General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Elizabeth begs Ewen to let her go. She says it’s not too late and that he may have killed Patrick when he hit him.  Ewen assures her that Patrick will be fine. He needs to talk to her alone.  Liz wants to know what he wants from her and tries to use her phone, but Ewen sees her and takes it from her. 

Ewen says he doesn’t want her calling anyone. She needs to hear him out and that he didn’t want to hurt anyone.  Liz asks if he’s working for Jerry. Ewen admits that he is and that he’s the one who took Josslyn.  Liz is angry, saying Joss could have been killed, Jerry isn’t to be trusted and Ewen knew who Jerry was.  Ewen says he had no choice. Jerry has something over him.  Ewen again says he never meant for anyone to be hurt and hopes he doesn’t lose Liz.  She says there’s nothing left between them. She distracts him while trying to jump out of the car.  Ewen drags her back in and swears no harm will come to her.  Liz again tries to call Jason without Ewen seeing her. 

Jason finds Patrick and helps him come to.  Patrick explains that Ewen hit him with the bat and took Liz.  Patrick can’t believe this is happening. Jason wants to know where Ewen would have taken Liz. 

Michael’s angry that Trey and Kristina got married.  Kris reassures him that it was all done for the cameras because they owed Trey’s father.  Michael tells her that Trey’s father and Sonny have history.  Trey admits he told Starr, but then claims he was lying to Starr for the explosive factor. 

Kristina asks if Trey was using her, but Trey denies it. Michael gets angry and lunges at Trey. He starts beating him up, before the women can pull him off. Starr drags Michael away.  Kristina asks again if Trey was telling the truth, since she just went against her brother and likely her father.  She asks him to swear on a Bible. However, Trey weasels his way out of it and tells her to trust in the commitment they just made. 

Sonny returns to Joe’s room and overhears him say that he’ll bury Sonny.  Sonny says he warned Joe to stay away from Kate and now his goons will dispose of him.  Joe tells him that if Sonny gets rid of him, than Kate will never see her son again.  Sonny reminds him the baby is dead and figures Joe is just buying time.  Joe says part of Sonny believes him. If Sonny kills him, he’ll never know for sure.  Sonny tells him to stop playing games and to tell the truth.  Joe says he’ll tell him in good time, since he’s not ready yet.  Sonny lets him go. 

Lulu arrives at the PCPD concerned about Dante, who’s sure it’s all one of Jerry’s scams.  Jason calls Dante about Liz. Dante makes Lulu promise to wait for him at the station. 

Back at the hotel Starr questions Michael’s anger.  He explains he had to learn to fight in prison and that he was messed up for awhile. Starr asks if he can control his anger. Michael swears he would never hurt her and doesn’t want her to be afraid of him. Starr says she understand because her father and uncle were brutal, but they enjoyed the violence. Starr says she feels safe with Michael. 

Carly wonders what Jax isn’t telling her. He tells her what Jason told him about Ewen and that the name is familiar.  Carly talks about his parents. Jax thinks maybe the connection is with his father.  Jax says he’s avoided talking to his mother because he’ll have to tell her what Jerry has done this time.  Carly tells him that he’s a good man and that he can’t blame himself for what Jerry is doing.  Jax admits to covering for Kerry and looking the other way. He hopes to find the part of Jerry that is still human. 

Dante puts out an APB on Ewen. Jason explains everything he knows.  Dante wonders where Ewen would have taken Liz. Jason is sure he can get the information from Jerry, but Dante says the FBI have Jerry and he’s off limits. 

Jason gets the call from Liz and they realize she’s in a moving car. Dante has his tech guy try to figure out the location with the cell tower.  Liz tries to have Ewen say where they’re headed. She asks if he’s taking her to the antidote.  She asks him to tell her where they are going. Ewen sees the phone and grabs it from her again. 

Dante gets a call from the CDC, confirming there’s a pathogen in the water and they don’t know how to stop it. 

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    I could really go without Trey/Kristina and Michael/Starr for a bit…it could’ve just been me but their scenes did not seem to flow with the rest of what was going on in the episode. The only thing I enjoyed was Michael going into rage mode and jumping on Trey lol

    Not to be troll, but this Liason fan would like to point out that Jason has not yet checked in on Sam since news of jerry’s stupid plot broke out. Jason knows where his priorities lie..too bad Jason is leaving, I was looking forward to the Liason/McBam quad

    Thanks Perkie!

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    I wanted Sonny to just finish Joe off. LOL
    Seeing his face and knowing that he raped a woman while he pretends to be the victim makes me sick. Joe actually makes me really angry these days. :O
    Guess Richard Steinmetz is doing something right.^^

    I wish Trey would have told the truth. I started to like him so it would have been nice to just confess & be over with it. Instead he blames Starr and keeps lying to Kristina. Not cool.

    Ewen turned out to be a twisted and complex character. Wow. Who would have thought? I actually like him … and I’m interested in what Jerry is holding over his head.

    I enjoyed Michael and Starr talking about his time in prison. They kept me interested and I was wondering if Michael would tell her about the rape. Anyway great scenes.

    CarJax scenes are gold too. Love those!!!! Want them back. :love:

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    Whoa, baby! Jason Morgan is back, bitches! This! This is the Jason Morgan that existed long before Frons tinkled all over the show. Today’s scenes of a frantic Jason reminded me of the 2002 story line where he worked with Edward and Taggart in order to rescue Elizabeth from that crypt! Sigh. Good times.

    When is Joe Jr. going to haul off and place his big size eleven shoes up Sonny’s butt?

    I like Ewen, and hope RC pulls a rabbit out of his hat to redeem the guy. One issue with Ewen grabbing Liz, it would have been much sweeter if we saw EnE spending the last few months out on fun dates before all hell broke loose.

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    Great Episode!!!!

    Loved CarJax!!! Carly has been so much more fun and sassy since RC took over. Laura Wright better work! Jax id awesome too! What if Jax realizes that John mentioned Ewen because he is Jax and Jerrys halfbrother! Ewen could be Johns love child with another woman!

    Elizabeth and Ewen scenes were Really Good! Like how Liz used her head to call Jason, but dont look down at your phone every Five seconds!! LLS

    Sonny should have killed Joe Jr. Tired of this character hope he dies from this pathogen! Try needs to stop the lies and tell Kristina the truth. Loved Michael and Starr scenes.

    Jason Morgan you are officially back!!! Awesome show that Steve today! Using his head alot more. Like how he is working with Dante, Patrick, and Lulu.

    Cant Wait For Tomorrows Episode!!!

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    EVERYONE in the tweet universe need to tweet RC and tell him to keep Jax on full time but away from Carly. NEVER TELL STARR ANYTHING, EVER!! If you tell her anything she has to tell her boyfriend of one week, Michael. Please keep the “older teen” scene to only 5 mins a hour..

    Please let Josslyn and Cam meet. Please.

    Okay. First, Ewen is the worst bad guy to ever grace daytime. He saw Liz call the first time and he didn’t take away her phone the first time?!? Then Liz says there is something outside and his behind believes it? Looking out the window like he’s looking for bigfoot. It reminded me of that Martin episode where he’s in the DMV and tells everyone he just saw the Jacksons performing and everyone runs to see. Why would Ewen believe Liz?! Love Jason trying to find Liz.

    I hate how calm everyone is though. Jax and Carly is just lounging trying to figure out who Ewen is. What in the world! Jax should have called his mother to ask about Ewen. There is no reason Jax has to tell his mother about Jerry right now. He could just say he ran into Ewen and couldn’t figure where he knew him from. Lulu looks so glamorous. We know she took a shower so she will be sick. Patrick looks greasy like he hasn’t showered so he should be okay. So should Dante.

    **What the freak was the point of Sonny and his OLD MAN bodyguards messing with Joe. There is NO proof Joe raped Kate/Connie. This thing about ConAte came out with her whole DID storyline. When Kate was a great character, she didn’t have any of this stuff. I think she has another personality named Bonquisha who is a whore and sleeps around..

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    Isnt this the same day? So jason didnt stop chasing jerry to go help liz, he sent patrick – for the same reason that he didnt check on sam – because if he breaks jerry he saves the both. Once he captured jerry he realized liz was in IMMEDIATE danger and, more importantly, that ewan has relevant info as to where the toxin might be. Who else hasnt jason checked in on – EVERYONE, not michael, not carly, not sonny, not spinelli – because finding the antidote is priority one not hand holding.

    I find it interesting though that when sam gets kidnapped and jason rescues her shes the dumbest ride and die chick on the planet but when the same thing happens with liz he is sooo in love and isnt she so smart. RMDE.

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    Well yeah, SamFF keep yakking up her skills and how she is the bestest ever ride or die chick so of course she should be with Jason because she can handle his lifestyle and the danger. But, she gets kidnapped or falls off her shoes.

    Liz, on the other hand, isn’t billed as the P. I. who can handle danger. She is a nurse who isn’t seeking out adventure and dangerous situations. Isn’t the difference obvious?

    It is very interesting that Jason is focused on Liz and Ewan.

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    Um sam can run and fire accurately as we saw when liz allowed ric to frame her knowing liz stole the evidence from the pcpd, sam jumps off boats, she busts drug rings, she jumps in buildings to save toddlers from mobsters right before the buildings explode, and she jumps off buildings to one hand grab toxic materials from spreading. Thats just for starters.

    On occasion she gets nabbed but then its oh what a moron.

    liz turns on a cell phone and liz ff want us to believe shes a genius (amazing given she wasnt even smart enough not to stare at the phone repeatedly. ) THough i do wonder if she let ewan cart her out of her home like a sack of taters the same way she did with anthony during the b&w ball.

    Again, if Im not mistaken its the same afternoon, so jason has been “focused” on liz for all of about an hour or so. Sounds like true love to me LOL

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    Does Port Charles exist in a vacuum? In this day and age, if something like this were to happen, the whole world would know about and be talking about it in a matter of SECONDS!

    Jax doesn’t want to talk to Lady Jane, so he doesn’t have have to tell her what Jerry has done. Doesn’t Lady Jane Jacks own at least a television? Doesn’t she know any people who do?

    I know Duncetina, Result-of-Genuine-Rape, MyKill and Starrrrrrr are a bunch of dimwitted dunces. But is the whole town of Las Vegas? Not one TV on in the whole city?

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    I have a feeling that Connie seduced Joe, and although she was technically underage, it wasn’t really a rape. I also have a feeling Trey will turn out to be gay, since he supposedly has another secret. Hope they keep Jax – so great to see him back!! Let’s trade him for NuAwfulKrissie, who is just painful to watch and miscast.

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    curacaoman, I’ve been wondering the same thing. When Dante got confirmation that the water had actually been contaminated, it sort of felt like whoever was on the phone said, “It’s YOUR problem. You and Jason and McBain can deal with it!” Maybe we’ll see a bit more panic as the storyline kicks in more.

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    The ride and die chick can’t save, crap. Sam and Lucky just spent a weekend at that cabin in the woods and knew damned well there was no cell service, so why would you want to hide out there from the Russian’s? It would have made sense if the cabin was stocked with guards and guns!

    Jason has spent more time rescuing Sam than any of his other exes, and she IS suppose to be the one that can handle his life. Sam is the one that admitted in Liz’s studio that the ONLY reason that she broke out of jail in 2006 was so that Jason would come running. Sam only hit the police alarm at the hotel robbery so that Jason would come running. Sam can’t walk up stairs without falling into Jason’s arms, she falls out of the sky in her panties in Jason’s arms, she hurt her ankle and had to be carried during a freaking shoot out! If Frons was trying to turn Sam into Fiona over on Burn Notice, then he failed miserably. Fiona would have blown Sam up and kept a stepping!

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    Liason- Yup Yup Yup! That Sam cannot even hide behind her fave dumpster without falling off her shoes qnd twisting her ankle. Carry me Jason!! Please!

    Who said Liz was a superstar for making a phone call? I must have missed that. But, she hasn’t held a gun on a killer but just allowed him to walk off. Was Liz the one who got locked in a glass cage? Sam is not self sufficient. Jason is going to leave and she will ask McPain to rescue her.

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    An attack on our local water would make National news and my husband would check on me immediately. He would not wait an hour or even 5 seconds. Jason is in the middle of this crisis and has up to the second info but has not given Sam a thought. He is completely focused on Liz and Ewan. Now, I have not seen any evidence that his concern for Liz goes beyond concern for a friend. I never said it did. He is putting her needs before Carly and Sam though. He hasn’t called either or mentioned concern for anyone but Liz, Alexis, and Joss. I simply said it was interesting.

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    I’m team Liason (which will be over soon!) but Jason is more concerned for Liz right now because she is involved with Ewen. Last time Jason was at her house, Ewen was there shirtless. So Jason is more concerned for Liz at the moment because she is involved with the person who helped the terrorist.

    Also, why won’t they call Jerry what he is, a terrorist!

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    About Port Charles existing in a vacuum, Carly chose not to tell Michael. Same with Todd and Starr. Even if they do not watch the news, wouldn’t they find out through twitter or facebook. Young adults their age cannot resist checking social media. I bet they both read Molly’s status updates

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    The problem is, that the writers want it both ways. They want the ability to use media when it suits them (ie; everyone it town turning on their tvs at the exact same time at the exact moment Jerry was making his speech), but also want the ability to play stupid and pretend that technology doesn’t exist by having no one turn on their computers or accidentally come across this story, which would clearly be playing out in the media.

    As for the Liz versus Sam debate, which I am so very sick and tired of reading over and over again….I think it is interesting that Liz grabbed her phone and tried to distract Ewen and get him to talk. That shows growth with our writing. A year ago, you would have never seen any woman do that, least of all Liz. Heck a year ago, we had Sam jumping in someone’s van and then getting caught calling Jason and then twisting her ankle. That’s not a Sam versus Liz thing, it’s a bad writing versus a good one.

    While a lot of the women have been faulted in this story so far in terms of deferring to the men (Carly waiting for Jax to do something, Lulu waiting for dante to do something, Sam waiting for John and Jason to do something) we have had some progress that Liz is at least trying to do something, despite the crazy she’s with. That’s not negating anything Sam or anyone else has done in the past, it’s just finally adding something good to Liz’ portfolio

  18. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    Yay! Perkie is ony side. Ha ha just kidding.

    I am not sure Ewan is going to be crazy. I think Jerry has something on him. I hope it is something big enough to merit stealing a toddler from her bed. I also think he is going to convince Liz just moments before Jason busts in and kills him. No spoiler just a guess.

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    Perkie I agree that using the phone was an upgrade for liz. I think the writers have been haphazard with sam and carly over the years – sometimes they are uber heroic and capable (ie carly and sam during the metro court hostage situation, carly during the monkey virus story, sam during toxic balls etc) and then they turn around and have them waiting on men, get captured easily and so on. Guza to his detriment just wasnt consistent in his vision.

    Logan Thank You. Im not taking anything away from the Liz, Jason friendship or his deep concern for her well being in general, but in the here and now this is about the fact that she is in immediate peril and ewan has info that may help neutralize jerry. Neither carly nor sam nor sonny is in that immediate threat type situation. I think he might well have behaved the same way if it was kate, lulu or maxie in that situation.

  20. Profile photo of Perkie

    What would be big enough to merit taking a toddler from her bed? What would be big enough to merit helping in the disapearance of Robin? The only thing I can think of is that Ewen has a child and Jerry has that child hostage.

    Otherwise, Ewen’s a douche with no motive great enough to account for his actions.

    As for Jason killing him, I don’t think Ewen can be redeemed, (at least, not in my eyes, mostly for the Robin stuff), so I wouldn’t be sad to see Ewen gone. And if that’s the exit story for Jason, to be charged and sent to prison for murder, then that kills two birds with one stone for me.

    Although I would also love to see Patrick punch Ewen in the face when he finds out his part in Robin’s “death”.

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    RC did write the OLTL women on occassion saving themselves. It was awesome when Natalie tried to fight off Mitch Lawrence, and then be the one to put a bullet in his head!

    Liz is the one that came up with the plan last year to save herself and Maxie from Anthony’s goons with just her brains. She was not semi-naked in her panties or a peep show outfit.

  22. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    Regarding what Jerry has on Ewan. Just a thought. How did John Jacks die? Since there’s been a fair amount of name dropping with regard to Jax and Jerry’s father John, there’s the possibility that Ewan was responsible, in part or full, for his death and was never prosecuted for it. Jerry, being the sociopathic mercenary that he is, would look to find a way to extract a price from Ewan in exchange for silence about what may have occured. Jerry may say he “loves” Jax, Josslyn, Alexis, Lady Jane, etc. but in the end, he loves Jerry the most… 0:)

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    Poor Molly–didn’t Ric once sue for custody of her; but now vanishes without leaving his supposedly beloved daughter a forwarding address? Loved seeing Alexis get some passionate action from Sean–does that mean he has to die ( since Alexis’ track record with love is so abysmal)?

  24. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    ooh lets all take a pot shot at kelly for having been in playboy. Such a scandal. Shes really harmed people by posing in that mag. SHOCKING. that of course makes elizabeth the better character and becky the better actress…um yeah.]

    Who escaped the metro court and notified the police so that there were few casualties? Who helped save spin during the fire and kept the toxic balls from exploding on the ground below? Who saved Jake from the Russians? Who saved Carly and helped to save alexis during the b&w ball? Who saved jason from manny? Who saved the pregnant woman when they were looking for evidence against claudia? Who took down karpov and his drug ring?

    Oh yeah that was ALL SAM.

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    OMG why does anything about Liz have to turn into what a LizFF think is wrong with Sam? Why not just say way to go Liz? Why take a moment to hate?

    Oh well- I saw such a well rounded episode. It was great. I saw the same Jason I always see when he is going into rescue mode. This has always been Jason Morgan to me. It is nothing new- this is the same guy that has always worked to solve things with Sam.

    I am loving Jax so much right now. The writing is so awesome for him and he is looking super hot.

    However I just can’t get into this Michael, Starr, Trey and Kristina thing. I hope others are enjoying it but it just is not a highlight for me.

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    I liked this episode! The Kristina/Trey/Starr/Michael storyline doesn’t interest me in the least but I can stomach it because I know there are viewers who like it.

    Jax makes me drool and my heart flutter at the same time. Loving him right now.

    I want Liz to save herself damn it! Ewen had me laughing because he really seemed shocked that the woman he kidnapped would try to escape the car lol.

  27. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    @liasonluvr- I loved your part about Ewen.. Totally forgot about that- you totally made me laugh. I for one think he is hot so I hope for a big redemption. Only because some of my fave characters have been ones who have seemed so bad but then ended up so good..

    I totally appreciate your take on the Mikey, Starr, Krissy, Trey stuff. I have never minded a story if it was bringing in viewers but I just didn’t like it. Hopefully it is bringing in some eyes…

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    [quote=Perkie]What would be big enough to merit taking a toddler from her bed? What would be big enough to merit helping in the disapearance of Robin? The only thing I can think of is that Ewen has a child and Jerry has that child hostage.[/quote]

    The same thought crossed my mind. Maybe Jerry killed his wife in front of him and is holding his child hostage. He told Patrick that he lost someone and he didn’t think that he would ever get over it but stopped himself from explaining further.

  29. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    Going back…a week…in part because of my favorites…but a few others from PC we haven’t seen…Think of it as review…

    Re: the bully and Scully, Jr. Trey texts his father “It’s done.”, letting him know he and K are married. Please. A lot of us are wishing this story was done. The bully says the following to Scully Jr., as it pertains to him dropping the little bomb about Kate’s son being alive: “I’m not as stupid as you think I am.” I haven’t laughed so hard at a line of dialogue that wasn’t meant to be funny. I’m surprised MB said this with a straight face…

    Yeah, K is like her father. Kind of sad, seeing her so easily fooled by the slick spin Trey puts on Jr. and Starr’s sputtering protests. “…Trey tell you who his dad is?” “Of course…” “…Did he mention his father has a history with ours? A bad history.” Her anger bubbles at being used.
    “…your father put you up to this?! Were you lying to me?!” “Yes, I lied…not to you. I lied to Starr.” Smooth, fast turn there. Too bad he didn’t learn how to use his fists the same way when Jr. left hooks him and proceeds to pile drive him into the ground. Not a quick study when it came to that lesson in the boxing ring. Speaking of rings, I actually got a chuckle out of LM’s combination of being apologetic, embarrassed but still secretly thrilled that she’s Mrs. Trey Mitchell, showing off her left hand…

    Jr.’s violent outburst while not surprising, was disturbing for it’s intensity. Seems talking and persuasion doesn’t yield the expected results when it comes to getting K to leave with him. Interesting that Starr doesn’t “run” from him. Apparently, being around this type of rage for much of her life has given her a “sixth sense” about it’s manifestations. In turn, Jr. opening up about prison deepens their bond.
    “…I was pretty messed up…” “How messed up?…can you control it?”
    “…I would never hurt you.” “I know you’re different…the more I learn I realize I do feel safe with you.” The comfort embrace between them looked less like potential young lovers than scared kids confronting some ugly personal life truths. I liked CD throughout theses scenes. Gave him a chance to show more emotional range in tandum with different situations…

    Of all LW’s pairings, IR has always stood out. And I’m totally agreeing with Todd. Yesiree, Bob, “He’s perfect.” ;) Of course, character wise, with the shredder the previous regime put Jax through, RC will have to somehow rectify the custody mess Carly helped create with the bully’s help. Putting that aside, it was just pleasant to see these two work together. The exchange about his reluctance to call his mother was oddly touching. “…it’ll break her heart.” “She’s not the only one. Jerry’s broken your heart, too.” That understanding of the power of family to hurt family is something both are too familiar with. Having said that, as much as I like Lady Jane, she’s a big girl. If she hasn’t come to terms that her elder son is a sociopathic lunatic, I have no sympathy for her…

    Give RH props for her work here as Liz trying to go through every angle possible in this situation to get away or somehow trip up her suddenly-he’s-in-love captor. Sorry, by my count, four dates does not equal head over heels for these two. In that respect, the story is unsatisfying and seems held together with duct tape. For his part, NB was quite good at showing the fraying shrink trying to hold it together. His steely eyed, barely suppressed fury at having to go through with this mad scheme gave me a sense of dread. Catching her on the cell a second time trying to get him to tell her where they’re going, was chilling in its menace. “I was only trying to help you. You shouldn’t have done that.” Yikes! :~

    He’s agitated but maintains his poise and profesionalism. “…Call the CDC…we need confirmation.” She arrives amidst the hum of the squad room, makes a beeline for her husband, hears the tail end of his conversation.
    “Doesn’t sound good.” In that moment, D focuses on her and only her.
    “…What are you doing here? It’s not safe…” Her eyes are what you notice. Clear, wide hazel saucers, easily expressing the fear fueled intensity that has brought her to be at his side. L’s words reinforce that action. “…if this is real and people are gonna die, safe or unsafe, I wanna be with you!” His sincere attempts to calm her, riffing on Jerry’s
    “sick sense of humor” and the chance “This…could be a scam.” only serves to keep her planted at his desk. Because she’s lived through Jerry’s
    “sick sense of humor” before. He pulls her to a quiet area, seeing the alarm on her face, hearing the pitch of her voice go up. She blurts the total opposite of what they’d excitedly decided the previous day. “The thought of creating new life…being threatened…I don’t even want a baby!” “Stop, stop…” Soft, but firm.”…We’re having a baby. One day, L. I promise you.” The call from Jason about Liz and Ewan brings them back to life in PC. Now knowing Ewan’s involved with Jerry, D needs to “get over there.” She wants to go with him. “I need to be with you!”, a touch of stubborness. He locks eyes with her, espresso pools boring into those hazel orbs. “I’m comin’ back. Promise me you’re gonna stay here.” He knows he has to go, even though he doesn’t want to. She doesn’t want him to go, but knows he has to. She resists. “Promise me.” She concedes. (This time.) She leans into him, he catches her, lips touching with a hint of desperation, sealing their promises to each other…

    I’m pretty sure Patrick was wishing it was anybody else bringing him back to consciousness. Just his luck it has to be Jason. Hey, he’s lucky he’s only sporting a concussion…

    He gets Patrick and Jason ensconced in interrogation back at PCPD. She meets up with him, trailing him into the room, as much to be near him as her natural curiosity and Spencer radar are in overdrive. As usual, the enforcer wants to barrel down the stairs to see the prisoner. D stops him and, right on cue, his cell rings. Liz talking, high pitched but trying to be calm, leading Ewan to drop clues. D pulls in the tech support, tracking their path, via towers, urging her “…Keep talking…help us find you.” Then, nothing. The tech, confused. “We lost the signal.” Frustration all around, with Jason again trying to “go rogue”, as another cell goes off. D again puts the brakes on his flight. “Don’t make me use man power…I don’t have…” An order that pulls him up as the call is answered. “…Can you repeat that?” He looks at L, grim faced, remembering her warning, now a reality. “I’ll need to talk to your director about next steps…” Color drained, a hollow look in her eyes. “It’s real?” “CDC just confirmed…
    pathogen…potentially fatal…” Staying calm, thinking aloud, thinking ahead. “…they don’t know how to stop it.” Patrick, taking it all in, thinking himself about what he has to do. But allowing himself a moment of bitter irony. “How sick is that?…first time (he’s) telling the truth.” And the truth is ugly. And the terror assault is underway…

    Stay tuned…
    Swan! 0:)

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