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Anna dreams that Robin is alive, but wakes up to Luke.  She admits that Robin is gone and that she’ll never see her again. She decides they need to return to Port Charles because she isn’t doing anyone any good running around trying to find Robin.  Anna thanks him for being there for her. She wants to go home and do ordinary things.  Luke agrees to do anything she wants.  Luke mentions talking to Tracy. He thinks there’s a new man in her life. 

Tracy looks at the newspaper headline, and leaves a message for Luke, hoping he’s okay.  Joe shows up.  She talks about the antidote. Joe fiddles with the one he has in his pocket.  The two get heated and make out on the couch.  Afterwards, Tracy figures Joe must have women throwing themselves at him all the time, since this isn’t normal behavior for her.  Joe admits he likes her.  When Tracy leaves the room to check up on Edward, Joe decides he can’t watch her die and pours his antidote in her bottle of water.  When Tracy returns he insists she drink it. 

The mayor tells John that due to his FBI connections and Anna being on leave, he’s the new representative. Dante and the others will be reporting to him.  John tells her they don’t have an ETA on the serum. Jerry isn’t cooperating although he has requested a lawyer.  John tells her they’re still looking for Jerry’s accomplice.  Sam arrives in time to hear John tell the mayor that Alexis is Jerry’s lawyer. 

Alexis tells Jerry that everyone is entitled to a lawyer, including him.  She asks about the antibiotic that she was given. Jerry says that must be given before exposure, that it won’t work after.  Alexis wonders if he cares for her, why he put her daughters at risk.  She wants him to prove his feelings for her and save her daughters.  He agrees, in exchange for one more night with her.  Alexis agrees, if it means her daughter’s safety. However, Jerry wants to know if she feels anything for him or if she ever did. 

Alexis admits there was something in the beginning, when she thought he was damaged but salvable. She then realized there was nothing inside.  Jerry offers a deal. 

Johnny finds Todd waiting in Carly’s hotel room. The two accuse each other of being Jerry’s accomplice.  John wonders why Todd is sticking around and if it’s because he wants to tell Carly the truth.  Todd says he’s looking for Jax, to know what to use against Jerry as leverage.  Todd says he can’t wait to see Carly’s face when she finds out what Johnny has done. 

Patrick wants to take a sample of Jocelyn’s blood in hopes of finding the counter agent.  Jax balks at first, but Patrick says it’s what Robin would do. Carly agrees and consents.  Patrick then turns to Epiphany and wonders if he can do this, since he’s not a researcher.  Pif asks him if he’s man enough to follow in his wife’s footsteps. 

Molly and TJ are commiserating about the their lot in life, even though TJ points out that Shawn was exposed to tons of bad stuff while in Afghanistan and he’s fine.  Shawn decides to go and help out. The teens make a bucket list of what they haven’t done yet, and realize neither have had sex yet. 

Shawn runs into Carly and she thanks him for leading everyone in a prayer the night Joss was sick.  She asks about TJ and Shawn says he feels like family and then mentions a woman he has feelings for and should probably do something about.

Carly hears Todd and demands to know what he thinks Johnny has done now.  Johnny says Todd thinks he’s Jerry’s accomplice. Carly gets angry and tells Todd that she doesn’t want to deal with him right now.  After he leaves, she tells Johnny about Patrick taking Joss’ blood and how all children deserve a full life. 

Jax gets to the PCPD, wanting to see Jerry.  Alexis is thrilled to see him, but is worried when he admits he got into town just in time to be exposed.  Alexis tells Jax and John that Jerry has named his price. She hands John a paper with the amount written down.  John reads it aloud, eighty eight million, one hundred and eleven thousand.  Sam takes the paper and shows Jax that it’s 88 111 000 and he acknowledges that it’s not such a strange amount after all. 

Shawn runs into Alexis and declares that if they’re going to die, he wants to make sure he does this.  He grabs her and kisses her. 

Luke tells Anna that they need to talk about Robert and that there’s something he’s been meaning to tell her.  He explains how Robert was ready to end it on the bridge and that he lied about Ethan being Robert’s son. 

Todd goes to the PCPD and pays his way in to see Jerry.  He tells Jerry that they have business to discuss.

Jax explains the number is a run of cards, two eights, two aces and a jack, the dead man’s hand and John mentions it’s Wild Bill Hickok’s hand. 

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    What’s up with Johnny’s hair? It looks like it wants to leave his head and run away. By contrast all the women’s hair today looked pretty good, considering they probably didn’t shower.

    Love that Luke finally told Anna the truth. The entire time he was leading up to it, I kept expecting them to be interupted by a phone call about what’s hapeneing in PC and I was getting quite worked up about it.

    Joe/Tracy: Oy, I don’t know what to think about these two. They’re trying to redeem him by having him save Tracy, but I think it’s too little too late. I can’t not hate him. Also, I happened to glance down, did he put all of the serum in her bottle or did he save some for himself?

    The dead man’s hand was a seriously lame storyline. Why are we revisiting it?

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    Love the mention of the dead’s man hand. Great little bone to.have us remember Sam and Jax connection. I like Krys Meyers’s TJ,but Tequan’s TJ made my like for TJ and Molly go to love. I am.feeling the chemistry between and the growth of our little Molly. GH rocked this summer!

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    Good episode today, again, I’m enjoying the interwoven storylines. Was it me or was the lighting in the Q’s mansion really good and vibrant today…or maybe it’s just because I haven’t seen it in so long…ha! Where is Monica hiding these days also, you’d think with this crisis we’d see her pop up somewhere (either yelling at Tracy at the Q’s or getting involved at General Hospital since it’s filling up fast). I did have to put my thinking cap on to remember the old Dead Man’s Hand storyline involving Jax and Sam, interesting to see Jerry in the mix on this as well. Jerry almost seemed human while talking with Alexis today (thank you Cartini for giving Ms Grahn some much overdue screen time and dialogue throughout today’s show)!

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    First…Congrads Macy Gray for the gig. LOL. ALso PLEASE bring Jax back, PLEASE. Just keep him on please. We need him. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
    I’m sorry but Joe Jr and Tracy are just a beauiful couple. I love them. When he was looking at her picture and called her a stunner and then gave her ALL of the antidote, I fell in love with his character. I still don’t understand why he didn’t ask for a sip for himself since he poured all of it into the bottle. Poor Edward upstairs sick as a dog.

    Seeing Shawn/Carly in the hospital looking fab while everyone else around them was coughing up lungs just looked strange. I just loved that Shawn kissed Alexis. He better not tell her he loved her cuz they only had one brief date.

    I am a sucker for the teen set now. This TJ and Molly are amazing chemistry and are so cute together. When Molly mentioned that she would go looking for her father if she knew where he was got me happy. It would be a great teen storyline if TJ and Molly left for LA in search of Ric. How perfect would that be! We can get Ric back and have an amazing teen storyline. Maybe they can run into Morgan who comes back hating Sonny since he’s offically a Jax now. Also maybe while on the run they meet Maya’s half sister who was suppose to come to PC. That could round out the teen set.

    The Alexis and Jerry scene was strange to me. I understand Alexis ho’in herself out to get that antidote for her daughters but the scene just seemed strange. Luke and Anna YUCK! My eyes bleed blood whenever they kiss.

    How many times are we going to be subjected to Johnny’s (and his Johnny Bravo hair) and Todd’s same ole conversations. They say the same threats and same thing everytime they see each other. I’m over it.

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    TV Gord

    Joe Jr. is winning me over by saving Tracy and (presumably) sacrificing himself. It’s very romantic.

    As for the whole “Jerry poisons the water” storyline, it’s so unrealistic in this Twitterverse. The idea that Luke and Anna, Michael, Starr, Kristina and Trey have not heard about this by now is ridiculous. The idea that it has not become international news is absurd. This is too big a storyline to be handled in such a small town way. If Frankieboy hasn’t figured out by now the impact of the Twitterverse, then he is as delusional as leaders toppled by the Arab Spring.

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    “Where is Monica hiding these days also, you’d think with this crisis we’d see her pop up somewhere (either yelling at Tracy at the Q’s or getting involved at General Hospital since it’s filling up fast).”

    I was thinking the same thing! When she didn’t pop up in a single scene at the hospital, I was sure she was going to walk in on Tracy and Joe with a big ol’ “What the HELL is going on here?”

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    There are so many GAPING PLOTHOLES in this very stupid storyline, all to do with modern technology.

    It is one thing to hold a hotel hostage, or even a hospital, but a whole city? These are not the late seventies!

    Can someone tell me more about the Dead Man’s Hand storyline? Was not able to watch GH at that time. Much appreciated!

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    During the entire time we’ve been married, my husband has more or less goofed at me for watching soaps. But during the last two weeks, he’s developed an interest in GH.

    Unless it’s Sunday, we eat dinner in the living room. He’ll grab his plate and hop on line to read the news he likes while I relax and watch GH. The first time I noticed him listening in was when I caught that familiar body language; the one that lets me know I’ve forgotten to fast forward the commercials. After about a week, he let the cat out of the bag and started asking me questions: who’s who, what are they doing, and what’s going to happen next? He even said, “now you got me hooked on the friggin’ thing.”

    I’m happy to share this because (clearly) he’s spoiler free, sweeps are nearly here, and I, along with every other onliner, put GH under a microscope–not that it’s a bad thing. I did ask him why after nearly twenty-four years of marriage he would pick now to tune it. His reply was that it’s suspenseful, and he wants to know who makes and who doesn’t. That’s good, right?

    Nathin Butler is knocking it out of the park. I hope that we get at least one scene with Jerry, Jax, and Ewan all together. Jerry has to come and go because otherwise he’s too much, but I’d love to see Jax and Ewan hang around, especially if they turn out to be brothers.

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    I will be honest here and admit that a few weeks ago I FF a lot of scenes that involved Joe Jr. so I am not sure why we are supposed to hate him so much

    I mean all we have is the word of ConAte about the “rape” for all we know that is the first time “Connie” came out to play, as a way to keep Real Connie away from Sonny. Maybe Joe Jr. did think it was consensual. As for the baby it was Kate who left the baby in a drawer, and Joe Jr. raised the child and I must add that their relationship seems very strong. As for John’s sister..I don’t plan on being a hypocrite for Joe Jr. killing someone when I all but fall all over Jason and he has done far worse over the years.

    I must comment that I think what he did for Tracy was so sweet, but I wonder if Jerry would have given him an antidote I personally feel that Jerry may have given all of his accomplices a stronger dose of the virus thus making sure all connections were cut. I hope not because I don’t want anything to happen to Tracy

    I want more

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    Hey all thought yesterdays episode was very good. I also have to say that Joe Jr giving Tracy the antidote was very sweet. I thought maybe she was going to drink some water than give him some water to drink from the bottle. But then would it work between two people getting half dose?

    Also glad Luke told Anna about lying to Robert about Ethan. I too thought that the phone was going to ring interrupting him.

    One final note: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t tell me that TJ and Molly are going to have sex because they think they are dying and they don’t want to die virgins. I really don’t want that to happen. Then probably have pregnancy scare b/c of course they are not going to die!

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    [quote; curacaoman]Can someone tell me more about the Dead Man’s Hand storyline?[/quote]

    I’m going based on memory, which I admit is pretty bad these days! Sam was after the hand (running a con?? or just wanting the money they would bring??). Jax wanted them for his father’s last dying wish. Sam intercepted Jax long enough that by the time he got back to his father, he had already died and Jax wasn’t at his side. Somewhere along the line, LUke ended up with the cards, which were at one point, framed and hanging on the wall of the Star.

    Jerry was not on canvas during daddy’s death (SR had not been introduced as Jerry yet).

    [quote] but I wonder if Jerry would have given him an antidote I personally feel that Jerry may have given all of his accomplices a stronger dose of the virus [/quote]

    That’s exactly what I thought too, that Joe’s dose would kill rather than save, until I saw him give it to Tracy. Jerry has apparently used JOe for jobs in the past, so he may not want him dead, although if Jerry himself is dying of whatever he’s coughing from, he may not need JOe alive for future jobs. Plus, he’s crazy. So either way, I can the dose being good or bad. We’ll have to see how Tracy fares.

    RE: Joe and Tracy as a couple. My issue is that JOe was introduced as a douche. NOt just with the rape and Mcbain’s sister’s death, but the way he’s forcing Trey to do what Trey clearly has no interest in doing and his lies about Sonny. All that makes me uninterested in seeing anythign between him and Tracy.

    I think it would have been far more effective if they had gotten those two involved sooner, before we knew the truth of who he was, that way people could have been invested and been far more tortured as to whether he’s a good man with faults or a douchenozzle.

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    I don’t know how I feel about this recent approach to new couples. I see that John and Sam are getting a slow burn. Carly and Todd are getting a slow burn. Michael and Starr are getting a slow burn. I can’t forget Luke and Anna. Everyone else…..high speed.

    – Molly and TJ are a cute couple that happened off screen.
    – Shawn and Alexis fell in love over a game of strip poker? No build up at all?
    – Now we have Joe giving his life for Tracy…a woman that he just met and bedded 24 hours ago? He is able to manipulate and marry off his son for revenge…but he cares so much about Tracy that he can’t bear to see her in pain?
    – Liz and Ewen started off as a slow burn, but most of their stuff happened off screen. When Ewen was in the hospital, Liz was happy to see him and take care of him. Then….nothing. Next time, Liz apparently put their relationship on hold and Ewen is fighting for her against boogyman Jason? Huh? Now he is fighting for her life, pushing to kiss her and get her on his side…like he fell hard in love along the way? When did that happen?

    I have whiplash.

    Everything has been pretty good…but this relationship stuff is not the business.

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    I stole this from someone else:

    Jax received a distressing phone call about his father, John. Apparently, John had lost his will to live. When Jax got to his father’s bedside, John flashed a card to Jax, explaining that it was part of the lucky hand called the “Dead Man’s Hand.” John explained that the other four cards had been stolen. Jax, the dutiful son, promised John that he would find the other four for him. Jax headed to a local bar, where he met Samantha McCall, a very pretty, but feisty, woman. What Jax wasn’t aware of was that Sam was on the lookout for the Dead Man’s Hand because the cards had caused her family generations of bad luck.

    Jax and Sam started off by playing poker, a game Jax won. Later on, Sam arrived at Jax’s hotel room, and she stole the jack of diamonds card. Jax returned to the bar when he got a call from a mysterious caller, who was really A.J. Quartermaine. Jax learned that Sam’s great-grandfather had killed Bill Hickock while he was holding the Dead Man’s Hand. Jax was then knocked out, but he later awakened and confronted Sam on her boat. Jax managed to get his jack of diamonds card back from Sam. Unfortunately, they were forced to abandon the boat when it caught on fire. Jax and Sam took refuge on an island, and they called a truce during the time that they were stranded. However, Jax caught Sam attempting to steal the jack of diamonds card again.

    Two surfers arrived at the island, and they began to harass Sam. Jax learned that the two men were out to get the Dead Man’s Hand. Jax overpowered the men and tied them up; that was when he learned that they were trying to get the cards for someone in upstate New York. It was revealed that A.J. was the holder of the other four cards, and he had sent the men to retrieve the jack of diamonds. When Sam turned on Jax, she ran off, leaving Jax on the island with the two men. Jax returned to Port Charles, and he found Sam in his suite… dressed as a maid.

    Sam and Jax challenged each other to find the other four cards of the Dead Man’s Hand. Jax and Sam were becoming suspicious of A.J. So, Sam sneaked into the Quartermaine Mansion to find the remaining cards, and Jax snagged her. Then, A.J. caught Jax and Sam in the mansion. To avoid suspicion, Jax told A.J. that he and Sam were dating. Jax attempted to teach Sam to be more proper and ladylike to make their dating charade believable. However, A.J. wasn’t so naïve because he had seen right through their lies. A.J. ordered Coleman to find out what Jax and Sam were up to. While Coleman was befriending Sam, Jax and Skye were discussing the Dead Man’s Hand; at the same time, Luke Spencer, a fugitive Skye was hiding in her home, was eavesdropping.

    When Jax and Skye left, Luke found the cards of the Dead Man’s Hand enclosed in the pages of a book. Luke then took one of the cards, and left. After all of that, Jax got back the jack of diamonds card from Sam. Sam sneaked back into the Quartermaine mansion, and she overheard Dillon Quartermaine on the phone with his mother, Tracy. Dillon had stolen the remaining three cards from A.J. for Tracy. Sam confronted Dillon about the cards. When asked why they were so important to her, Sam gave him a false story, which was identical to Jax’s real story, about how her father was dying and he needed the cards to live. Later, Skye stole the card Luke had stolen from A.J., and she gave it to Jax, which Sam spotted. Sam and Jax got into an argument about the cards, but they ended up in a liplock.

    Meanwhile, Luke went to ask Dillon about the cards, but Dillon didn’t reveal that he had them. To assure the cards’ safety, Dillon’s girlfriend, Georgie Jones, hid them in her bedroom. Skye told Luke that she wouldn’t help him obtain the remaining cards. At the suite, Sam drugged Jax and stole the two cards he had from the Dead Man’s Hand set. Later, Jax confronted Dillon and offered him three million dollars for the other three cards. At the same time, Sam arrived at Georgie’s house, impersonating a math tutor. Georgie had been having trouble perfecting her math grade, so it was the perfect opportunity for Sam to search Georgie’s room for the cards. Sam managed to get Georgie to leave the room briefly, and then she stole the remaining three cards. That was the moment of triumph for Sam: she had all five pieces of the Dead Man’s Hand.

    However, Sam would soon lose them all over again. A disguised Luke stole the cards from Sam. Then, he arrived at the Halloween Ball, dressed as a magician. In an illegal auction, Luke sold the Dead Man’s Hand to Jax. However, all the auction attendees fainted when an odorless gas was pumped into the room via the vent. A person, wearing special equipment, walked into the room and stole the cards from Jax’s hand. Later on, the person who had stolen the cards turned out to be Chase, a lover from Sam’s past. Chase offered to give the cards to Sam for something in return: one night alone with her. Sam “accepted” the offer, and went to his motel room with him.

    Sam planned on knocking Chase out, and stealing the cards from him so that she didn’t have to spend the night with him. However, Jax’s interruption prevented Sam from doing so. Jax picked her up, and carried her out of the motel room. Due to his actions, Sam began to suspect Jax of having feelings for her. Jax denied it. When Chase agreed to sell the Dead Man’s Hand to Jax, Chase found out that they had been stolen. Outside of Jax and Chase’s meeting place, Georgie and Dillon congratulated themselves for successfully stealing the cards from Chase without being caught, which was made possible because Dillon was a pickpocket. However, Jax caught them outside the club, and he told Dillon about the situation involving his dad and how the cards meant everything to his father. Dillon faced a tough decision: stay loyal to Tracy or help Jax save his father.

    Dillon ultimately gave Jax the cards. Sam sneaked into Jax’s car when Jax went to present the Dead Man’s Hand to John. Jax caught Sam and, unfortunately, they ended up stranded in a desert. Jax wanted to get to his father’s bedside, but Sam wanted to test the luck of the Dead Man’s Hand at a casino. When Jax wasn’t looking, Sam yanked cords out his car to sabotage it. Jax and Sam had no choice but to go into the casino. Sam tried convincing Jax that the cards were lucky, but Jax didn’t believe it. However, Jax was shocked when he won a yacht. Jax then gave the yacht to Sam. Jax and Sam then made love.

    Jax and Sam arrived at the hospital to give John the Dead Man’s Hand. John woke up and saw his son. John was pleased to see Jax at his bedside, and he whispered, “Jax.” Then John’s machines began going off. Despite the doctors’ best efforts, John ended up dying. Sam was plagued with guilt because she had prevented Jax from arriving at the hospital in time to save John. That night, Sam gave Jax comfort and they made love. However, Jax received a phone call, and he learned that Sam had sabotaged his car. Jax began pushing Sam away. Jax told Sam to take the Dean Man’s Hand and leave town. Despite the opportunity, Sam didn’t take the cards.

    After Sam left, Tracy Quartermaine herself sneaked into Jax’s hotel room and stole the cards. Sam arrived at John’s funeral, and Jax told her that she wasn’t welcome. Later on, Sam realized that someone had stolen the Dead Man’s Hand from Jax’s suite. Sam then caught Tracy leaving one of the cards from the set for Jax. Sam was about to hit Tracy when Jax arrived. After Sam left, Tracy asked Jax if he would want to be partners with her in opening a casino. Later, Luke and Skye teamed up to ensure that Jax and Tracy’s plans wouldn’t work.

    Luke and Sam met up, and they had a dispute over the Haunted Star, the yacht Jax had won for Sam at the casino. Sam claimed that the yacht belonged to her, but Luke claimed ownership of it. Luke told Tracy that he had the one gambling permit allowed in Port Charles and that he planned to turn the Haunted Star into a floating casino. Skye convinced Sam and Luke to form a partnership to settle the dispute over ownership of the yacht. Meanwhile, Jax and Sam vowed revenge against each other. Despite that, Sam admitted to Skye that she had developed genuine feelings for Jax. Later, Jax gave Sam the Dead Man’s Hand and told her that they couldn’t be together anymore. Sam gave a homeless man the cards, but the homeless man turned out to be Luke in disguise.

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    Now that Steve Burton is leaving they should do everything they can to keep Jax on. He’s never looked hotter and GH needs a good guy. I was watching Soapnet’s GH shows from 2008. Nicholas and Emily were such a great couple, loved their scenes, and after when she died he suffered having to let her ghost/memory go. They were a couple that had that “Rare” chemistry together, like Luke and Laura. They should bring back Nicholas, but I read an article where Tyler says he’d only come back to end the character in style. I guess he’s still bitter how he was let go. Also, Jackie Zeman said in the recent SOD that she was fired and does not speak highly of Jill Phelps. Guza and Phelps ruined a lot of the vets on the show. Still hoping Alan will be back to bring back the Quartermaines, since the actor playing Edward is ill. Also may-be Emily. Guza and Phelps were great with the big production storylines, but by killing off characters that viewers loved, and too much of the MOB (watch Soapnet, it’s the 2008 storyline being showed), they ruined the show. I just hope Valentini can save it.

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    Js3557- Thank you for the dwad man’s hand synopsis. It reminds me why I first hated Sam. The whole story was convoluted. Dillon was a pick pocket? I miss Georgie. I don’t really remember Sam and Jax winning the haunted star. I must be forgetting how Luke lost it. Wasn’t it a wedding gift from Helena to Luke and Laura?

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    I think we may find out that Joe Jr never raped Connie. I’m not sure why I feel that way, because I watched the against the wall scene where Connie/Kate “remembered” getting raped, and I thought she had been at that time, but I just don’t know now.

    I agree with Perkie about Joe being brought on as a douche (I felt the same way about Shawn also when he was brought on as a mercenary/Jason wanna be), but I see glimmers of something in Joe that I like. Again, not sure why.

    Everytime Sonny threatens Joe, I have deja vu of Sonny threatening Johnny multiple times. Perhaps if all the writers can do with Sonny is repeat things he’s already done a hundred thousand times, it’s time to send the character off to jail or the graveyard.

    I like Tracey moving on from Luke, even though I still believe she loves him. Sigh. I hate to see her moving on to yet another man who’s lying to her from the very beginning.

    I’m waiting to see how Anna reacts to the Robert/Ethan news. I seriously hope she doesn’t just poo-poo the news and forgives him instantly, but I’m thinking that’s where they’re going to go with it.

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    Js3557-Thank you for the refresher. Convoluted? Good Lord love a duck! I’d forgotten how much so. And thanks for also letting me know how Jax’s father passed away. I couldn’t remember and that means that Ewan didn’t have a hand in his death. Gonna have to wait to see what Jerry’s holding over him… 0:)

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    No problem! But remember….it’s a soap and RC could finagle some way to have Ewen involved in the death of Jax’s father if he really wants to.

  19. Profile photo of JasamForever

    @js3557-Thanks for that information because I could not remember. Wasn’t Shawn (Sean Blakemore) in a scene with Sam during this time? Wasn’t he the one that played her old boyfriend Chase? I remember a scene with them together in a hotel room a long time ago.

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    You know what this storyline reminds me of?

    When my son was little, he was a huge Toy Story fan, and of course he had a Woody doll. The one that said “somebody POISONED the water hole!” when you pulled the string.

    Yep, Jerry poisoned the water hole in PC. Cause apparently the whole city only has ONE water source, no well water, spring water, or different water districts.

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    The Dead Man’s Hand story was a snooze the first time but I do remember it being the story that brought Tracy back to PC so that was a redeeming quality.

    And yes…I also like that Tracy is getting attention from someone other than Luke.
    She has taken Luke’s crap too often. Time to cut the cord.

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