There’s a Fox in The Newman Hen House on Young and Restless


Those silly Newman kids, did they learned nothing from their daddy? Okay, so Adam (Michael Muhney) grew up away from Victor (Eric Braeden), mucking the stalls on Hope's (Signey Coleman) farm; what are Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and Nick's (Joshua Morrow) excuses? They didn't spend all that much time in those Swiss boarding schools, especially given SORASing!

The Newmans convene a secret meeting of the board (which includes some dayplayers who can't act), and don't realize they're inviting Sharon's (Sharon Case) puppet master right into their midst. You know, I'm starting to dig ol' Tucker (Stephen Nichols)…Watch a preview of today's episode of The Young and the Restless below!


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    Actually, they knew Tucker was behind Sharon’s behaviour, and part of this meeting was to test him. Victoria arranged for a limo ride to take them directly to NE from Victoria’s house so Tucker couldn’t tip Sharon off. Marvelous plot in itself, but of course it was blown to smithereens with bad writing (no surprise there). Suddenly Tucker just jumps into defend Sharon and the meeting is just dropped.

    I thought they had already voted on the matter by that point??? How can Tucker just say “let’s forget about it” and leave the room lol. It was a done deal. This writing is just horrible…

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    I’m not diggin Tucker. Using women for financial gain, treating them like shit after he gets his rocks off in them, and making them jump through hoops so they can buy a muffin because they are hungry, isn’t cute or fun, and a huge turn-off.

    I’d rather Sharon have a partner in crime, a hot sexy one, like Adam or Brad. Now that would be a caper I’d be glued to Y&R for. Having some over-the-hill playboy sneer behind her back, and think he’s some genius because he’s fooling a woman that’s obviously losing it isn’t amusing.

    Why can’t a women, a young man, or a black man be smart enough to pull off a business scheme in GC? Why are only Jack, Victor and Tucker capable?

    Even Katherine has been muzzled. Katherine would have been all over Jill if Jill (even if she was still her daughter) was trying to pull something with Sharon & Newman. But Tucker THE MAN, can’t be questioned of course. SNORE. Please trade Jill back for Tucker so we can see WOMEN in the top jobs and in the GC business world, and the REAL Katherine Chancellor again. Sick of seeing Jeanne Cooper being used as a prop, Tucker’s mommy is no fun.

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    Huh? Jamey did you even watch this episode? They ALL know Tucker is Sharon’s puppet master. So what the hell are you talking about? LMAO!!!

    The very beginning of the episode was ALL about Victoria and Nick suspecting Tucker. That’s why Victoria asked Billy to investigate Tucker, and Billy had Kevin hack into his phone.

    I guess you missed ALL that?

    Also, that emergency Board Meeting was a “Test” for Tucker to flush him out. Victoria & Nick noticed that Tucker was the first to break from the pack and that Sharon always looked to Tucker for approval.

    Nick also said Tucker lied about having a meeting with Victor the night he went missing.

    Tucker is busted!

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    “after he gets his rocks off in them.”??

    I don’t think Tucker has did the deed yet. Maybe I missed something after the 3 kisses she laid on him and he squirmed out of.(Correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t get mad ;)
    He doesn’t want Newman sex, he wants Newman STOCK.

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