Webisoap Weekend Round-Up: Watch The Latest From Empire, Darkside of The Bay, Fumbling Thru The Pieces, The Cavanaughs and Anacostia!

We've been slacking on our macking when it comes to promoting all of the great webisoaps out there. Heck, we've been too busy following all the behind-the-scenes cray-cray in daytime! This weekend, when you aren't enjoying some of Uncle Joe's barbecue, catch up on webisoaps Empire, Darkside of The Bay, Fumbling Thru The Pieces, The Cavanaughs and Anacostia below! 


Check out episodes of Darkside of The Bay on the next page.

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    Oh, they finally started putting up some more Anacostia’s?? I remember tuning in when I heard Martha was going to be on there, I watched her epi & then NOTHING for like 5 months or something, lol. I forgot about it b/c it was taking too long for the new epi’s to post.

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    I love all things The Bay! Shows aren’t made like that anymore, and that’s why the genre is dying! Writers of network shows take note; THIS is how a good drama is written!!!!

    The Bay and Darkside of The Bay totally ROCK!!!!

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