Watch The 10,000th Episode of Young and Restless Panel at The Paley Center

It's the panel discussion every soap fan has been talking about! Watch the Paley Center's celebration of the 10,000th episode of The Young and the Restless, featuring: Peter Bergman, Eric Braeden, Jeanne Cooper, Doug Davidson, Christian LeblancJoshua Morrow, Melody Thomas ScottKristoff St. John, Michelle Stafford—and the late Bill Bell's self-anointed "legacy" Maria Arena Bell—after the jump!

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    MAB is shameless! I can’t believe she inserted herself into that group since she was no longer executive producer.

    I think most Y&R viewers would have appreciated Jess Walton and Sharon Case’s presence much more. Millions of viewers know them and have followed their characters forever. Most people don’t even know who MAB is, and many of those who do don’t want to hear her talk.

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    It’s shameful!

    Maria Arena Bell being there just makes this things very uncomfortable while Eric Braeden once again knows how to annoy.

    Oddly missing from the panel: Jess Walton and Sharon Case.

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    With so much soap happening off camera, Bill Bell Jr., Sony, and CBS need to offer a companion reality show/docudrama called Y&R After Dark. This would be an additional revenue stream that fans would devour!

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    [quote=marieperoy]Jess Walton made clear she wanted to stay in Oregon with her family for now.[/quote]

    She did? Where is that quote? She took some time off to move and be with her family not confine herself to the state of Oregon. She still comes to LA, and even sees her colleagues at Y&R. JC mentioned JW was over at her home a few weeks ago. JW is not holed up in isolation and the time she wanted of is up. If MAB would have invited JW she just might of been there.

    Oregon is not the ends of the earth. Are you familiar with the LA metropolitan area? It’s probably faster to fly from Portland to an LA airport than drive from the outlying LA communities. Traffic gridlock is a fact of life in LA. Commuting by air up & down the west coast is easy.

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    [quote=marieperoy]Sharon Case is a more … interesting absence.[/quote]

    I would bet that Sharon Case was invited but turned it down due to her extreme dislike and distaste for Maria Arena Bell. Things would really have been uncomfortable up there than they already were!


    I posted this in the forums apparently at the same time you were posting it on the main page. If you could go into the Y&R forum and remove my post, I’d appreciate it!

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    I would bet that Sharon Case was invited but turned it down due to her extreme dislike and distaste for Maria Arena Bell. Things would really have been uncomfortable up there than they already were![/quote]

    No, Sharon Case confirmed on twitter the evening of the event that she wasn’t because her fans were asking her why she wasn’t there.

    MM/(Adam) tweeted..all the actors that were invited were in attendance. So that would mean neither Jess Walton or Sharon Case were even invited. Not that he knows everything but it makes sense. If you look at the writing for both woman (or lack of it in JW’s case) MAB was not their friend she shredded both characters and wrote Jill out of her 39 year life on the show at every opportunity.

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    I’m sure this panel was decided months ago. It’s a non issue. I like that at least one Bell was present even if a lot of you think she’s Satan . At least it made it to this point. If LML had been left at the helm I really can’t say the same. Congrats Bill Bell on the finest daytime drama EVER.

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    Yeah, as much as I dislike Y&R under MAB, Josh Morrow’s “reliquary” statement made me cringe….I’m sorry, but I’d rather see Kevin rob banks with a Chipmunk head on him than to see that friggin ridiculous Reliquary story that made absolutely no sense and was like watching paint dry….UGHHHH

    TO ME, LML’s worse is the reliquary, and MAB’s worse is the Chipmunk crap…both horrible in their own rights

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    Here hoping JFP & Josh Griffin do a great job! I’m going to be open with these two. Even though JFP said she sorry about killing Maureen Bauer on GL, but she defended herself about Jamey’s Frankie Frame.

    [Jamey you need to write a column on DC who killed Frankie Frame]

    However I’m with my girl Jillian she better not kill Nikki, Kay, Jill, Victor, Jack or any of the icons/vets. She can kill all these young people on the show, and I do think having Y&R behind the scenes as a reality show would be great exposure for the show.

    Look at what Oprah did with her talk show on OWN, and we all know the drama behind the camera so much better vs the storylines that comes on air.

    Great video-

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    LML time on the show (luckily only 1 1/2 yrs I believe), was the worst thing to happen to the show. Stoney also remember “Clear Springs” and Nikki running for office? WT….

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    Yoryla…… Instead of people just taking it for what it is, they have to turn it into a chance to bash MAB. I also didn’t see anything negative about it. Congrats to the show that’s been # 1 longer than any in Daytime. Real fans should be proud their show has hit 10,000 episodes , and look forward, cautiously, to it’s future.

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    I thought MAB crashed the party and that she wasn’t invited either. (what I heard)
    That means SC didn’t choose not to come because of MAB or EB, she wasn’t invited.

    Person has to wonder if there is much of a difference between Sharon Case and Sharon Newman’s personalities. Otherwise she would have been on the invite list.

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