Kirsten Storms on Steve Burton’s General Hospital Exit: “I’m Planning a Protest,” Plus More Co-Stars React!

Twin gun-wielding hitman Jason Morgan is on his way out of Port Charles on General Hospital, and his portayer Steve Burton's co-stars couldn't be more supportive. Well…a recently-returned Kirsten Stoms might be orchestrating a sit-in! See tweets from Storms and others regarding Burton's departure after the jump!



Nancy Lee Grahn:

Jason Thompson:

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    Kirsten Storms better come back and just do her job. I hope to God she drops that baby voice. I will scream if she comes back and she continues that nonsense. I blame whoever directs her also. Drop the baby voice….

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    Can’t wait to see Kristen back and I hope she gets to do a few scenes with Steve before he leaves. They had some great comedic scenes together in the past. So bummed about Steve leaving. I just hope they don’t recast Jason, that would be a disaster.

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    [quote=bishbay]Wow, kudos to Jason Thompson. His tweet oozes equal parts lust, jealousy and hatred. He’s a fascinatingly complex man.[/quote]

    what the heck are you talking about I think JT’s comment is very nice. I hardly doubt JT is jealous as he can act and SB and the other two in the unholy trinity well can’t.

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    Um, Kristen Storms, kindly be seated with this “protest” foolishness! There are FOUR soap operas left on the air, and while you are a good actress, you ain’t Meryl Streep, and I doubt that TPTB are gonna tolerate your tomfoolery! You just GOT your job back. At least wait 6 months before you start showing out……….

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    With the collapse of the daytime lineup over the last several years that basically started with the cancelation of ANOTHER WORLD to save SUNSET BEACH which was then canceled possibly a year or 2 later, daytime has been struggling to create a genre that attracts viewers not subtracts them but sadly a scenario has yet to be thought of that would be successful.

    Port Charles tried the teleneuvela idea that is widely popular in south of the border and that failed. Huge stunts like the General Hospital Metro Court hostage event or Y&R’s huge explosion at the mall a few years back garnered instant ratings surge only to see the ratings drop afterwards have failed to ignite new viewers. Stunt casting as has been seen on Y&R or even the return of many old favorites on GH or even Days have also failed to bring in new viewers.

    That is possibly where the issue lies. THe old viewers are not who the shows need to attract because they are possibly the only ones still watching. Who the shows need to bring on are the NEW viewers, people who might not have ever watched daytime but now may consider it. But the genre has to change the way it tells the stories but not with how we hear them. Writing has to improve. Casting has to improve. The pace has to improve. Not slower and surely not faster because presently if you miss a week on a soap today you missed that whole story you have been seeing promoted. THere has to be a better balance between telling the story, the pace and the dialogue.

    As for the casting, I think the soaps are overcrowded presently. With Days, the blow the cast up to the point there were too many people in a love scene and too little meaningful dialogue. On GH, you have such a large cast with so little to do that it just makes it boring to watch … until recently but the show still needs to weed out cast. Y&R has one of the most loyal cast members and some newbies that could bring the drama and some that should be dropped ASAP. Bold and the Beautiful has a huge cast for a 20 minute show and only one storyline which is such a waste.

    THe other issue with the large cast that has been around so long is that they have all been around. Sharon on Y&R has been with all the Newman men. She’s been married to Jack. She is now having an affair with Tucker. The only leading man she hasnt had is Neil. B&B, they date their step dad’s, step moms, step siblings and the like because the show is ALL Forrester instead of all FORRESTER CREATIONS and letting some of the family leave the canvas. Days has retread so many love affairs that each time they go back it’s duller than the last time. Sami and Lucas are great together but I think they are best as friends and parents. THe return to Rafe is silly since EJ and Sami are dynamic, silly, fun and devious. Rafe is dull and the fans all said so. GH does forced pairings and although the pairing of Anna and Luke is genius it will be interesting to see what they do with Duke around now.

    But with the exit of Steve, Ronn, Stephanie, Eileen Davidson these shows have the opportunity to take that money and create a more compelling show without just adding a slew of cast members. Give a little to Billy on Y&R to keep him around as he is the most interesting younger actor on the show and compliments Jack beautifully as an Abbott. On B&B, don’t recast Stephanie or Ridge, just let them remain off the canvas and use that money to create a more well rounded show by bringing on some outsiders to make the program more dynamic. Bring on a tough guy for Steffy (and more $$ for this actress who is really good) and a real man for Hope (keep her as well). All this will make Liam’s character more real because now he has to work for what he wants. Even drop more cast to bring on new cast BUT established actor(s) to vie for Brooke or Taylor and give them story that is theirs and not about their kids. B&B can tell story that does not revolve around FORRESTER and they spawn it houses.

    GH should weed out 20% of the cast and create story that doesn’t need 4-5 people in a scene to tell it. It could divert the cast salary that is no longer being used to do more of the action stories that made the show great. Action on a sound stage isn’t great if you intend the actors to run. Get to a beach, a park a backyard but somewhere where we feel the open space and really feel the action.

    Days just needs to find a common ground and I am not sure with this cast and the production team they will ever find it before cancellation is dropped on them. Sadly

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    Ummmm……isn’t her name Kirsten, not Kristen? Not trying to be a pain, but it took me forever to call her the right name and you guys are setting me back into my old habit!

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    [quote=alstonboy4315]Um, Kristen Storms, kindly be seated with this “protest” foolishness! There are FOUR soap operas left on the air, and while you are a good actress, you ain’t Meryl Streep, and I doubt that TPTB are gonna tolerate your tomfoolery! You just GOT your job back. At least wait 6 months before you start showing out……….[/quote]

    wow that was obviously a joke. KS is very funny on twitter and you take this stuff way to seriously. If Y&R keep asking back your avi when 1/2 the cast threaten to quit is she on the show because of her attitude and antics I am sure ABC will overlook a joke tweet.

    Seriously lighten up.

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    She is just trying to tell her friend she is sad he is leaving. Thats all any of them are doing. I don’t see anything wrong in what she wrote. I would have said the same thing to a co worker leaving..

    I am so happy to have her back!! She is the one who made the role for me so I will enjoy watching her in it again.

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    I am really unhappy that Steve Burton has chosen to leave the show. For the characters he will be leaving behind, here are my thoughts on that subject..Sam has McBain to help her, Michael has Starr, Sonny has Diane, Elizabeth has Ewen, Monica has Edward and Tracy.
    No matter how many people Carly has in her life, if Jason is gone it will truly break her heart. There is a special part of her that is just for Jason and she needs to know he is always there. Just the fact that he is around is enough.
    For him to be gone would destroy her. She would never stop looking. Spinelli will be lost for a very long time. No one has helped Spinelli like Jason has. I can’t imagine they could even consider killing his character. For him to be considered gone is one thing, but not dead. Never dead, just in case he wants to come back in the future.
    Please want to come back in the future.

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