Watch a Sneak Peek of the First Two Weeks of Katie

Katie Couric has released a teaser of the first two weeks worth of episodes for her self-titled talker Katie. Guests featured in the spot include: Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez, Fifty Shades of Grey author E.L. James and the legendary Barbra Streisand. Watch the preview after the jump! 

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    Katie and Steisand on the same stage? Where did they find the room for both of their over-inflated egos. I’d rather watch paint dry than either of these twits.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Everyone: If ABC had this right the first week would have been filled with high profile celebs like Beoynce, Lady Gaga, etc. She would need the people who you know will make people tune in just to get that money.

    I’m sure with Katie on the network they will actually give a chance and make some alterations along the way.

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    dr donald g boudreau

    Boycotting Hatie Couric all across America by turning our TV sets off! She and her show represent just one more episode of ABC/Disney’s disrespecting of scripted programming and the dedicated viewers of millions upon millions of soap opera watchers all across this country who will not rest until such time that ONE LIFE TO LIVE and ALL MY CHILDREN are returned to them, where they belong.

    As Roger Friedman of Forbes powerfully observed regarding ABC/Disney’s notorious business decision cancelling these iconic and much beloved shows: “[T]he entire episode will be remembered as the New Coke era of ABC Daytime.”

    It is past time now for the many shareholders of ABC/Disney to be holding Anne Sweeney PERSONALLY accountable for this major business disaster that has had serious costs for The Disney Company; economic, reputational, and otherwise. This was HER doing, period.

    And, for this to be done with a view to to either reinstating these shows forthwith, or be now releasing them at fair market value, thus allowing for a viable network or production company with the wherewithal to be bringing them back to their respective nationwide audiences – without further ABC/Disney obfuscation and delay. Until such time, soap opera fans will not be patronizing The Disney Company or its entities or its sponsors and will not be watching The Spew, Hatie, GAA, or any other so-called replacement shows – to the much beloved writer — Agnes Nixon’s One Life to Live and All My Children.

    Dr. Donald G. Boudreau, author
    American Business and Daytime Dramas

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