Bradford Anderson on Steve Burton:”It Will Be Weird Without The Smell of Axe Body Spray Permeating The Halls of GH”

Leave it to General Hospital funnyman Bradford Anderson to turn a somber mood into a funny one. On his frequent screen partner Steve Burton's exit, Anderson tweeted:


Whatever will Spinelli do without Stone Cold?

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    If you read most of the posts it doesn’t seem that the fans think this is a somber day. It sounds like more are rejoicing than mourning Jason leaving the GH canvas.

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    I never cared for the character. I just didn’t get why he was on the show. Wish him luck but I would rather he didn’t pop up any of my other soaps. Be happy in Tenn. He was the golden boy till Phelps left. So glad he is moving on. Thank goodness.

    I will leave it go at that……

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    :(( I am so sad to see Steve(Jason)leave GH wow,can’t seem to wrap my head around it! He has always been a huge part of GH and i have enjoyed every performance. Change sometimes is so hard for fans when they lose one of their favorite actors on a show so these words are for” Steve Burton,”From the bottom of our hearts we will never forget what a impact you have had on us and we will miss you and love you always!!

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    I wear Axe body spray……….

    (crickets………) :( :( :( :( :( :(

    Well, technically, I feel that Steve Burton “checked out” of GH years ago, so this news doesn’t shock me. But I will certainly miss those tight black shirts!! :love:

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    Since I heard Jill Phelps was taking over Y&R I had a feeling something like this would happen. Have a strong feeling withing the next few months Steve will be on that soap. He may feel over-shadowed on GH now with leading men like Micheal Easton and Roger Howarth taking over. I love having them on GH! Will miss Steve Burton, he was on the show so long. Wish him the best !

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