understands the Bill Bell story, the important long-term characters and relationships that longtime viewers have been following…and actually CARES!!!! Sure she has budget pressures and other matters shew must consider, but it’s a 180 degree turn from MAB who only cared about her demented vision.

  18. Profile photo of pennywise555

    [quote=Yoryla]Well, I will give her this – she does seem honest and tough at this interview. She clearly admits that James Franco is always welcomed in her soap and also that she does have FOJ’s and if the right part would appear, she would probably cast them. So I give her that![/quote]

    After having actors from old 70/80s prime time sitcoms, MAB’s neighbors and those she saw on the street, and a herd of actors from other soaps shoved down my throat for the last few years, I’d welcome James Franco with open arms!

  19. Profile photo of ChristianDavis148

    [quote=Darlotto99]Could they possible be bring back John Abbott? JG was their when they killed him off maybe he wants to write a wrong.[/quote]


    Bringing Jerry Douglas (John Abbott) back from the dead would be extremely tricky. But if Josh Griffith comes up with a story that would explain what REALLY happened when Jerry Douglas was unceremoniously canned from Y&R by Lynn Marie Latham. I just hope that Josh doesn’t resort to what Days just resorted to with Ian McCallister (who was played deliciously by Ian Buchanan) bringing in a very, very good look a like of Stefano and end up kidnapping the real one (to be honest, I don’t think Josh would stoop that low). If he were to do that, that would tell me that he’s not creative enough to write a story in which to bring John back from the dead.

    Like I said, it would be very tricky.

  20. Profile photo of ChristianDavis148

    [quote=pennywise555][quote=Yoryla]Well, I will give her this – she does seem honest and tough at this interview. She clearly admits that James Franco is always welcomed in her soap and also that she does have FOJ’s and if the right part would appear, she would probably cast them. So I give her that![/quote]After having actors from old 70/80s prime time sitcoms, MAB’s neighbors and those she saw on the street, and a herd of actors from other soaps shoved down my throat for the last few years, I’d welcome James Franco with open arms![/quote]

    Oh, gosh, I hope not! James Franco nearly helped JFP push GH into an early grave. He was not popular on the show, especially by the show’s fans. I really do NOT want him anywhere near Y&R.

  21. Profile photo of SoapSnob

    Really great interview. And I so appreciate that she opened with a mea culpa for killing my beloved Maureen “You have broken my heart” Bauer. Maureen’s death made for good soap opera and Guiding Light had some very good years during Jill’s tenure. So, I am looking forward to what she and Josh Griffith can bring to Y&R as it definitely needs improving and updating. But why am I still… anxious about her taking the reins of my all-time favorite daytime drama? (I have been watching the Young and the Restless for 36 years.) Only time will tell.

  22. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    Very informative interview, although I am even more curious about the dynamics with the Christel Khalil negotiations, it’s subsequent breakdown and now its resumption. I had this inkling before and it is even stronger now that the new AA male may have been mentioned as a future/possible love interest for the Lily character (in an effort to ‘shake things up’ so to speak) and perhaps this might caused one element of the breakdown. Hmm. But I never believed that Devon was going anywhere.

    We shall see where this all leads.

    Whether all is commentary is a ‘tempest in a teapot’ or if there is something behind people’s strong feelings. Yes, I think that the killing off of Maureen Bauer was a terrible decision but I also think that Guiding Light wrote badly for its show for years afterward, after JFP had obviously moved on.

    I am not watching Y&R now but I will be tuning in (if only online) to see what this new regime hath wrought. I will not be exhibiting an opinion until I see the handiwork.

  23. Profile photo of Jorpa

    JFP can apologize up one side and down the other and six ways to Sunday and I’ll never forgive her for killing Maureen Bauer, but that’s another soap.

    She might be able to somewhat redeem herself in my eyes if she brings John Abbott back from the dead. It’s a soap. It’s possible.

  24. Profile photo of Darlotto99

    I don’t think it would be hard Jerry Douglas played Allister on Y&r one MAB stupid double storyline. They could just say it was Alister who was shot and not John after Alister kidnapped John causing John to think he’s really Alister and had emnisia.

  25. Profile photo of harlee490

    I loved the interview and how Michael didn’t pussy foot around or whitewash the questions…he asked her some tough questions and surprise! JFP did answer…it was a great read.

    As for Y&R I’m excited and hopeful this team after the last 6-7 yrs. of bad regime, bad HWs and the character destruction. I won’t pass judgement until I see what is on screen and stories developing with better writing. I thank you Ms. JFP for realizing & saying SORRY to fans of GL, long overdue! I loved the JFP said upfront the Y&R needs more diversity which it does badly, Y&R always had diversity especially with A-A actors, currently the crop is window dressing and KSJ deserves much better being a vetern. |(

  26. Profile photo of DanielAvery

    Maggie dePriest was the Headwriter of AW who wrote the Fax Newman killing rampage storyline that claimed Frankie Frame. She, like JFP, was fired over how that fiasco played on screen.

    I’m not sure if JFP makes her “I didn’t kill Frankie” claim simply because dePriest wrote it. That would be splitting hairs, since the EP hires the Head Writer and okays everything they write, while also supervising the producing of the script, its performance and its editing afterwards. So no only did she hire the person to write the story, she made sure it played as graphically as it did onscreen.

    It was fairly well known that Alice Barrett was not the “preferred” victim in that cost-cutting measure. Maybe if Logan had used sodium pentathol, JFP would have actually said, “I’m not guilty of killing Frankie Frame! If I had not been overruled by the network, I would have been guilty of killing Donna Love.”

  27. Profile photo of aveRex

    DAMN that Bitch! She’s going to fuck up the best dramatic music in daytime. I love, Love, LOVE the Young and the Restless’ classic music that underscores the scenes. Its been used for decades and its awesome. Now she’s going to do like she did at One Life many years ago and bring in that contemporary shit. Damn I hate her!

  28. Profile photo of aveRex

    Jamey – where is Amelia Marshall (Gilly Grant)? Did she retire from show biz? She was great in so many daytime roles, including Gilly on Guiding Light, Belinda on All My Children and Liz on Passions. Wouldn’t it be great to have her join DAYS or Y&R…

  29. Profile photo of blake3b

    Guiding Light was on fire most of the time she was there, though she did make huge mistakes like letting Beverlee McKinsey go and killing off the anchor of the show, Maureen Bauer. The show never fully recovered after those losses.

    And Another World was really good when she was on there, I remember the show being really interesting then and the ratings were a lot better, especially in the demos.

    I have never really watched GH but I don’t think she did very well on there from what I have read from the media and fans. I know she won a lot of Emmys but it seems that’s mostly from having huge events every year to submit.

    But hopefully she can give Y&R the much needed boost it deserves.

  30. Profile photo of blake3b

    I agree that Gilly was a great character for Guiding Light, I loved how they kept story going for Hamp/Gilly/David/Kat, and threw in Gilly and David’s mean momma Vivian Grant to stir things up. I loved Hamp and Gilly and was upset when they broke up for good, I thought it was stupid to end them for good. And I loved Kat and David.

  31. Profile photo of aveRex

    Yes, all good times on GL back in the day. It truly was phenomenal in the 80s and 90s. Re: Hamp and Gilly, I recall the day that Vince Williams (Hamp) died of a heart attack. A very sad day.

    Plus, one thing though, Beverlee McKinsey was not let go by Jill. Beverlee played Jill and Co like a cheap trick, because she had an out in her contract that allowed her to quit when she wanted to. She used that option and timed it with her summer break from the show. There was a classic interview that Michael Logan got with Beverlee on how she pulled that off.

  32. Profile photo of dsmwmn

    I’m really not sure what to think of JFP. She doesn’t want to take the blame for something that happened on a show while she was in charge? Really? This is my problem with her. She is suppose to be an EP but she never seems to be in charge. She lets writers and actors run amok on her shows and plays obvious favorites. Has she ever apologized for firing Kevin Stapleton and replacing him with the god-awful fan hated Tim Gibbs? Of course not, TG is a “friend of Jill.” I just really wish daytime would stop passing this trash around.

  33. Profile photo of tealita

    Whoa! I give Phelps mad props for being as blunt as she was. She was still snidely coy about Genie Francis, though. I wish April would get here already so I could finally see if Francis is coming back for GH’s 50th.

  34. Profile photo of AWfan2012

    I remember an article in Soap opera Digest when Jill resigned from AW and was talking about why Frankie Frame had to die. The issue was money which of course right after Frankie was killed Robert Kelker Kelly returned as Bobby/Shane. Jill can claim all she wants that she was not behind Frankie’s murder but she was in charge when it took place.

  35. Profile photo of Amtronic

    Kill Victor Newman. Give him a Viking funeral to stroke his ego, but enough of that character. Best solution is for he and Phyliss to kill each other in a head-on car crash.

  36. Profile photo of Coffee_Junkie

    [quote=RebeccaJ]Well of course talks have resumed with Christel cuz she realizes she’s NOT irreplacable….by ANY means.[/quote]

    What the hell is taking so long?? The United Nations have resolved issues quicker than this. Baby girl must be balking/stonewalling about something, and it must be big. I still think the new young AA male is for LILY, and she doesn’t want that. Mark my words!

  37. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    [quote=Coffee_Junkie][quote=RebeccaJ]Well of course talks have resumed with Christel cuz she realizes she’s NOT irreplacable….by ANY means.[/quote]

    What the hell is taking so long?? The United Nations have resolved issues quicker than this. Baby girl must be balking/stonewalling about something, and it must be big. I still think the new young AA male is for LILY, and she doesn’t want that. Mark my words![/quote]

    You got that right, CJ and I doubt she would stay and do a scene with an AA. She is definitely prejudiced. I would like her gone. She is a sad excuse for an actress.

  38. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    Sharon may have put the ‘p’ in psycho, but her storyline is the only interesting thing going on these days. I’m tuning in just to see what goofy stunt she pulls next!

  39. Profile photo of billcanada

    As much as I think Jill Farren Phelps is completely useless and incompetent as an exective producer, I will give that daytime drama killing witch a chance to see what she can do at the Y&R because Maria Arena Bell was useless as an EP too. JFP has screwed up every soap opera that she has worked on causing their demise. I hope she doesn’t do the same to The Young and the Restless. Hopefully being fired from General Hospital has woken her up. At least ABC had enough sense to fire her ass because Jill was very close to getting General Hospital cancelled too. I think that woman gets off on screwing things up because she can. How she got as far as she did in the televison business I will never know.

  40. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    This heifer better let that damn Christel Khalil go and use that money to help woo back my girl. Christel knows she’s got a mortgage to pay and a baby to feed, so I don’t know why she’s acting foolish. She’s NOT Angela Bassett, so I don’t know why she thinks she’s a “commodity” to this show. Chile, please…………Do me a favor and just WALK AWAY!!!! You are totally replaceable. There are about 200 actresses out there who can, and should, fill your 7-inch hooker heels.

    As far as Maureen Bauer goes, while that was her BIGGEST mistake that she made while at the helm of Guiding Light, I must admit that 1993 was, in my opinion, one of the BEST years that GL had in it’s entire history. But of course, I was only watching actively for about 7 years total. I am sure the 80s were much better. The 2000s were garbage.

    I still do believe that Jill is going to be better, overall, than Hackarena Bell has been. Bell lost her wanderlust back in 2008/early 2009. I am willing to see what she’s got in store, as long as she doesn’t kill off any more popular heroines (Nikki Newman, Traci Abbott, Lauren Fenmore….)

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