Days of Our Lives a Hit Among Ultra Conservative Viewers

Ever wondered which television shows appeal to which political mindsets? According to a new study ultra conservatives love themselves some Days of Our Lives!

That's right, the NBC sudser that once had a heroine possessed by Satan herself—and currently has a trio of Sean Cody-esque gay coed—is the one for the Mom, Pop and Apple Pie set! DAYS was No. 20 on the list of ultra conversatives' fave TV programs. Extreme lefties, on the other hand, dig Showtime's Shameless, while mild republicans like Revenge. To see where some of your fave shows landed, click here.

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    Guess this means Will and Sonny will never have sex together (or with any other men) and Melissa Reeves has a job for as long as the show is on. lmao

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    I somehow hope that doesn’t lead them to push the gay story to the back burner.

    Will already had one steamy kiss with this one guy which surprised me. Conservatives watching DAYS doesn’t come as a shock. We already knew that.

    The question is how are TPTB handeling it.

    Will they allow two gay characters to have front burner material? Or are the shying away from it because now the official one of the Top 20 conservatives TV shows?

    I think as of now DAYS is doing good. They just started the storyline with Sonny – who finally gets something to do – and we have Will still dealing with who he is and wants to be.

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    Maybe conservatives don’t mind gays as long as they don’t marry.Cheney’s daughter was a lesbian,and Romney’s wife just said her fave show was Modern Family.Also,isn’t the new show on NBC the New Normal.So far only one station on NBC has banned it,but a local station picked it up.

    But the lists were very interesting.I don’t watch most reality shows,but know of them from TV Guide and EW articles.

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    This is understandable. My very conservative mom is the largest DOOL fan ever. Hasn’t missed an episode since I can remember!

    @Dariclone: I think saying that conservatives hate gays is a little over the top. Hate and disagree are two completely separate things…

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    I noticed that I love about 3 shows from every list except for 1. That was the mild republicans. I must definately not be one of those people lol.
    If the tv shows that one watches, indicates their politics I am kinda screwed! I am a extreme liberal/conservative/mild democrate/green traditionalist! But one thing thank God I am NOT a republican! :)

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