Could Jon Hensley Fill Ronn Moss’ Speedo on Bold and Beautiful?

As The World Turns hunk Jon Hensley has been recurring on The Bold and the Beautiful as Dr Meade for quite some time now. However, with Ronn Moss exiting the role of oft-naked fashion designer Ridge Forrester, could the good doc be the answer to keeping the carnal activities going in Brooke's (Katherine Kelly Lang) bedroom? Here's what Hensley said regarding his desire to work with Lang in Sept. 10 issue of Soap Opera Digest:

"I've always wanted to work with her, but I knew it wasn't a possibility because she was tied in to Ronn," Hensley shares. "Now that that's dissolved somewhat, that door has opened. It would be nice, even if it's just for a few weeks. Nobody has mentioned that to me [yet] because I don't think anybody thought it was an option, but we'll see! I think it would be great. It's completely open at this point. I don't have any attachements to anybody or anything, so if they chose to use me, they could really go in any direction they want. I'm totally down with it!"

Would you be down for seeing if Dr. Meade's bedside manner is compatible with Brooke Logan's? Sound off in the comments!

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    B&B would be smart to utilize Hensley’s talent and charisma. But, since the show has ignored all stories outside of Hope/Liam/Steffy, if a Dr. Meade/Brooke connection occurred, it would probably be featured for a few minutes every few months (beginning with a first kiss and a few weeks later, a marriage proposal!)

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    I have thought from day one of hearing that Ronn Moss was leaving that Bradley Bell should pair Brooke with Dr. Meade. He’s a character that we’ve seen in the past a few times, played by a daytime icon who still is hot. Plus he is not a Forrester or Marone. I agree with soapbaby B&B would be smart to utilize Hensley in this role of being paired with Brooke.

    Brooke could return from her honeymoon sans Ridge because he is working at Forrester International. Dr. Meade and Brooke meet an a benefit dinner or some function and become mutual friends (nothing romantic). Then as Ridge prepares to return for some celebration – news hits that his plane has crashed over the Atlantic and he’s presumed dead. At that moment, because he is her beloved son, Stephanie has a heart attack and dies. The Forrester family could mourn Ridge and their matriarch Stephanie. Give it a few more months and a recast Ridge could come in who’s had plastic surgery.

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    B&B would be wise to take this as an opportunity to re-boot (I know we all hate that word by now-LOL) in favor of creating some story line for its ‘Grown Folks’.

    Dust off Thorne. Take him out of the basement. Have him possibly go for a real power of leadership of Forrester. Perhaps give him a chance to emote all of that pent up resentment he had for his older bro Ridge as fuel for his going for control/leadership of Forrester Creations.

    Have Deacon Sharpe return for more than a minute and put him in a hot sizzling tryst with SOMEBODY. That man just oozes sex, you can’t have him sitting on the shelf! Put him in a triangle with Brooke and the Dr. Or have him develop a platonic relationship with Katie that raises Bill’s hackles and force him to pay attention to his wife.

    And yes, I think John Hensley could make a very worthwhile addition. I read somewhere that there were some posters who doubted but if John Hensley can carry his half of the Super Couple with an actress of Martha Byrne’s caliber, I think he can manage being paired with KKL just fine.

    I haven’t watched B&B in ages, so really I can’t preach here but from what I’m reading, people are crying out for some ‘Grown Folks’ romance, sex and intrigue. B&B needs to hit the Reset button and try to Deliver.

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    I don’t think B&B will do a Brooke/Deacon pairing – but they could. However, if they don’t I love the idea of a platonic relationship with Katie. Deacon could come back to town and be shut down by Brooke and he could work the Katie angle to get back into Hope’s good grace.

    I would like to see Deacon with A) A nice clean haircut that doesn’t make him look slimy and direty and B) Get with Steffy

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    [quote=jthawk]I would like to see Deacon with A) A nice clean haircut that doesn’t make him look slimy and direty and B) Get with Steffy[/quote]

    LOL. Yeah, sometimes Deacon does come off looking like a ‘dirty bird’.

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    Jon Hensley would be a very good new leading man on the show. However I don’t see Brooke with a doctor – it seems weird somehow. He would have to be more of a business mogul/ in the fashion industry somehow.

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    HELL YEA! Jon can play hellva romantic leading man! :love: Test the waters w\Brooke and find a great NuRidge & have a hot triangle! Bring home RJ as a 14-15 yo to cause Brooke some aggrevation! ;)

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    RealityCheck 33

    Jon Hensley would be a tremendous addition to B&B. He was one of ATWT’s stars for many years. I hope Brad Bell has the sense to make him a permanent character on the show….oh yeah, he can act too.

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    I would love for Katie to find out what Bill did to Deacon, How it effected everybody. Then become increasingly aware of the hot Dr. I really would love Jon & Heather together.
    Then as Bill is swirling down the drain, losing Katie, Steffie falls for the very hot Deacon!
    Bill goes to Brooke for advice, and she suggests he talk to Taylor. Vavoom! Bill & Taylor!
    Poor Brooke! Oh, here comes Nick! Damn, Brooke is happy afterall!

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    In terms of recasting Ridge, I say DON’T DO IT!!!! Ronn Moss, though he was never a great actor, has earned a place in the hearts of millions of diehard “Bridge” and “Raylor” fans, and after 25 years, I would hate for Brad Bell to let his wounded ego lead him to do something foolish. I have heard that Brad is contemplating recasting to “teach Ronn Moss a lesson.” Well, I believe that Ronn Moss is gonna get bored in a few months and want to come crawling back. Why do something so hasty?

    Besides, I believe this show would be better suited by just bringing on a new leading man for Brooke to obsess over. You can send Ridge to prison or write him off the canvas permanently, without killing him…….and then just bring on someone else. If written well, the fans will accept it. It might take a while, but it will happen!

    The list of competent actors for this show is endless: Grant Aleksander, Michael E. Knight, Jon Hensley, Michael Park, Robert Newman, Ron Raines, Walt Wiley……..need I go on? Jerry Ver Dorn, Tuc Watkins……..

    Let Ridge go off into the sunset………until Moss comes begging for his job back.

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