General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Jerry is surprised to see Jax, since he was behind Jax’s grounding overseas. Jax accuses Jerry of trying to kill Carly and Josslyn. However, Jerry says Joss is safe. Jason wants to know how Jerry plans on undoing what he’s done. Jax wants to know why Jerry would do this and what he wants.

Dante tells his men to keep the city calm. Sonny wants to help, but Dante says both John and Jason are holding Jerry. He can’t deputize Sonny’s men. Sonny feels the need to protect people, not only from Jerry, but from Joe Jr too.

Patrick breaks up Ewen and Liz. Ewen claims he wasn’t trying to hurt Liz. He swears he has no connection to Jerry. Ewen complains that it’s Jason’s fault for putting ideas into Elizabeth's head. He wonders if Jason got to Patrick as well. Patrick tries to calm Ewen and says he overreacted. Ewen begs Liz to believe him. Patrick tells him to go back to the hospital and deal with people who will be getting sick. After Ewen leaves, Patrick tells Liz that Jason sent him to warn her.

Starr and Michael wake up in Vegas, determined to find Kristina before she does something stupid. Michael wonders why Trey would hide the truth about his father.

Todd comes to Carly and confesses that he sold the cable access to Jerry. Carly says Jerry is capable of anything. They both call their kids and are surprised to hear that Starr and Michael are in Vegas, but would prefer that over them being in town. They both tell them to stay and have fun.

Todd’s not happy that Starr is dating a gangster’s son. Carly reminds him that Michael is her son as well. She says Michael cares for Starr and will keep her safe. Starr thinks it’s weird that her father didn’t assume she was eloping. Michael realizes that’s why Kris and Trey came to Vegas and the two start calling chapels to find them.

Kate hands out flyers to hotel guests to stay away from the water and comes across Joe. The two argue for awhile. Kate calls Joe a coward and says he’s going to hell. Joe figures she’ll be right beside him for throwing away her baby.

Kristina and Trey are getting ready to be married. He’s happy she’s doing this to help him. She talks of getting it all annulled before her father finds out. The pastor shows up with his wife. The two wax poetic about marriage, and then go through the vows and rings.

Jerry says he wasn’t acting alone and had help. Jason asks if it was Ewen, but Jerry denies it. Jason tells John to go and deal with Scully. When Jerry reacts, John asks if he knows Joe, but Jerry lies again. This time Jax says his brother is lying and he can read him.

Jerry is brought into the PCPD. Dante asks where the serum is. Jerry says to release him and he’ll tell. However, John says they won’t negotiate. Jax asks about Ewen. Jason wonders if he knows him. Jason explains Ewen’s connection to Alaska, but Jax doesn’t remember anything.

Sonny breaks up Joe and Kate’s fight. He warns Joe to leave town. He tells Kate that Jerry is in custody and reassures her that they will be fine.

Michael and Starr show up at the chapel, but Kristina says it’s too late; she’s now Mrs. Trey Mitchell.

Carly wonders what they should be doing now. Todd thinks it will all be okay. He goes to take a drink of water but Carly smacks the glass out of his hand. Carly cuts her finger on the glass. Todd holds her hand and asks how she would spend her last moments. Carly thanks him for distracting her and says she’d miss him if he was gone. Jax shows up and tells them that Jerry is in custody and they need to wait.

Ewen sneaks back into the house and listens as Liz explains to Patrick, Ewen’s reaction to what Jerry is doing. Patrick agrees they must be working together. He says they need to tell the police and Liz goes to call Dante but sees Ewen with a baseball bat.

Jason gets to Liz’ house and finds her gone and Patrick unconscious on the floor.

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    How on earth would Ewen have managed to knock out Patrick considering Patrick would have seen him coming? Would have made far more sense for us to see Ewen sneak up behind Patrick and knock him out, than to see him come out of the kitchen holding the bat while Liz and Pat watch him.

    I loved Dante and John working together.

    Loved Todd’s jealousy when Jax showed up. “Wow he is perfect, even his handshake”.

    Loved Kris’s wedding dress. It was beautiful and so was she. Is Mitchell, Trey’s legal last name? Because once they find out who he really is, it would be pretty easy to disolve that marriage.

    I sort of want to see Sonny and Alexis’ reaction to this marriage, so I’m sort of annoyed that it’s happening at this time, with all this other stuff going on.

    Did we know beforehand that Starr and MIchael were sleeping together? Becuase that sort of caught me off guard.

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    Perkie – Michael and Starr aren’t sleeping together. Starr made reference to Michael sleeping on the couch the night before and that it must have been uncomfortable. She then said that maybe that was why he was up so early and watching her sleep.

    I didn’t care for Kristina’s dress, but I’ve never been into the ultra-modern short wedding dress thing. I don’t like old-fashioned dresses either. Simple, elegant and classic is what I like in a wedding dress. Seeing that it’s a mock wedding, though, I guess the short, fun dress is appropriate. At least they weren’t wearing jeans and black t-shirts.

    I was also wondering how Ewen got the jump on Patrick. Maybe we are supposed to assume that Patrick went over to protect Liz, and then Ewen hit him from behind? Who knows? It didn’t make any sense.

    I love love love Jax. He is hot, intelligent, hot, kind, hot, rich, hot, and 90% good guy (have to be a little bad to be interesting ;) )

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    Kristina and Trey are cute together. The storyline is not the best but I like them. The actress playing Kristina looks a bit more comfortable than in the beginning IMO.

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    Ewen kidnapping Liz is boring and pointless. She’ll hate him, and never understand or forgive him, and then he’ll get killed or thrown in jail. So what? It would be more fun if Liz had actually fallen in love with him and she was tempted to go on the run with him. Instead, she sort of barely liked him and spent their entire courtship mooning over Jason. Frankly, it doesn’t make sense that he would be interested enough in her to kidnap her since she barely spent any time with him. Sigh.

  5. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    Bishbay – I agree. I wish they had developed that relationship further before revealing he was working with Jerry. I am warming up to Ewan. I like his being torn and I want to know his backstory. I hope there is a reason he has focused on Liz and Jason. He is very anti-Jason and there has to be a reason.

    I also am warming to Kristina. I like that the kids are all out of town during the crisis.

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    While Kristina and Trey’s storyline isn’t that popular, I’ve always been entertained by it; but, I think it will cause spectacular fall especially because Kristina seems to really like Trey, and he seems to really like her… yet he’s trying to please his dad whose been lying to him for his entire life about his mother and how he was conceived. Sonny and Alexis will both explode, it should cause conflict for Molly and TJ as they contemplate their relationship during this poisoned water storyline… and when all the shit hits that fan at Kate n Sonny’s wedding, it will be priceless!!!

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    How about Liz kills Ewen…is on trial and Ric comes back to defend her. She slowly starts to fall for the now reformed Ric (who has NOTHING to do with Sonny). Looking for some Liric love!

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    Can we please end the farce that is CarJax, Jax is like the perfect guy and today proved Carly never loved or cared about him, she just uses him for his money, to annoy Sonny and her quest to be Brenda. I mean here Jax is out trying to solve this and save PC and what does Carly care about Johnny and Todd. She even seemed annoyed Jax walked in when she was so close to hooking up with Todd. The TPTB go with Tujo, have Jax be running a scam by pretending not to hate Carly and let him go to Rome (since IR isn’t staying) and be happy with someone who actually loves him. Besides Tujo have more chemistry then CarJax and its obvious that is where this is going so why can’t Jax hate her for destroying his life and stealing his daughter.

    While I hate to admit this because I loathe LW (worst actress ever) and her version of Carly, I will give Carly credit for worrying about her children, which is more then I can say for Sonny who was like wait my POA might not be able to satisfy my penis if she dies. It is truly sad how irrelevant, worthless and honestly a pointless joke of a character Sonny has become since Wendy Riche left the building. GH needs to put him on recurring and send him to prison, he no longer adds to GH.

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    I also agree with Liz’s relationship with Ewen. I wish they would have had time to show them getting close and Liz developing actually feelings for Ewen. Ewen could have been another Zander with Liz on his side. They messed that up badly. Not to bash though, I do blame the actor. He is not good enough protraying a conflicted character. He seems so uncomfortable.

    I also agree with what ppl are saying about Jax. Now that Jax has come back looking sexier than ever, they need to keep him around so he and Liz can hook up. They have great chemistry and Liz needs her prince charming. Also between Josslyn’s Children of the Corn” thing and Cameron’s need to start fires, those two will be a great combination.

    I love how Todd was so surprised at how perfect Jax is. Only that animal Carly didn’t appreciate him.

    Don’t care about Trey, Kristina, Starr or Michael. I did love seeing Carl Winslow and Sister from Amen.

    Ok. So Kate (why is she still here!) is allowing her “rapist” to stay at her hotel as long as he pays his bill? Doesn’t make sense. I am liking Joe more and more and hating Kate more and more. Joe Jr yelling at her about leaving that baby like that shows he didn’t rape her because why would he follow her around to make sure his son was ok.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Jason running to Liz’s house. Don’t get how Patrick got knocked out but this is the same Patrick who gets upset if his hands get messed up since he’s a surgeron. I don’t see Patrick as a fighter.

  10. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    I would totally love a Jax/Liz pairing just to watch Carlys head explode. After the transplant Carly has no room to be a bitch to Liz. Plus Liz needs a little girl and Joss needs a sweet mama to have tea with. I am down with seeing Liz step mama for Emma or Joss- but I love the added factor of Carly going nuts over it..

  11. Profile photo of bishbay

    Logan Echolls, I enjoyed your comment. Great turns of phrase/thoughts:
    –“that animal Carly”
    –Josslyn and Cameron being a good fit as step-sibs because they’re both terrifying and strange
    –Carl Winslow!
    –Patrick telling Ewen “Okay, anywhere but the hands, just not the hands!”

  12. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    Can’t get into this Joe Scully/Sonny rivalry but its been done to death and this isn’t offering me anything new…instead of Sonny marrying Claudia; Kristina marries Trey…

    I never thought much of Elizabeth’s pairing w/Ewen but I could get into Patrick or Jax it seemed Elizabeth could have worked her way out of that duct tape but oh well good to see her in story…i still don’t think she’s being utilized across the canvas…she’s sequestered and has no scenes/story with the beloved crossovers characters.

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