Heather Doesn’t Want Daniel to Touch Her Box on Young and Restless


Heather Stevens (Jennifer Landon) has a hot, scruffy artist type in her apartment, and all she can think to do with him is talk about her dead, psychotic baby bro. Watch a sneak peek below of today's The Young and the Restless, where Heather won't let Daniel (Michael Graziadei) anywhere near her box.


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    Mr. Giddens, you WRONG for that title. Re: this pairing, I see Landon doing her best but Graziadeiai (sp, obviously) is way checked out and also looks like he’s having a really, really good time when he’s not working. Though, as usual, I enjoyed the Lily/Daniel scene the other day, even though it was short.

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    I wish they would cast someone decent in the Heather role, just once. She looks really awkward in heels and a dress – kind of stomping around like she is mushing grapes. No chemistry between the two at all and please, no more Daniel and Lily. He really is more Daisy’s speed.

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    I dont know about the ‘lesbian vibe’ but Jennifer DEFINITELY doesnt seem comfortable wearing dresses. And I love how she has absolutely no place to store that box except on the couch in plain sight where it’s been since the poleece brought it.

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    So this is the third Heather in a few years. I preferred Vail Bloom. She was feminine but seemed believable in the role. Hated her replacement (yet another AMC actress), and so far Jennifer does seem uncomfortable. There is ZERO chemistry with Daniel and that dude needs a damn haircut. I think she can make the role her own, but they need to stop forcing this pairing because it doesn’t work. In my opinion here is yet another example of a great actress being brought in as a recast when the original was well liked and worked in the role. Hope CL stays.

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    Jennifer and Michael have about as much chemistry as……well, I am finding trouble finding a worthy comparison, which just goes to show you how LACKING in chemistry they are. Jennifer Landon is a great actress, and by far the BEST actress that they’ve cast on this show in a long time, as most of my ATWT fans will happily attest to.

    But there is something very……um, masculine about her. And that would seemingly limit her list of viable romantic interests on this show. I agree that they should have Heather come out of the closet and bring on a female. But then again, this show has a horrid history with doing gay/lesbian stories, so that would just be another disaster……..

    Keep Heather single. There are plenty of stories to tell without tying her down in a relationship!

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    There’s something L Word(ish) going on here either real or imagined.
    I’ve actually kind of warmed up to JL but she does seem to be walking near the levees to my mind; which would explain why she wouldn’t want Daniel to …… (but I guess he did).

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    I don’t know that the word is masculine but I think JL would be more comfortable in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. She’s not dainty, she’s a roughneck. She looks so much like her Dad Michael it’s unreal.
    Nope, she doesn’t belong with Daniel.
    If they don’t put Daniel and Lily back together, put JL with Ronan. He’s more rough and tumble than prissy Daniel.
    His hair is longer than most women, wears more jewelry than most and he’s always messing with it… around food and everything.


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    I knew they were going to throw her with Daniel. Bad move. Let the actress have scenes with several guys before the pairing. Hey, bad move on all the shows. I wanted to see more of her with Ronan. He needs a stronger actress to play against. On GL he was teamed with Tina G. I see those two more compatible as far as actors go.

    Depending on who plays Lily, I would give that another try. Daytime has to reason some of the pairings more. Fans are not idiots.

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