Wishful Storytelling: How General Hospital Can Bring Lucy Coe and Serena Baldwin Home!

Soap-opera-sexpot-turned-rancher Lynn Herring hasn't forgotten about Lucy Coe, the insanely popular minx she played on General Hospital and the GH spinoff Port Charles on and off from 1985-2003. In last week's Soap Opera Digest, Herring talked about the "tricky" logistics involed in bringing Lucy back to the almost 50-year-old serial. Said Herring:

"It's tricky, because I know I would love to be back on the show, but in the same breath, I can see the struggles we have in this climate right now with trying to entice the audience back, and bringing in a lot of the One Life to Live people, and bringing back some of the old people who still have kids there."


Oh, is that all that's keeping my Lucy Coe from coming home? Easy fix!

Wishful Storytelling: Bring back Scott (Kin Shriner) and Dom's (Shell Danielson) daughter Serena Baldwin (Wishful Casting: Meredith Hagner)! Lucy carried the kid to term and eventually became her mother in every way that counts.

Maybe Serena dated Trey (Erik Valdez) at Yale? Once she reads about his involvement with that mob princess Kristina Corinthos (Lindsey Morgan) on ThePortCharlesSun.com, Serena makes a beeline to upstate New York to get her man back!

What if Ms. Baldwin was the Queen Bee of the hive of Ivy League mean girls who treated Kristina like poop on the soles of their Pradas, once they learned how Sonny (Maurice Benard) got her into the prestigious school?

Perhaps as part of the ginormous Taub trust Dominque established for Serena, the young woman now controls a block of ELQ stock? This would lead Tracy (Jane Elliot) to blackmail her son Dillon (Wishful Casting: Josh Kelly) into leaving Hollywood to return to the Q fold. Tracy wants Dillon to romance Serena in order to get that stock back in Q hands where it belongs!

The Quartermaine battle axe could secretly buy the rights to the production company that just optioned Dillon's groundbreaking indie film. She promises to release the flick once Dillon has his hands on Serena's stock. Spanky hates to go to such lengths against her own son (Who am I kidding? No she wouldn't!), but with corporate raider Jasper Jacks (Ingo Rademacher) snooping around an all-grown-up Serena—lusting for both the young woman's ELQ shares and possibly 50 shades more—Tracy has to think fast!

Having tangled with the Q's herself, while married to the late Alan (Stuart Damon)—in a red wedding dress no less—Mama Lucy could come back to lend her girl a hand, not to mention a scheme. While back in Port Chuck, Lucy takes a meeting with publishing mogul Todd Manning (Roger Howarth). Following a recent encounter with Kate Howard (Kelly Sullivan), who name-dropped Lucy, Todd has become very familiar with Lucy's work for Deception, Jax Cosmetics and hunting vampires. Hey, he does own a tabloid!

Todd wants to rebrand Manning Enterprises' struggling Crimson magazine brand as TheCoeChronicles.com, a Port Charles-based take on The Huffington Post, only focused on fashion, cosmetics and gossip. He offers Lucy the editor-in-chief job, a seven figure salary and a seat on ME's board. Meanwhile, when Scotty gets wind of the Q's, Jax and Lucy all being interested in his daughter's massive inheritance, he returns to stake his claim.  Come on, Cartini, make it happen!

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  1. Profile photo of Jath6221

    It would be great if Lucy and Scotty could come back, but I’d like to see Jenn Lilly as Serena Baldwin. She did such a good job as fill-in Maxie and would be perfect as Serena.

  2. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    What if Jen Lilley came back on as Serena and Meredith Hagner as Brooklyn? Does Hagner sing? If Adrienne Leon isn’t available or doesn’t want to come back? They messed up with her storyline. Bring Brooklyn back for a music rivalry tie in with Starr and John Z. Serena could come back on the heels of the Dillon/Trey suggestions and catch John’s eye, bringing Scott into the mix. You know he wouldn’t want her involved with anything that had mob ties current or past. And since Michael is involved with Starr and you still have Spinelli and Maxie floating around, you’ve got nine younger adults along with their volatile parental units around the perimeter. Just a couple of thoughts… 0:)

  3. Profile photo of nysam

    Nice story, but one important character has been left out. Doesn’t Lucy have anoher daughter named, Christina from when she was on PORT CHARLES. She could be a teen that could cause trouble in the Molly/TJ relationship or mix it up with a recast Morgan. Since we already have one Christina on the show they would have to call her Tina.

  4. Profile photo of snizzle

    I like Lucy just fine but frankly there are a number of other characters that should be a higher priority to bring back. Lucy was mainly on GH for comic relief and Kirsten Storms’ Maxie seems to fill that kind of role on the show. There’s only so much money to go around to pay these actors.

    Of course I also didn’t think Duke was a high priority character to bring back so what do I know?

  5. Profile photo of curacaoman

    Jen Lilly as Serena Baldwin all the way. And Genie Francis back as Laura Baldwin, making Serena and LuLu stepsisters.

    Serena could be a new intern at General Hospital!

  6. Profile photo of LoracNJ

    Oh I would love for Lucy to be back, but with Kevin as well as Serena. I think Serena should be in the same age range as Maxie and Lulu, not Kristina.

    I got giddy the other day when she came up in conversation between Kate and Todd. It would be awesome to have Lucy and Todd working together. I can only imagine the conversations.

    I think Serena needs to come back to cause problems for Dante and Lulu. Dante can finally find out that Lulu killed Logan who would be Serena’s half brother and that Johnny helped her cover it up. This would be a good way to drive a wedge between them and help push Lulu back in Johnny’s direction.

  7. Profile photo of Grimm

    Love to see Serena and LUCY back in PC (Sigmund! and Sigmund!). And the Jen Lilley casting would generate some viewer goodwill methinks.
    What I would wishfully add to the storyline would be Kevin Collins. Looks like GH may be needing a resident psychiatrist soon.
    The Chamberlain/Collins Felicia obsession could easily transfer to a new generation of blonde giving Maxie a stalker. Kind of character assassination of Kevin, but no worse than what the same writing regime did with Marty Saybrooke on OLTL, to entertaining effect. And Lucy could always bring Kevin back from the brink.
    Maybe Kevin is Sam’s father….she looks so much like his daughter Livvie! :-)
    Ooohh Kevin and Alexis…

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