Laura Wright on Steve Burton’s General Hospital Exit: “I Am Happy and Excited For My Friend Who I Will Miss”

General Hospital star Laura Wright reacted on Twitter to the news Steve Burton is leaving his Port Charles stomping grounds after 21 years. Tweeted Wright

I'm happy I'm home with my kids today. But yes I'm sure most of you are sad about Stevie B. but I'm sure most of you understand his need to move on and have a life change. 21 yrs is a long time. Steve in so talented with so many interest I am happy and excited for my friend who I will miss !!

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    His character has been a mess since he fell in love with Sam. Just walking around with those gorgeous arms and talking about killing people. That’s not a storyline. I never liked him with Liz and never understood why SB thought there was chemistry between their characters because it did not show up on screen. I always thought he should take a second look at Brenda and have it be like when Sonny and Carly had hate-sex. I loved it when Brenda was Mrs. Morgan.

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    Hoping for a good exit story. One that includes Liz and their untold LOVE story. It is long overdue. Would like to see his character go out on a HIGH note considering how it was gutted the last several years.

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    Untold love story are you kidding. How many times were they paired before Sam came to town. They tried to tell it but it was just so boring. They never had any Chemistry. When they paired LuSam I don’t think they were expecting them to take off while Jiz fizzled yet again.

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    I am grateful there will be an end to Carly’s dumb scenes with Jason. (I only knew LW in role) It never fit that she was dependent on him. I could care less who he ends with. My guess is that he will go to jail for his crimes. Maybe he can do some justice to the scenes. Since I am watching I just don’t get the whole hitman thing on daytime drama.

    I realize GH has to keep certain elements because of the approx one million who went for mob stuff–or they stayed due to loyalty and hesitancy to make change.

    Obviously Phelps had her favs. I guess they all do but hopefully if something is not working tptb will look beyond what they want and try to keep an audience happy. When both works it is great. I think the greatest commanders of the daytime dramas are gone now. They knew how to make themselves happy–plus they knew their audiences. That is missing.

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    Liz and Jason built their connection over time. It was subtle, but not boring. She was trying to cope with the loss of Lucky and he was coping with the loss of Michael. That is good storytelling when you can draw people in without the use of hyped-up antics. And their story is untold. Lucky came back to life, Jason left town, then Jason married Brenda, then Jason married Courtney, Liz went on and off with Zander and Ric etc, and of then Sam came around.

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