Sonny Corinthos is About to Go Straight GANGSTA on Jerry Jacks Starting Sept. 10 on General Hospital! (PROMO)

OMFG: Entertainment Tonight has released a new General Hospital promo featuring my favorite, badass mob boss Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) vowing to take water-poisoning baddie Jerry Jacks (Sebastian Roche) DOWN! I have chills. Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati said they came to do WORK! Watch the Sept. 10 GH promo after the jump!


General Hospital moves to 2 pm EST starting Sept. 10 on ABC.

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    That looks amazing! I can’t wait to see how all of this goes down. It really looks as though they are pulling out all the stops for their time slot moving! I am thrilled to see what goes down.

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    I always thought that Jerry was more Jason’s enemy than Sonny’s. But I guess, if it doesn’t revolve around the mini-don, it doesn’t happen on GH.

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    What there is to see from this promo looks to have some very good production values. (And yes, I know it’s violent, which I guess when dealing with Jerry Jacks, that’s the thing he understands.) Maybe this will be the end of the bully’s mob career and he’ll retire. Oh, wait what am I thinking? Silly me. But I can dream, can’t I?… 0:)

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    [quote=SwanQueen59]What there is to see from this promo looks to have some very good production values. (And yes, I know it’s violent, which I guess when dealing with Jerry Jacks, that’s the thing he understands.) Maybe this will be the end of the bully’s mob career and he’ll retire. Oh, wait what am I thinking? Silly me. But I can dream, can’t I?… 0:)[/quote]

    This definitely does NOT look like Peapack, NJ. ;)

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    MsAgent-A lot of us would like to forget Peapack, NJ. ;) Unfortunately it still comes back to haunt us. Like a joke with a really bad punchline.

    liason4real-LOL! This is what the character is still able to do…0:)

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    I am sure the story would have been exciting if it wasn’t about Sonny, the voiceover made me roll my eyes, Sonny is just a pathetic joke now. I mean he honestly has zero place in it, it should be about Jax and Alexis, Liz and the Qs. I was going to watch but knowing they are going to have a huge focus on Sonny and make him a hero I think I will skip it, especially with the spoiler of Carson. Honestly try to be different then Guza.

    And if Carson, together or separate have a huge place in this story then I know its a skipper because MB hasn’t put in a decent performance since he reacted to Brenda’s death in the late 90s and LW is the worst actress in daytime and for sure GH.

    I can’t believe they are wasting talent like IR, SR, NLG, JE, JT and BH by not having them be the focus and instead giving the airtime to untalented MB and LW.

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    LMAO! I’m sorry but I just can’t take this seriously. This is how FV and RC plan to do blockbuster September? It really seems like more of the same. Wake me for GH’s 50th anniversary.

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    This promo looks so bad ass, I hope the episodes are just as good as this teaser, I can’t remember the last time GH did a location shoot, so I’m pretty excited for this

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    Wow, this promo looks really good! It’s very primetime. And the Sonny thing doesn’t bother me a bit, because the show has had such a good balance lately! We haven’t been overloaded with Sonny, so yes, bring him on :)

    Good work FV & RC !

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    I agree, the promo looks hot! It gives me chills (in a good way) like Guza’s sweeps promos (when Guza was in his prime). The Frank and Ron haters just need to quit. They know it is go big or go home time! Also, Sonny narrating the promo makes sense; Jerry is a threat to everyone especially Sonny’s baby mommas.

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    We will see. On twitter NLG said she is filming stuff with I think she said five hunky guys. I am paraphrasing what she tweeted but I am guessing she is playing huge part in this story. Plus the guys of course.

    I will be happy if Carly stays away. Time for others to shine. These are just my guesses but I am anxious to see what is in store.

    I am a fan of the writing of this team so I am a little biased.

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    I noticed in today’s explanation of the dead man’s hand, Jerry mentioned that AJ Quartermaine helped him steal the cards. Maybe this leads to AJ being alive as part of this storyline. Maybe AJ had Jerry take Alan to help save his life? Ron loves to write back stories and take storylines from the past and use them to get into WAY more detail…. We all want AJ and Alan back!

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    As much as I dislike Jerry, I’d become a Jerry FF if he’d just take out Sonny once and for all, and then add in Cujo for good measure. At least it’s not Jason coming to the rescue for once, but since this is Jerry who’s wreaking havoc again, it should be Jax who rides in and saves the day.

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    That promo looks freaking awesome…and not just that but it looks freaking interesting. It makes sense that Sonny will be the narrator because, whether you love it or hate it, he is THE lead on that show. That’s his town. And as the premiere mobster, he is the only one allowed to terrorize the people in it. LOL.

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    [quote=liason4real]Sigh. Once gain little Sonny is about to pull out his big gun :Sp[/quote]

    “I am already familiar with the big gun”….Golden Girls flashback!

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    Color me impressed! Outside location shoots! Cars! Gun fights! Speed boats! Explosions!

    This looks awesome. The production quality is incredible. GH actually looks like some primetime action show.

    Well done, Ron Carvalati & Frank Valentini!

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    I’m not even a fan of Sonny, LOL, but that was a great promo. Those location shots look excellent. I also LOVE how basically the entire cast is being utilized.

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    GREAT!!!! I love it when Sonny goes Gangsta. After all he is a gangster. I agree that we probably don’t want to see it all the time but Sonny deserves a storyline too. Let those who don’t like the Sonny storylines go join Y & R or maybe even some other TV station that doesn’t have soaps. We love Sonny. Long live GH!!!!!!!

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    As long as I’ve been watching GH (which I haven’t in a while) I’ve never seen a live shot…never. If I wasn’t in classes I would watch live but I’ll definitely watch soapnet the night of.

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    I’m excited GH finally got a PR person first I see news of Steve Burton leaving GH on the front page of and now a promo on wow has to be the most mainstream press they have received in years.

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    [quote=liason4real]Sigh. Once gain little Sonny is about to pull out his big gun :Sp[/quote]

    I would love for someone to put together a video montage of all the times Little Sonny has pulled out his Big Gun and waved it around, making threats. It would be hysterical!! :lol:

    He is the most ineffectual mobster alive. When was the last time he actually shot someone? Carly, in the head, while in labor?

    This promo is stupid. Sonny should have NO part in this storyline, so why is the promo all about him?

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    TV Gord

    That’s a very good promo! Now, they need to blanket ABC Prime Time with it. If they don’t, then soap fans can rightfully accuse the network of not doing everything the could to save the show. They also need to buy ads in magazines such as Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide.

  23. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    Tsk, tsk, TV Gord. What? ABC D promoting a soap opera?! I can just hear some of the suits (Anne Sweeney, talking about you), saying “Why on earth do we have to do any of that nonsense?” If you want to save at least partial face as well as your a** sittin’ in a nice comfy executive chair, you’ll grit your teeth and promote the h**l out of it. ‘Cause it just might be integral to saving your job after the lousy decisions you’ve made from your lofty position. To say nothing of the absolutely reeking replacement shows you’ve helped greenlight… 0:)

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    I thought it was exciting and reminds me of the promos from the old days when Laura was constantly in peril and Luke was the action hero. Maybe it will draw back some of the old school old viewers. Let’s hope the show lives up to the promo!

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