Ridge and Taylor Wonder if They’re The Reason The Kids AIN’T Alright on The Bold and the Beautiful

Thomas (Adam Gregory) and Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) grew up watching their daddy basically climb out of their mom's bed and right into the sack with Rick (Jacob Young) and Hope's (Kimberly Matula) mom, over and over again. Could this be why the new generation of Forresters and Logans' love lives are so effin' intertwined? Look for Ridge (Ronn Moss) and Taylor (Hunter Tylo) to ponder such deep thoughts on today's episode of The Bold and the Beautiful.

Elsewhere in SoCal, Liam (Scott Clifton) and Steffy passionately reunite on Venice Beach, as Pam (Alley Mills) and Donna (Jennifer Gareis) argue at Forrester Creations.  Watch a teaser for the next eppy of B&B after the jump!

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    I want that triangle with Hope/Liam/Steffy to be OVERRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! Please!!

    Taylor and Brooke are complete idiots with their daughters. And Ewwww, Hope and Thomas are half-siblings and grew up together. Disgusting.

  2. Profile photo of marybee50

    elvara-me too.Bring back my Thorne,get a good story going that involves almost anything other than that trio who shall not be named.I will miss Susan Flannery,but they should be able to come up with something that involves all her children.

  3. Profile photo of twb6yz

    Was there ever any great love between Thomas and Hope? I seem to recall him being badgered by Steffy into dating/proposing in order to keep Hope out of Liam’s orbit.

  4. Profile photo of RockiDreams

    I am sick to death of that trio. Sick of Botox Taylor pushing her daughter at that loser. Thomas has zero, zip, nada chemistry with anyone. This soap needs a huge overhaul, new blood not friggin’ repeat characters from long ago. Bring in someone new for Thorne and Brooke.

  5. Profile photo of Linmat45

    Not related at all. Hope is the daughter of Brook and Deacon, Thomas is the son of Ridge and Taylor. Yes, they did grow up together, but thought they had the same daddy. Weird, but legitimate!

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