SPOILERS: Can Port Charles’ Billionaire’s Boys and Girls Club Stop Jerry on General Hospital?

While Jason (Steve Burton) and McBain (Michael Easton) are doing what they do best—talking in as few words as possible and wielding big guns—in order to save the denizens of Port Charles, New York from a madman, Todd Manning (Roger Howarth) will come up with a more practical solution on General Hospital.

 Lifestyles of the Rich and Dying: Look for the Llanview transplant to gather the city's wealthiest residents at the Quartermaine mansion (Where else?). In the house Alan (Stuart Damon) gave Monica (Leslie Charleson), Todd will try to convince Port Chuck's ballers and shot callers that they need to come up off the loot Jerry (Sebastian Roche) is demanding, or they're all gonna die. Everyone except Tracy (Jane Elliot) of course, who like Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and Josslyn, has by this point received the antidote. Why doesn't Todd just get his mega rich big sister Viki Lord (Erika Slezak) to send a Western Union Money Gram from Pennsylvania?

Am I My Brother's Jailbreaker: No matter what Jerry does, Jax (Ingo Rademacher) can't totally give up on him. Look for the lean-cut, Aussie to bust his brother out of jail, in hopes of talking some sense into him. When Jerry starts talking about the past—namely what really happened to Daddy Jacks (Ewen killed him!)—expect our Jasper to be floored.

Maxie and Patrick, Disease Detectives: When Patrick runs into trouble trying to understand his "late" wife's notes on "How To Stop a Nut Job's Bio Warfare Threat in 10 Episodes or Less",it's her little cousin Maxie (Kirsten Storms) to the rescue. Will the secret to stopping Jerry once again be found in Robin's (Kimberly McCullough) enormous superbrain?

Holding Out For a Hero: Considering Jason Morgan is once again in the business of rescuing Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) from really bad dudes, Liz begins to wonder if she should stop resisting their renewed connection. Will a Liason reunion get a chance to take place before Jason starts to put the pieces together about Sam's baby being alive? Don't be surprised to see Liz begin to act more like the mischievous, slightly cunning teen girl who first came to PC over 15 years ago, in order to land Jason!

Like Poisoned Water For Lovemaking: Several Port Charles residents will contemplate hitting the sheets, as they start coughing out what could be their last breathes. Even that little fast Molly (Haley Pullos) will be thinking about letting her hormones take the lead with TJ (Tequan Richmond). How adorable are those two?

JaSam Plays "What If": JaSam fans will get a special treat on Sept. 6, as the "dying" couple spends the episode wondering what their lives would have been like if some annoying movie star hadn't wanted a guest spot on General Hospital.

One Baby to Lose: Tea Delgado (Florencia Lozano) receives a visit that could start a chain reaction leading to her losing the thing she holds most dear. Something tells me Port Charles' next epic disaster will involve a shortage of earplugs for the townsfolk, once Tea learns what Todd and Heather (Robin Mattson) did.

The Duke of Villainy: Why on Earth would Anna Devane's (Finola Hughes) beloved Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan) want to hurt her? Things are not always as they seem…


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  1. Profile photo of JasamForever

    TJ and Molly DO not need to go there. What is she, like fifteen? No. And I sure don’t want a pregnancy storyline for Molly at all. Her and Starr are two different characters and nothing alike.

    Why do Jax and Todd look as confused as all get out in this picture.

    If Liz wants to go after Jason, even when he clearly will be dreaming of being with Sam, then go right ahead. It is the mischevious cunning Liz that I can’t stand. So I probably will hate the character even more, if that is possible, depending on what she does. It just better not involve Sam. We saw all that during the summer of sleaze. :Sp

    The Jasam baby storyline needs to be concluded like yesterday. I wonder how Jason will feel once he finds out he has a son with Sam. He may go running back….. |(

    It will be great to see Kristen Storms on screen again. :)

  2. Profile photo of js3557

    I’m taking any spoilers referencing Jason with a giant grain of salt. Given that he stops taping on 9/28 (according to him on Twitter), there isn’t much time for any drawn-out mystery and/or love triangle to take place.

  3. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    js3557-Here I am speculating about Ewan’s secret, you explain John’s death, and voila! Look what shows up in the spoilers about Ewan and John! ;) RC must’ve read what you wrote! (And goodness, I’m not usually right about anything!… 0:)

  4. Profile photo of js3557

    SwanQueen – Too funny. I’m interested in seeing how they are going to explain Ewen’s connection. Maybe he was John’s psychiatrist when he lost the will to live because of the cards (always thought that was stupid) and Jerry blames him for not helping his Dad out of his depression? Who knows?

  5. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Don’t be surprised to see Liz begin to act more like the mischievous, slightly cunning teen girl who first came to PC over 15 years ago, in order to land Jason!

    – Why does THAT not surprise me, shes always been a cunning little manipulator when it comes to getting guys.

  6. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    Please oh please don’t let it be that Liz is keeping the paternity secret or something. Please don’t let Jason leaving be some sort of not quite sure whos heart he was with thing- not totally Sams or not totally Lizs. I don’t think I can endure years of speculation on both camps parts..

    For my money I hope he goes out saving Sam’s baby- and then rides off to help Robin with soemthing.. Leaving Sam knowing that he loved the baby and sacraficed himself..

    Reading all of the above made laugh so much.. Especially the part about McBain and Jason saying as few words as possible..

  7. Profile photo of liason4real

    Heck no! Elizabeth Imogene Webber does NOT need to resort to trying to trick Jason into being with her. Jason asked Liz twice to marry him while he was in love with Sam in 2006/2007, and she shot his ass, down!

    If Jason wants to be with Liz, then he needs to divorce his wife, clean up his act, and then chase Liz until he drops! :party:

    There is no way in heck that Jerry would have not killed Ewen back in 2003/2004 IF he was the one that really killed John Jacks. I smell a huge piece of dung. Ewen has shown a lot of guilt and remorse with what has happened with Robin, Patrick, Emma, Liz and Alexis.

  8. Profile photo of diremommy

    I really think that, at this point, Jason could die in Sam’s (or Liz’s) arms, after professing his undying devotion, and the fans would STILL find a way to bicker about who Jason really loved the mostest.

  9. Profile photo of lcrtorch

    No Liz, not again. Since Steve Burton is leaving we now know where this story is going. I don’t want to see Liz acting all googly-eyed because Jason rescued her again. This is the story of her life, she gets into trouble, a guy rescues her, she falls in love. STOP THE MADNESS RC, PLEASE!!!

  10. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    TheBEST Im ready to ship mcbam as soon as jason leaves – hopefully in saving the baby and giving us jasammers some closure since we have waited for that baby for eons and most of us want to at least have a few scenes with jasam being happy and holding the baby even if its as he appears to die.

    Liason yes she turned him down because after his proposal he said he still LOVED SAM. that wouldnt be the marriage proposal of my dreams – a guy marrying me solely because i was knocked up.

    We saw liz leaving scarves and finding excuses to see jason at every turn, climbing stairs knowing jason loved sam, dangling the baby in front of him then we saw her using aiden to manipulate nic and then we saw her FAKE a breakdown to get lucky back by her side. I hate that version of liz. I would rather have seen her try to reform ewan or support patrick. Chasing jason and using situations to her advantage – YUCK.

  11. Profile photo of Yoryla

    My head is just spinning from all the heroic leading men on this show currently. We have Sonny, Jason, Jax, John, Todd, Patrick and of course Luke!

    What a cockfight this could develop into!….figuratively speaking of course.

  12. Profile photo of tommie

    Robin is a smart, intelligent, hot, sexy woman, if that means superbrain so be it. Robins wicked intelligence and looks are what Patrick said attracted him to her in the first place. Love Robin. Robin is so much better than the ho’s of PC. Patrick is lucky to have a brilliant wife who is the mother of his child.Patrick is lucky to have Robin period.

    This all sounds so stupid and boring like the usual GH of late under the new regime. Story should be about SCORPIOs not McPain. Biggest mistake ever taking Robert and Robin (yes I know Kimberly left but they can work with her schedule like they do for Kemo and OLTL people & Kimberly is willing her words at a PA) out of story to include Luke and the mob with Lifers.

    This should have been clearer. “The Duke of Villainy: Why on Earth would Anna Devane’s (Finola Hughes) beloved Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan) want to hurt her? Things are not always as they seem…” would be nice if you mentioned Robin’s name not her, so people can follow.

  13. Profile photo of samIShot

    I noticed in today’s explanation of the dead man’s hand, Jerry mentioned that AJ Quartermaine helped him steal the cards. Maybe this leads to AJ being alive as part of this storyline. Maybe AJ had Jerry take Alan to help save his life? Ron loves to write back stories and take storylines from the past and use them to get into WAY more detail…. We all want AJ and Alan back!

  14. Profile photo of pjc722

    Great storyline BUT WHERE ARE THE ACTUAL COPS or the government?! Honestly, I know its a soap opera but when they jump into Bio-terrorism and say the ONLY Port Charles has the reservoir for its own town and you have a mobster, a hitman, a billionaire, a millionaire child switcher/kidnapper, and most of the keystone cops falling in line to their orders ONE has to wonder why bother.

    The concept is great BUT what a great way to show how good Anna is with her job then to have her in the center of this escapade or even Mac jumping in in her absence! Oh wait, Anna is in Switzerland because thats where she believes her kid to be.

  15. Profile photo of Miry

    Yeah, but according to you guys ALL Liz wants is for Jason to be with her & she manipulates him into doing so… even though we have NEVER seen this onscreen (saying that she left scarves when she never made mention or gave any indication of doing so ON PURPOSE, does not make it so; and how many times do I have to explain that Liz had NO WAY of knowing that she could bang Jason that night, nor did she put on some sexy lingerie in order to try to ‘seduce’ him. She did not know that Lucky was going to be screwing Maxie and she certainly didn’t know that Jason was going to SEE Sam screwing step-daddy Ric! Baby-girl is not clairvoyant. The events of that day/night led to those 2 hooking up, not anyone’s machinations).
    I mean, have you SEEN a soap opera??! Samantha Jean Brady (DOOL) did NOT CARE how she had to lie, cheat, steal, & scheme her way into Austin’s bed AND a marriage with him. She drugged the poor boy, tricking him into having sex with her, and when she got knocked up she lied and told him the baby was his. Did Sami CARE that Austin was really in love with her sister when he asked her to marry him & he was only doing it out of obligation?? HELL NO!! She said YES! & let him put a ring on it b/c it was about what SHE wanted and what she felt entitled to.
    Now I ask, when has Liz displayed any such behavior?? If she wanted Jason, then no matter what she would have accepted his proposal & become a ‘family’ with him just like every soap vixen before her! But she didn’t. Nothing of the sort ever actually happened onscreen. Only what ppl have inferred/made up b/c she gave an eyebrow or a snark. But the girl never made PLANS. Never “talked to herself”. Never revealed any nefarious deeds to her friends (Robin or Emily). So basically either Liz is the worst damn soap schemer/vixen in the history of all soaps! …OR she just isn’t the schemer/character that you would like her to be.

    Now when is my Lucky coming back?
    And JnR 4eva!! ;)

  16. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    Miry-Would thoroughly enjoy seeing Lucky back on canvas for Liz but there’s a major (and I’m saying rebuild from the ground up), overhaul that has to be done. Guza and Wolf detonated so many emotional OOC explosions as to leave him with little original architecture still standing. Or at least original architecture as it relates to his initial relationship with Liz. That was where they needed to create story from. But that’s me… 0:)

  17. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    Jason is leaving. Ewan is spiraling. JJ is working elsewhere on some new show. The other Lucky is on Days. Liz needs a leading man. I need to see some chem testing. I am afraid Jax will die in this bioattack. McPain is greasy. Dante belongs with Lulu. Johnny and Sonny are mob and really out of the question. Patrick has to get back with Robin and he is probably gone after that. Todd the rapist should not be anywhere near Liz. Who is left?

  18. Profile photo of liason4real

    Liz had Matt, Ewen and Jason as her romantic interests, and RC chose to send Matt to prison, turn Ewen evil and Jason will be leaving soon. It’s no secret that I don’t EVER want to see another round of LnL2toomanytocount and Liz deserves a hot and sexy man. If it takes bringing back Jagger or a new man then RC should go for it. Johnny and Todd are both rapists which means they are not a fit for Liz.

    It was very obvious that RC was hoping to back JJ, but the man has a new show, and neither Becky or JT should have to sit around waiting on JJ or KMc to return to GH.

    When actors CHOOSE to leave their soaps, wish them well and then focus on the actors that want to stay.

  19. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    Liason – I dont lnow about Jagger. He seems greasy as well. I like the idea of Patrick but I dont like Liz playing the spoiler to Robin. Maybe they could introduce a hot bio chemist to help with this attack. I was trying to think of someone from OLTL or AMC and all I could come uP with was aidan devane. He is hot

  20. Profile photo of Miry

    Cheers guys. ;)

    @Swan: Yes, I agree that those 2 really screwed up Lucky, but I could see him easily redeemed if they just said that he was off searching for Jake so that he could bring him home. He couldn’t tell Liz until he was sure & he had to “pretend” to abandon his family so that they would remain safe. If Helena or Faison are behind this, it would explain why he would go to such lengths having been through what he had been through concerning those 2.
    @GHvet: I think that Lucky could pull double duty (I don’t think his character on that new show is major/main), and he just wanted more time off. If this regime promises not to make him work more than a couple of days a week (I think that NO character should be on for more than 3 days a week), and allow him to be the hero without the million tears (i.e. VERY exhausting for any actor), I think that JJ would be on board to coming back full time.
    And I agree Re: Aiden. I think that he would be a great addition & could help in the search to find his cousin (since I guess Jason is out now, which sucks for my JnR lovin’ heart); it would just have to be a retcon-Aiden who didn’t go crazy-pants, kidnapping Kendal, etc. And didn’t they kill him off?? …Oh well, they could just forget about all of that instead of trying to explain it away. I always hated what they did to the character, sacrificing him on the alter of Zack & Ryan.

  21. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    from wiki

    In mid-2009, Aidan helps shelter Kendall after she is framed for the murder of Stuart Chandler. When the crisis is resolved, Aidan kidnaps Kendall with the intent to ruin her life in retribution for Greenlee’s death, which Kendall was indirectly responsible for. He is later confronted by Zach, who nearly shoots him before Kendall talks him out of it, and subsequently arrested. Though he knows it means nothing, Aidan apologizes, stating that he never meant for events to turn out like they had and he has indeed changed for the worse since Greenlee’s accident, and explaining that he wanted to make Kendall feel the same pain he did. He goes on to say that he does not care what the police will do to him, shouting, “Whatever happens to me is fine, because I’m just fed up with Pine Valley anyway. There’s too much flippin’ drama!” He is subsequently taken off to prison.

  22. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    I was actually going to ask what happened to him. So, Thanks!

    I stopped watching on account of the show getting super stupid and I hate the REAL Greenlee and Ryan.

  23. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    But it seems like that would be easy to undo…his sentence was truncated in exchange for going back to federal law enforcement because anna pulled strings. Something stupid. Im not sure gh viewers who didnt watch amc would care and I think those that did will have forgotten or at least think its not so stupid compared to other redonkulous stuff we have seen.

  24. Profile photo of Miry

    Thanks EET for the refresher, I knew it was something pretty stupid that made ZERO sense for the character (& the fact that they were all friends for like 5 yrs before he ever gave a rat’s ass about Greens).

    Yeah, they could just say that he had a breakdown & wasn’t responsible for his actions & that he went back to Special Op’s in England. He can say he was on a mission & didn’t know about Robin, but as soon as he heard he came to PC (once again following his aunt to a soap!). Anna then tells him all that she went through & he decides to help her get to the bottom of it all. And then after a trip to the hospital one day it’s Helloooo Nurse Webber!

  25. Profile photo of JASAMMABBY

    I didn’t watch AMC so I am clueless on his story- but I did see him on DWTS and he was very hot- so I could see that. However I love my GH characters and don’t want to see a bunch of new faces to go along with all the other new faces. I would still love to see Liz paired with Patrick, Jax or Nic. All have great history to work with. Patrick and her parenting those cute kids and solving hospital mysteries. Her and Jax bonding over Joss and Jake while making Carly freak out. Her and Nic have a nice long friendship and they could have some Cassadine mischief..

    If written correct I would love Liz and Lucky.. It just seems that the writers have to make one of them do something completely wrong, be the big bad guy when they are together. It bugs me because they have a great foundation for a story…

  26. Profile photo of js3557

    Miry – I bow down to you! All the times I have defended Liz against claims of manipulation and scheming, and I never thought to contrast her character with Sami on DOOL. You are brilliant!

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