Jamie Lee Curtis to Visit The View For Season 16 Premiere

Can you believe The View  is about to debut its 16th season? To help launch Season 16, The View has booked film star and Activia hawker Jamie Lee Curtis and basketball player Dwayne Wade for the live September 4 premiere.

 Kim Kardashian drops by on September 5; while Damages’ Glenn Close and football icon Terry Bradshaw visit on September 6. The View wraps premiere week with guests Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher, Lizzy Caplan from the new movie Bachelorette

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Oh, I love Jamie Lee Curtis! Smile

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I've had a crush on JLC since 1978 - I was 13 years old when "Halloween" came out in the theaters - STILL luv her!!

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ZZZ i Hate this show. JLC is great tho, she should get a tv gig. Kardashian, and Beiber's mother- weak. I can't stand the sight of this show. haha