CONFIRMED: Steve Burton QUITS General Hospital; Doing a Telenovela With James Franco and Jill Farren Phelps!

I was really hoping to be wrong about this one. Steve Burton has announced his decision to vacate the role of Jason Morgan on General Hospital. TV Guide's Michael Logan got the official scoop from Burton himself. 

Logan also found out what Burton plans to do—besides moving his family to Tennessee—namely starring in and producing a telenovela with James Franco and Jill Farren Phelps! On why he's leaving GH after over two decades as Jason, Burton said:

I've been through 21 years of ups and downs with GH — regime changes, cast and crew changes, budget cuts, shakeups of one kind or another, and it's been nothing but a huge positive in my life and for my family. I have no complaints, no negative feelings at all. But it's time to go. I'm going to take some time off and do nothing but relax, just enjoy life a little bit with my wife and kids. I've bought a home in Tennessee, way out in the country outside Nashville. [Laughs] Probably too far out in the country! I've been talking about leaving GH and moving there for the last seven years. The timing was never right and then the economy crashed and I couldn't sell my house in California. I went there many years ago when I did the movie The Last Castle and loved it. Tennessee reminded me of growing up in Ohio. The people are nice, it's family oriented and, now that my kids are 6 and almost 9, I want to get them planted. My contract was coming up at GH so we put the house up for sale again and it went in, like, eight weeks. That opened the door for me to leave GH.

Well, I guess this is one way to settle the Liason vs. JaSam debate! For more of Logan's chat with the soon-to-be-former-SuperJase click here.

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    He says its “his decision” but is it really his decision? After what FV did to TSJ I am not surprised SB is out. I think SB will be back like KMc or at the very least he will show up in the finale episode for the last 10 seconds of the show.

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    Not surprised to read that Steve Burton quits GH. They have given him crappy writing for the past 6 months. The man can’t even enjoy his wife and child without being made to be weak and totally OOC. Hopefully, he will at least learn that he has a son by Sam and get to hold him before he is either killed off or rides off into the sunset and this will once and for ALL settle this riduculous war of JaSam and Jiz. Hopefully, he will take Liz with him!

  3. Profile photo of appleridge

    Jason is over played. I also disagree, Jason has finally been written to have feelings and emotions for the first time in the longest time. I was enjoying this Jason. However, the character needs a rest. GH will be fine without him.

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    Well, its about time the news came out. GH will be fine without Jason because Jason hasn’t been a liked or viable character for some time. There was a time When Burton’s Jason were revered, but Guza ruined him. It’s to bad Burton doesn’t recognize what Guza/Phelps did to GH and to him! He’s one of the few who had a major case of denial!

    Best of luck in the future Steve, but with Franco and Phelps backing you up, I have a sense we won’t be seeing you on our televisions anytime soon! I hear organic farming is big in Tennessee, which is right up your alley, just use the crap you’ve been given for material on GH for the past 10 years to manure-ize your garden! It’s a shame the former writers at GH ruined you beyond repair!

    Welcome aboard Stuart Damon! Looking forward to having Alan Quartermaine back!

  5. Profile photo of vannyishere

    Jason as a character has been passed his expiration date for years AJ was the more complex out of the brothers . I’ve never understood the blindness the soap press had to him or his character and how overexposed he became and basically burned out the character. You know what they say, less is more. I will say I’m glad he’s leaving but I do wish him nothing but the best. Go off to Tennessee and get reenergized.

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    I also wonder, despite everything Steve Burton says, that eventually we will see him on the Y&R. When I heard Jill Phelps was the new producer, I somehow felt we would see her favorites joining her. Will Tony Geary or Maurice Bernard be next? But, can they afford their salaries and I doubt Geary would get the vacation time he gets on GH. I will miss Steve Burton, he was a big part of the show. I wonder also if he felt he was being pushed aside for more John McBain and Todd. But I love both those characters, they have been a big plus to GH. With Steve’s exit, I hope it makes way to bring back more old favorites, Alan Quartermain, but only with Stuart Damon. With John Ingles being ill, Alan would be the start of bringing the Quartermain’s back into the main storyline. I’d love to see Lucy and the Nurses Ball again.

  7. Profile photo of soccerrulz

    Sad to see Burton leaving just when his character was finally getting decent writing and story again after years of suffering under Frons’s agenda and a pairing that gutted the character he created. Hope that RC FV write an exit worthy of the character and does not insult or turn off one of his fanbases. Many fans were just coming back to watch, hate to see them leave again although I do think that is going to happen anyway. I know depending on the exit story will decide IF I continue to watch or not.

  8. Profile photo of snizzle

    Goodbye Steve.
    I guess it’s a good thing these days to collect a paycheck for 21 years. That’s all he was doing these past few years..collecting a paycheck. I’ve had no interest in the character of Jason this past decade. Hopefully we will now see Alan, AJ or real Emily (Amber Tamblyn) brought back. I want to see the Q’s on my screen.

  9. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    While I am sad it was his decision and if its what he wants then I as a fan will support him.

    It’s sad that I will not get Liason but I can thank Cartini for giving me some scenes of them together before he departs.

    Good Luck Steve

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    I just mentioned to a friend that Mr. Burton has jumped off the plane and has a parachute. That parachute being James Franco and JFP. Will we soon see a “Menage a Trois” with these three? Ironic in the sense that those particular “stories” helped GH get to where many of us held our noses and tamped down the bile in our systems for the indigestion they gave us. Mr. Burton is a charming man in person and having seen him on stage with Port Chuck, he has a great sense of animation that unfortunately, wasn’t used and I’d say was left to go to seed. Guza may have given him “life” as Jason Morgan but that “life” came with an expiration date that Guza ignored. I hope they make the exit open ended because this means another Q leaves the canvas. Yes, he hasn’t been a Q in a long time and that makes this departure another missed opportunity. I sincerely feel for both the Jasam and Liason fanbases. When he leaves there’s going to be business that may never be finished. As for SBu, I wish him nothing but the best for him and his family and pray he is successful in whatever he chooses to do after GH… 0:)

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    My Jasam heart is SAD!! However I am happy he is leaving on his own terms. I hope he enjoys his relaxation- I know I would do it if I could. Hope to see him pop in again. Thanks Steve for all the wonderful work you have done- it’s been fun watching you!!

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    Good luck Steve Burton. It’s understandable if you feel burned out by GH since your character was prominently featured on the show for many years. I hope it’s a positive change for you and your family.

    It may be a positive change for the show; GH had their glory days when the entire ensemble of actors was featured, not a select few. Here’s hoping Ron Carlivati and Frank Valentini understand that and make that change.

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    No Daisy

    It sounds like SBu is just over playing Jason Morgan. As a huge Liason fan this breaks my heart, especially when the writing was going in that direction, but if he was just in this for the “cushy” place to work then it is time for him to go. Job burnout happens to all of us.

    RC will have his work cut out for him with this baby switch story. Will they kill Jason off? or reveal Franco really was the father? or will Jason decide to stay permanetly away for the safety of his child ala Jake? DO they even want to saddle KeMo with a kid if they can’t have the story of Jasam to make it work?

    I’m less bothered by this announcement than I thought I would be. My only fear is that Elizabeth will be in storyline wasteland again.

  14. Profile photo of sholder

    I am so disappointed because Steve/Jason is leaving.I am going to miss him so much. To me he is the most sensible one on GH. He is calm and the smartest “BAD BOY” on the show. Who will be as calm and think like him? McBain is good too but ain’t nothing like my Jason. Who will be there for Sonny now? (love him too)I hope they do not kill him off. They should just send him away so he can have the opportunity to return when he is ready. I know he wants to be with his family, which is great but he will truly be missed. Also I hope he finds out that the baby is his baby and not Franco’s.

    I wish him all the best but GH will not be the same without him….

  15. Profile photo of BellaDonna

    Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out. Time to stock up on earplugs for the inevitable Cujo screech-fest that’s going to come when with luck, Jason will finally go to prison. Maybe he can take her and Spinelli with him when he goes.

  16. Profile photo of c0rinne

    This is fantastic news for GH. The show has been stifling under the weight of Jason (and Sonny) for years. Frankly, it’s past time that this happened.

    But, I do wish SB well.

  17. Profile photo of elvara

    Good. I guess it sucks not to be the favorite anymore. That’s why he’s going to work with JFP. So does this mean that Ingo will stay? Please I would love Jax back. Or how about bringing AJ back? If Sean Kanan didn’t sign anything with B&B….

  18. Profile photo of stefanstavros

    WHHHHHEEEEWWWWWEEEE!!!!!!! YES YES YES!!!! SO Glad that we will finally be rid of the one-note zombie! Frank and Ron, I’m loving you more and more! SB doesn’t belong on the show with such a pretentious attitude. Now that he’s no longer the center of attention he must hate it. This is going to be MUCH better for the show! We won’t miss a robot killer who just stands there and expects to be adored…Buh-Bey!

  19. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Great news.

    Goodbye Jason Morgan – won’t miss you!

    What makes this even better is that SB implies he does NOT want to do another soap so we won’t see him on Y&R either – yes!!!

  20. Profile photo of Grimm

    I’m not reading any backstage drama here. Looks like Burton has been waiting for the right time to make a transition (and no doubt enjoying the the salary and perks he had as one of the main stars). With the daytime industry and the show in particular changing dramatically (and the gravy train coming to a halt), no better time to make an exit and try something else.
    I’m sure most daytime actors have their eyes for what the ‘next thing’ will be.

    I wish Burton well and am excited about what story potential this will generate for the rest of the canvas of Port Charles. The “Trinity” of Sonny-Jason-Carly is officially broken, so the characters and show will have no choice but to go in different directions and be more balanced than we have seen with the characters dominance for so long.

  21. Profile photo of curacaoman

    Wait for it: the announcement that Genie Francis is leaving Y&R!

    This is win-win. JFP gets her pet back, we get rid of Jason and get Laura back.

    That sound? Dancing in the streets of the world!

  22. Profile photo of logan_echolls

    He was upset he wasn’t the favorite anymore, peroid! That’s why he left to work with the woman who treated him like a king.

    I think GH will be just fine without Jason. I remember when Sonny was gone for like 2 years and those were some of the best 2 years of GH in the 90’s.

    I do worry for RH and Elizabeth. I really hope they find her another love interest. NOT Lucky. The last returned ruined L&L for me. I loved Jamie’s idea of bring on Antonio as a FBI agent. It could know McBain and hook up with Liz. Also he already hates Sonny which is a plus.

  23. Profile photo of Angie Lucy
    Angie Lucy

    It’ll be good for the show to have a Jason break. I hope it’s not permanent, and that if SB returns that they make Jason a 3D character again, which he certainly wasn’t the last few years under Guza. Still, a Jason-less show will allow GH to focus on underused characters.

  24. Profile photo of JasamForever

    I am so saddened by the confirmation of this news, however I want Steve to go on to bigger and better things. I am happy for him! GH will not be the same with out Jason Quartermaine. Instead of the crappy storyline Jasam received under FV/RC, they could have been spending time enjoying their son. I wonder if we will ever get those scenes. I just hope his exit is befitting of his many years on the show. I wish him lots of love and the best.

  25. Profile photo of Divatude58

    I am not disappointed by this announcement. I never liked Jason Morgan. If FV/RC want to do this character justice and end on a good note. They should take him full circle and let him go back to being Jason Quartermaine, hate what he has been doing, decide to turn himself in and go to prison for his “crimes”…that would be a fitting end to this story that should have never lasted pasted a 2 year arc anyway.

  26. Profile photo of ktuc

    Welcome to Southern Middle TN, Steve Burton & family, it’s a great place to live and raise your kids although you need to be prepared for the HEAT & HUMIDITY; they are killers!

    While I’ve grown tired of the mobster, Jason, Steve will sorely be missed.

  27. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    I will miss him. It is certainly not his fault or any actors fault when writers lack creativity and talent.

    That said, I do not understand the hatred of the actor in many of these threads.

    I happen to like and look forward to the mystery of GH future stories. For too long, it has been same old same old mob stories. This looks like a game changer. Jason has always been the day saver. It looks like others will have to get some writing.

    I know many are hoping that he will stay long enough to learn he has a son. My wish is that he will get to see Robin. I would hate if that reunion never happened. I also worry for Monica if they kill Jason.

    I really do like not being able to predict the next thing.

  28. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    [quote=GHvetfan]Does anyone know when his last airdate is?[/quote]

    Burton, from the TV Guide interview:

    “Right now my last tape date is Sept. 25 but I told them I’m happy to stay for another couple of weeks if it helps wrap things up. So it looks like I will be on air through October, maybe into November.”


  29. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    [quote=JasamForever]I am so saddened by the confirmation of this news, however I want Steve to go on to bigger and better things. I am happy for him! GH will not be the same with out Jason Quartermaine. Instead of the crappy storyline Jasam received under FV/RC, they could have been spending time enjoying their son. I wonder if we will ever get those scenes. I just hope his exit is befitting of his many years on the show. I wish him lots of love and the best.[/quote]

    Jasamforever your post sums up my feelings perfectly. :beer: :beer: :beer:

    Personally, I will be happy to ship any pairing that sam moves on to as long as the writing is strong, but I hope that with burton leaving they will reunite jasam before he goes. Let him find out that the baby is theirs, give them one last mission – to save their child – and then have him be presumed dead saving their baby. His last words should be I have always loved you Sam before he dies in her arms.

  30. Profile photo of samanthadelayed

    This is obviously something that SB has been wanting to do for a while so I don’t think anyone should blame FV or RC. It is what it is and nothing more. Why do people always have to fabricate drama where there is none? (Not necessarily on DC but on twitter and FB) I am VERY sad that my Liason will suffer for this but what can be done? I will miss Steve Burton and Jason, and I wish him good luck in his future endeavors.

  31. Profile photo of Soapfan44

    Okay so we received some very sad news today-Steve Burton has decided to leave GH. GH can and will survive. Steve would be the first one to ask his fans to continue to watch GH and stay a loyal fan. I for one will miss Steve very much but I will never turn my back on GH. The show must go on.

  32. Profile photo of keanna

    While I am sad to hear that Steve’s leaving, but I am glad that it’s on his own terms. Not many soap actors can say they had a steady paycheck for over 20 years, he’s really lucky.

    I agree GH can and will survive without him, and I know Frank and Ron will have a great exit storyline for him, maybe he’ll go back to being Jason Q. who knows.

    Creating and producing a new show is different, probably something he’s always wanted to do, but I wonder if he’ll eventually go to Y&R, I mean JFP, is there now, and she LOVES him, we’ll see.

  33. Profile photo of Soapfan44

    Probably some time in October. We could see him up until November if they ask him to stay a few more weeks. His last tape date I believe is 9/25 but he said he’d stay a few weeks if needed for story that’s why we may see him in Nov.

  34. Profile photo of RockiDreams

    Sad day for this viewer to hear this. I enjoy the actor and his role as Jason. Much luck to him and his family. Hopefully if they decide to recast they chose someone as attractive rather than what they have been hiring lately. Long haired graying men don’t cut it.

  35. Profile photo of tealita

    I think I’m more disappointed for fans who really care about Burton than for myself. I agree, it’s a loss. But his salary is a big chunk of change that can be used for actors who really want to be there, and who I miss.

  36. Profile photo of liason4real

    His salary represents a big chunk of change for other actors who really wanna be there.
    IA. I am always amazed at actors that “choose” to leave the show, and TPTB that keeps trying to get them to come back (JJ, KMc, etc). Let them go and work with the people that WANT to stay on the show!

  37. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    I haven’t seen much acting from Burton since I started watching again in February, so other than the enjoyment I got from watching his “Joey Tribbiani-patented ‘fart acting'” (which regularly cracked me up), I could take him or leave him.

    One thing that makes me sad is that the writers over the years have squandered the opportunity they had with this character (especially with his latest brain injury) to have him reawaken his connection to the Quartermaines. I would have really enjoyed seeing him struggle with his mob life and the Jason he used to be. What I’ve seen since I started watching was just a waste of the talents others have professed that he has. Too bad.

  38. Profile photo of Lzssyi

    FV abd RC came to GH and recked everything. You had the most popular daytime couple on GH. They had chemistry off the charts and even a romance writer said JaSam was the best love story they had on daytime soaps. From the time these OLTL person(who by the way got canceld)came to GH its been downhill.Its a baby out there, I hope Sam gets before he is a toddler, a baby Jason knows nothing about. It makes me pissed to see SB leaving and JaSam screwed.I do hope we get some JaSam love,BUT with Jason hotfooting after Liz and not once have he called to see if Sam was living, I guess the JaSam fans will get screwed again.My advice to ABC is fire FV and RC while there is a chance for GH.JaSam fans are going to turn GH off,so will the Jason fans and probably some of the Sam fans. We waited for this baby, to see JaSam rise him and we got screwed!!!!!!

  39. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Lzyssi while i agree wholeheartedly about the jasam love story, lets wait to see how they exit the character. we might get some love from rc yet and if steve wants to leave what can the do.

  40. Profile photo of liason4real

    I am always “puzzled” when JaSam fans say their couple was screwed over. How? Brian Frons handed JaSam to their fans on a silver platter, until RC came on the show and did a “WTF” because Liason, JnR and even Jarly had years of history before Sam or Courtney ever came to town. Becky Herbst was fired last year, and Jake killed off in order to make sure that Liason would never be a couple or raise their son. JaSam spent from the end of 2008 until March as a couple and it was time to end them once and for all.

    I hope SBu enjoys his last few weeks working with his friends and co-workers.

    TV Gord, There have been rumors/spumors for years that SBu did not want his character to go back to being a Q, which I find really strange since it would have been a fantastic story. Jason’s last head injury should have led to a story where the character regained all of his memories and had to deal with being a mobster.

  41. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    That would have made perfect sense, liason4real! I admit I came in partway through his brain surgery storyline, but what was the point of it if there were no repercussions from it. I was certain he was going to wake up asking for his MOM, Monica. Just a wasted opportunity. Maybe that colored his decision to leave.

  42. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    I remember reading years ago that SB wanted the change in his character. He thought he was written to weak as a Q. I think he has enjoyed being written as he is. I hope they don’t recast him- he is Jason to me. However I do think that his salarY would make room for so many characters I love. I never watch a soAp for one character- and I am happy he is leaving on his own terms..

  43. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    [quote=The_Moustache]I HOPE MAURICE IS NEXT!!

    NO ONE wants him on the show anymore, NO ONE!!![/quote]

    I didn’t realize you talked to everyone and knew this.. ;) While it’s cool to have your opinion don’t forget there are a lot of viewers not on this board- and they do adore these two actors and charcters..

  44. Profile photo of Kazy24

    I will miss Steve on the show AND yes, I had desperately wanted a true shot at the Liason romance! I will miss him and the fantastic tomantic chemistry he had with Liz and the platonic chemistry he had with others on the show. Good luck in all things Steve!

    Agreed Liason4real!

  45. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    I like Jason Morgan at the beginning, but now, I can’t stand him and Sonny and Carly for that matter, they have been eating the show up for past 15 years and has hurt the show with him eating up the show, bye bye Jason Morgan, good luck on future endeavors, Steve

  46. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Siomon – yeah siz baby just like my avi…lol

    The Moustache Ive asked you this before, how long have you watched gh because it seems that you hate all the gh characters or at least most of them and want them all replaced with oltl transplants.

    I dont want mo gone, i just want sonny back to the way he was originally written. Some of these characters were once GOLD and maybe if you had a longer history with the show you would know that. Im not loving the sonny story right now but not because of sonny – but because of the whole stupid joe jr. kate/connie/new alter retread of a story. Theres a reason why brenson and carson were once uber popular and yet repairing him under the late guza years (vmg and mo and sjb and mo) did not work.

    Liason – I guess for me its because of what the story was. We were billed a story where jason and sam were thrown together because of a baby only to see the baby die brutally at the last minute. Then we got a love story only for it to be blown all to hell first under guza to punish kelly for wanting outs in her contract the same way others had and then under some crappy temp writers who wrote sam and jason totally ooc. We FINALLY get a reunion with jason chasing her, but after sam apologized to jason ad nauseam about her breakdown we didnt even really get one sincere apology from jason about all the lies and the sneaking around (not to mention the sic sex overshadowed in the writing the fact that he left her on her deathbed)Then comes a marriage – one that weve waited YEARS for – and do we get some grand wedding? No, we get some crappy chinese food wedding that was over in a day coupled with a honeymoon that dragged on, had lame dialog and included a brutal rape. Thanks writers for giving us some happy pay-off NOT. Then of all things here sam is pregnant…after all these years…and they get all of about a half days worth of joy before that two is wrecked by the lame specter that is franco and the baby being ripped from her arms. How many babies do you think fans of two character can watch being ripped from their arms before we scream ENOUGH – we have michael for jason, we have lila and hope for the duo, we have jake from jason and now their long awaited love child! Sorry but that SURELY is screwing us over – wheres the pay back for loyally following this couple all these years.

  47. Profile photo of AHeart4Fiction

    I actually thought he might re-sign but best of luck to him and his family. I hope they enjoy themselves and life in Tennessee!

    On the other hand, I feel bad for JaSam fans b/c this was supposed to be their year to have them as a family and Jason all paternal and dotty…As a fan of Original L&L2, I understand how it feels to get screwed out of your happy ending.

    But I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to see the outcome of this since every character got screwed by Guza for his Jason obsession. Man how I want to see Stuart Damon, Sean Kanan and JJ back on GH being layered characters instead of contorted caricatures with REAL s/l that doesn’t involve Jason or the mob.

    I even want to see an s/l where Sonny goes legit like in The Godfather.

  48. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    The Moustache- You obviously say things because you want a response.. That’s cool- but I still mintain they are loved characters. This is the only soap I have watched for years and those two were part of the reason. Have I always loved the story they got- of course not. I don’t watch for one couple, one person. I love GH and the GH core families all around. You don’t seem to love anything about GH except the OLTL stuff that’s on. I can not recall if I have ever seen you post before the OLTL people came. I guess if the writers gut the GH people and fill it with OLTL people we will see what happens.

    However I was never a watcher of OLTL- so I can’t judge. But the ratings did not go up till it was canceled. I don’t know what to take from that. Did the viewers leave then come back just to watch the end.. I don’t know- but I do know that I have never given up on my show no wonder what has happen to just one actor or the couples. I hardly see how that is a basis for you to ridicule me or my POV.. I guess we will see what sort of obnoxious video you choose to reply with…

  49. Profile photo of The_Moustache

    “But the ratings did not go up till it was canceled.”

    this is true. i wish people would stop arguing that other reasons were responsible for the ratings spiking and the veterans returning and storylines finally having resolution.

    WHERE were the ratings surge and vets returning for the past 10-20 years when it was still on the air??

    GUARANTEE you that if was still on the air, it would’ve been same old’ same ol’d Echo DiSavoy, Charlie Banks crap.

  50. Profile photo of baffled

    I thought he talked about living in TN when his band was last touring and he was interviewed by the media. I wondered how he would live in TN and work on GH; so I too believe that he was signalling that this was his plan all along.

  51. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    [quote=EricasEvilTwin]Oh and before you tell me liason fans are loyal – yes they are TO THEIR COUPLE. To the show itself?? not so much when the mantra is VOTE WITH YOUR REMOTE.[/quote]
    Yes, EET, Team Siz, that would be hot, Liz and Sonny could repopulated PC with all the babies they made, lol. Ron C, please let this happen.

  52. Profile photo of Clifford

    I say Good For Steve if it’s his decision to leave and try something new. Again, I’m sure having a family and what you want for them does weight heavily into his decision. Knowing the relationships he’s had with GH over the past 21 years I really don’t think this is the last we’ll see of him on the show, whether it’s coming back fulltime or for guest spots.

    [video: autoplay:0]

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