Teresa Castillo Joins General Hospital

Could Maxie (Kirsten Storms) soon have some competition for Spinelli's (Bradford Anderson) affections? According to ABC.com, General Hospital has cast Teresa Castillo as Sabrina, a medical intern who will interact with Spin, as well as a doctor at GH.

With spoilers indicating a grieving Patrick (Jason Thompson) will soon start dating, maybe it's Maxie's presumed dead cousin Robin (Kimberly McCullough) who should be worried? 

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    RC stated on Twitter that Sabrina will not be dating Patrick. What other doctor could she be involved with, though? Steve? Or maybe they are bringing on another actor to play a doctor? I don’t get why they would bring on a new chick for Patrick when he has such great chemistry with Liz. Whatever…

    She is pretty. I hope she can act.

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    Whatever happened to that female Spinelli federal agent chick?
    Why does a new character necessarily have to be a romantic interest as a primary function? Perhaps the new character serves story in another way…

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    Oh Grimm! I loved Winifred! I know she wasn’t on all that long but if they brought her back it could (obviously), be a result of McBain’s ties to the FBI and she’d be working on the virus crisis as well as getting possibly involved with the “Robin snatch”. Bring on the WSB, after that! And if something takes off from there with Spinelli and Maxie having a cow about it, all the better. As for this new character, I’m a little annoyed. Why not bring back Sarah Webber? She’s a doctor (which they could use right about now), she’s tied to Liz and Steve. And since Patrick is “available” (sort of), while it may not be a popular move, he, Liz and Sarah could be a triangle till Robin comes back… 0:)

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    @Swan-I liked Winifred too. I thought her and Spinelli complemented each other nicely. So if she is not dating Patrick, then who will she be dating. I wonder how old she is?

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    This could have easily been Lucy Coe & Kevin Collins’ adopted daughter, Christina, who now goes by CC. There needs to be a mandate by ABC: NO MORE NEW CHARACTERS! There’s damn near 50yrs of history on this show. We shouldn’t have to see a new character ever again.

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    Oy! Spinelli and Winifred! Geeks Unite! Oh, jeepers I can so relate, right down to the horn rimmed glasses. (Not so much on the technology end, but I’m learning, albeit slowly! LOL!). Hmm. CC-Christina rhymes with Sabrina rhymes with Serena? I know Serena was a blond but hair coloring abilities today, maybe this “new” character isn’t “new” at all? Just thinking aloud… 0:)

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    Hmmmm. Why not bring on Dr. Sarah Webber, Dr. Tom Hardy, Jr, Dr. Mike Webber, Dr. Serena Baldwin? Sarah is only a year or two older than Liz, and could easily be paired with Patrick, Spinelli, Johnny, etc.

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    Sabrina ended up being the geeky nurse/intern. Than there was another doctor named Brit introduced that same day. Honestly, I thought the picture show where of Teresa Castillo looks more like Brit than Sabrina. Both Brit and Sabrina appear to be interests for Patrick. Ellie was the girl that helped Spinelli with the blood tests results for Sam’s baby and she was played by Emily Wilson.

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