Maurice Benard on Steve Burton’s General Hospital Exit: “I May Cry Like a Little Girl Who Just Lost Her Puppy”

Of all the loves of Jason Morgan's life, none can quite compare to the undying affection and loyalty he felt for his mob boss Sonny Corinthos on General Hospital. Maurice Benard took to Twitter to share just how emotional he could become, thanks to Steve Burton's upcoming exit. Tweeted Benard:

Aww LAWD, my Sonny is sad?! I can't take it! It didn't hit me until just now. Sonny and Jason: The Supercouple have been my shiz nit since Jodeci was topping charts. Why Soap Gods, why???? Alright, I'ma need a moment of silence and to hear this right about now.

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    One of the greatest bromances indeed. The women in their lives may come and go but in the end, Sonny and Jason always have each other.

    It’s kind of hard picturing Sonny without Jason. Makes the possibility of Sonny leaving the mob finally behind him even more real for me.

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