Tonya Pinkins Performs at 54 Below

Billy Porter, Tonya Pinkins and Andre De Shields


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4 May 2009
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Tonya is fabulous!

Loved her as Livia on AMC. She was wonderful.

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15 January 2009
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@Ryan-Scott: She was good. That was when they brought on the entire Frye family.

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2 December 2011
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Wow, thanks, Luke for posting these pics.

I thought she was terrific as Heather Dalton on ATWT but she is a phenomenal stage actress.

I saw her in an August Wilson play in the late 90s when I had the opportunity to do a summer internship with the producer. Then I got a chance to meet her up close after a star studded special preview for a play she later would win the Tony Award for. That same night I got to meet Anika Noni Rose, Chandra Wilson, Tony Kushner (the playwright) and Angela Bassett. And Ms. Pinkins, although tired (it was an exhausting play) was gracious.

I'd love to see her in more TV. Perhaps primetime.