General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Anna finds who she thinks is Robin, but it’s just someone who looks like her.  Anna shows the patient a picture of Robin, but the woman knows nothing.  The doctor knows Luke isn’t who he claims to be. She tells them that the look-alike patient was at Ferncliff and that’s who Heather saw. 

Jason asks Patrick about Robin’s connection to Jerry and about creating a counter agent for Nikolas.  A nurse tells them to watch Jerry’s broadcast. 

John thanks Alexis for everything she’s done so far.  She reminds him he has no access to his son until the restraining order is lifted.  John asks if she remembers anything from the night she was injected.  John is called and told to turn on the television.  Alexis is shocked to hear Jerry’s explanation. 

Carly, Jax, Liz, Ewen, Steve, Olivia, Tracy and Joe all watch as Jerry explains he’s back in town and responsible for Alexis and Josslyn’s sickness.  Carly wonders if Jax knows where Jerry could be hiding out, but he swears he knows nothing. 

Tracy blames Jerry for Alan’s death and explains the details to Joe.  Tracy thinks it’s all a diversion, so that Jerry can pull off a bigger heist.  Tracy’s not sure how to feel, but decides she needs to head home to Edward.   

Liz is shocked, since she was about to ask Ewen about any knowledge of the Jacks.  Ewen denies having anything to do with this.   She asks about Alaska. Ewen figures Jason warned her about him.    

Jerry mentions having his associate grab Josslyn. Jason realizes that it’s Ewen.  Jerry says Alexis and Josslyn have been inoculated, but that he’s put a deadly pathogen in the water system. Everyone whose come into contact with the water has been exposed.   He says they’ll feel the effects in 24-48 hours and then they’ll be dead.  He tells them there is an antibiotic serum, but it’s expensive. 

Olivia explains to Steve about Jerry’s capabilities and then worries about Dante.  Steve’s angry that everyone has been exposed.  Olivia figures people will pay for the serum, but Steve says it falls under federal law and they won’t bargain.  Olivia wants to call Jax, but Steve says he’s already in town. 

John calls his contacts to come and check the water. He then heads out to look for Jerry. Jason tells Patrick to check on Liz, to make sure she’s safe from Ewen before he heads out to find Jerry

Alexis wonders what the goal is. Is it a diversion? She’s willing to pay for the serum to save her daughters.  Sam assures her that all will be okay. Alexis says she doesn’t want to survive if she’ll lose the people she loves.  Sam tells her that John and Jason are on it and will figure out what to do. 

Ewen angrily yells that he didn’t know this whole thing was about killing people and he didn’t know Jerry would go this far.  Liz is shocked. She realizes that he’s connected to Jerry, since she defended him to Jason.  Ewen says he’s in trouble too, but Liz doesn’t believe him.  Ewen’s angry that she would believe Jason. He wonders why he didn’t listen when Patrick warned him.

Ewen says Patrick is a friend and deserves better.  Liz asks if Ewen has done something to Patrick, but he only claims he didn’t give Patrick his wife.  Ewen continues to get angry and grabs Liz as Patrick arrives and tells him to let her go. 

Jax reassures Carly that he won’t let her die. He’ll do whatever it takes and heads out to look for Jerry. 

Anna’s upset that she got her hopes up and believed Heather.  She and Luke try to leave, but the doctor stops them ready to have Anna arrested.  Luke makes an impassioned speech about parents doing anything for their children. He tells the doctor that he’ll raise such a fuss that it will bring unwanted attention to the clinic. The doctor lets them go. 

After they leave, the doctor tells someone that it’s a good thing he moved Robin because Anna would have surely found her.  The man she’s talking to turns out to be Duke Lavery.

John finds Jerry and stops his broadcast.  Jason shows up as well. John leaves him alone with Jerry.  Jason beats the crap out of Jerry, demanding to know where the cure is.  When John returns, Jerry tells them that they can’t make him talk.  Jax arrives and says he can. 

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    I’ve never been a fan of Duke’s, he wasn’t good enough for MY Anna, and he wasn’t Robert, so I did not squee when I saw him. And considering what he’s putting MY Robin through, well that’s three strikes against him in my book.

    So Jerry’s hiding place is found by three different people? One of whom doesn’t even live in town? Eeesh!

    Loved seeing Jax show up, ready to kick Jerry’s ass.

    Loved ALexis’ very real reaction to this threat, but thought Sam was awfully subdued.

    Excellent scenes between Ewen and Liz. RH played the shocked, confused very well. Loved seeing PAtrick show up to save Liz, even if it was Jason who told him to.

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    I loved Jax!! He is just to good for Carly- sigh!!! So yummy!!

    Why does Jason have to be doing the town hero thing yet again. Please let Jax deal with Jerry- let Patrick save Liz..

    While it was cool to see Duke I really thought with all the Alan drops it would be him. So I was a little sad not to see his face.

    All in all I am excited to see where this is headed..

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    I think there are some very exciting times ahead for GH, Frank and Ron are righting many wrongs that have been inflicted on this show for over a decade. Keep going guys!!!!!!

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    Quick question, did someone call Jason or text him about the location of Jerry? Or did he just figure it out himself? Because the last we saw him he was telling Patrick to go make sure Liz was ok and then he disappeared and just showed up where Jerry was. I mean, I’m sure it wasn’t impossible for him to find out where Jerry was…I don’t know I just wish John would have called or something to explain why Jason went there.

    Loved the scenes between Liz and Ewen! I like that Ewen sort of crumbled as he watched Jerry’s broadcast.

    Alexis’ concern for her children was very real. I liked that sam said she had to be calm for Molly when she got there, but I didn’t dig sam’s overall reaction to the news.

    I just LOVE Jax! Bring him back! Permanently please! I love him and Carly together! Save the day Jax!

    I don’t know what to think of Joe Jr. I liked that he seemed to be sorry that he had anything to do with what was happening. He seemed concerned. Of course, I don’t know enough about his character to know if he was being genuine or not.

    I wasn’t surprised by the surprise. Plus I was only 5 the last time Duke Lavery was on GH so I have no idea what type of person he was or what he did. I was really hoping for Jake! I still want Jake, Emily, and Georgie to come back!

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    Love, love, loved me some Anna and Duke back in the day. Uh Luke, see ya. I have not watched a full episode of GH in years. I still can’t believe I didn’t hit the FF button once. Jerry, Jax, John and Jason–all kinds of hotness; Patrick to the rescue; and Elizabeth and Ewen–really great scenes. WOW, as someone said in another thread, welcome back GH. Absolutely loved it. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m looking forward to tomorrow

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    where was the army & national guard and commando’s to storm Jerry’s hideout??

    it’s just Jason and McPain saving the day……AGAIN!


    i think Ian Buchanan is playing the character of evil Dr. Greg Madden from ALL MY CHILDREN.

    people shouldn’t get up in arms over Tracy sleeping with/possibly loving rapist Joe Jr. when she was married & in still in love with rapist Luke.

    they actually have good on-screen chemistry with each other.

    Let Tracy be Tracy!

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    Yum! We have Jason, Jax, John and Jerry all in the same room. :bigsmile:

    Poor Ewen is coming undone. Sigh. He’s still hot and sexy! :beer:

    Liz and Ewen rocked their scenes today. Great job by RH and NB.

    I was not surprised to see Duke since Jamey indicated Anna and Luke would run into “royalty” while on their adventure.

    Tracy and Joe Jr. are all kinds of awesome. Loved, loved, loved the foreshadowing that Alan is alive. Here’s hoping that RC brings back Alan, Jake, Emily and Georgie.

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    soapfan14- Thanks for the information! I had to run back and forth a few times during the show so I didn’t exactly pay attention to that part. I love Jason, but if he just happened to show up there I was all ready to roll my eyes lol.

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    No problem. They never said who was on the other end. He just said thank you told Patrick to go and ran and next scene was him at Jerry hideout so I’m guessing thats what happened

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    Ok..I still can’t get over how great Jax looks.

    I miss CarJax. I loved how Carly told Josselyn that Jax will take care of them like he always do. I miss them. CarJax makes CarJohn looks awful. Johnny and Carly just don’t mesh especially now that Jax is back.

    Still wish the show would have revealed how Jason found Jerry’s hideout. John called the FBI for help, Jax called his ppl to help locate Jerry but someone Jason just flew there, gun blazing.

    Loved the Liz/Ewen scene. I really loved when Ewen said Liz was only saying that because of Jason and Liz expression was priceless! The look on her face said it all. She was like “what! oh no you didn’t just say that, are you serious” all in one expression. Love that girl. Liked Patrick busting in saving Liz.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Tracy and Joe Jr. LOVE LOVE them. When Joe was looking at her saying he was sorry, I believed him. When he told Tracy it will be ok, I believed him. I just love them two together already. I’m a Trojon shipper!!!!!!!

    Too bad tomorrow we have to endure Kate/Sonny/Starr :(

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    I’ll be perfectly honest: I’m lukewarm about Ian Buchanan returning because they bungled Tristan Rogers’s return earlier in the year. Robert’s scenes were horribly produced and obviously cut short. I’d love to know what happened; where he is in his s/l and why he’s not back. It would be great if the two of them had a fair shot at it–if Tristan Rogers could or would come back to neaten things up AND if IB could be involved in story, too. If that’s not the case, then Imma hold a bit of a grudge because if given the choice, I’d rather have Robert back.

    Yeah, yeah…budgets, I know.

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    I really liked the show today. It’s so great having Jax back and looking oh so good! Looking forward to the scenes with him and Jerry. Have mixed feelings about Duke, though the last few scenes Ian was in on Days Of Our Lives, he really was great! I am still hoping Alan is alive and will be back, but only with Stuart Damon in the role. The way Tracey kept mentioning him on yesterday’s show, may-be there’s a chance???? With John Ingles being ill, if Alan returned it would be the beginning of bringing back the Quartermaine family again.

  13. Profile photo of luvinggh

    So was able to see most of yest. episode and it was really good. Have to say i also was not that suprised about IB. Had heard all the rumors about him poss. returning. I am a long time viewer but I also don’t really remember him in the role of Duke. When I started watching, Duke was played by another actor. Think he had plastic surgery or something. However I am excited to see where this storyline is headed.

    Jason charging to the rescue was as per usual. Happy that at least John was in those scenes.:) Yea where are all the police & FBI? Maybe today? Liz rocked her scenes with Ewen. He is falling apart fast.

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    good episode, however, I pray Jax is playing Carly to get Joss back. IR and LW have chemistry (only male co-star she’s had chemistry with) but Carly is the worst thing to ever happen to Jax. The CarJax pairing ruined Jax and he was destroyed to prop LW and Carly because they aren’t capable of standing on their own.

    I really need Jax to dump that vile witch that had her goon set him up for drugs and rape. Carly isn’t good enough for Jax to spit on. The fact that he has had to apologize and she sits there like she is all innocent is propping at his finest. Honestly GH if LW can’t sell the character without having to ignore her horrible actions and being propped to high heaven the FIRE HER AND BRING IN A REAL ACTRESS. I hear SJB and TB are available.

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    [quote=The_Moustache]i think Ian Buchanan is playing the character of evil Dr. Greg Madden from ALL MY CHILDREN.[/quote]

    I thought the SAME thing.

    Then I remembered Dr. Madden died after being buried alive.

    Then I slapped myself and said, “Since when does that matter?”

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    TV Gord

    TV Guide has just posted an Exclusive that Steve Burton is out. That should throw a number of storylines into unexpected territories (unless they recast).

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    Before they even showed him, when the nurse was talking I was “DUKE” at the top of my lungs! I loved that moment! I liked Anna and Robert, but I loved Anna and Duke. What a blast from the past when I LOVED GH on a daily basis and certainly before the Sonny/Jason kissfest hour took over our soap!

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    Just watched the ep,
    WOW, that was a whole lot of Women counting on the Men to save the day! I can’t think of an exception! The ladies all mentioned and looked to a male character that would solve the crisis with NO initiative of their own to do much. Well, Alexis did, but she was quickly dissuaded by Samantha to let the men-folk take care of business. I would have at least liked for Tracy to have laughed off Joe Jr’s assertion that he “wouldn’t let” the bad thing happen.

    I can only hope this is set up for a plot to have Anna Devane (and the other ladies of Port Chuck) to save the day!

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    Grimm I see your point about the saxis scenes but really what in the heck was alexis going to do that was productive? she had no resources to track down jerry, even if she found jerry she cant force him to give up the cure, and shes not a doc that can create an antidote. I was disappointed sam didnt go with if only for backup because they didnt know if jerry had goons and sam does know how to handle herself in a gunfight but Im assuming that she stayed to keep alexis calm – really a teen is going to be frightened enough, particularly given how sheltered molly is, and finding mom home freaking out wouldnt really help. sam was right, alexis needed to stay calm.

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