Crazy Cakes Newman CEO Sharon is Having a Ball on Young and Restless

Three cheers for Sharon Case. The Young and the Restless beauty has salvaged this ludicrous saga of a trophy wife seizing control of a billion dollar conglomerate by playing it for laughs.

Watch a sneak peek of today's Y&R below, where Sharon admits to Tucker (Stephen Nichols) she's starting to enjoy the game. After you watch the clip, check out Case's revealing interview with Soap Opera Uncensored, where she shares how she's managed to pull this madness off!


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    Sharon’s not herself that’s for sure. Finding out Tucker’s been using her could send her over the edge. I could see Sharon in full crazy mode getting him drunk & scalping him, and mullet he’s sporting would end up in her little klepto box of treasures. >)

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    [quote=TraceyAbbot101]Sharon is headed for a long fall……… but just whose bed will she fall into??[/quote]

    MAB’s got her on the Senior Citizen circuit. She’s done Victor, I fully expect Tucker to happen any day now, so Jeffery may come a knocking soon after. Then off the the lodge, or the lake, to hit on Murphy just to piss Katherine off.

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    Sharon Case has to be playing this for laughs,because nothing else would make sense.Saw the weekly promo on CBS,and,yeah,there is Sharon,in her undies,with Tucker.I can see what pennywise suggests happening(lol).

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    [quote=TraceyAbbot101]Sharon is headed for a long fall….

    ….. but just whose bed will she fall into??[/quote]


    Just saw today’s episode. Tucker finally caved and bedded Sharon.

    What will Gen think?! :O

    She’ll probably return Victor for revenge, Sharon will have a long fall into a padded cell or maybe onto a surgeon’s table.

    Here’s an eerie question…what if JFP doesn’t do anything about Sharon? I.e. she’s not crazycakes or suffering from a brain tumour….? How can she be taken seriously again?!

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    This is a drama NOT A COMEDY. Sharon Case is not playing up this role she is playing down this role and, to be honest, she is really not acting very well at it. This is most likely the last of that dim witted blonde, Maria Bell’s stories that we have to deal with so I can’t wait for the brain tumor and Victor’s ticker to stop pumping!

    As for the Phyllis story and the DA (her best friend) giving her advice and advance notice of what they plan to do SMELL of a coverup! This would be a perfect way to STUNT CAST, Maria, with Bonnie from ONE DAY AT A TIME instead of as a nun with Victor. Christine could have ordered that Michael and RONAN be taken off the case because of their past relationships with the defendant and Bonnie could have been brought on as a special prosecutor. Of course, Heather would not be able to work the case either since it’s her DAD Phyllis tried to kill.

    WHY DIDN”T MARIA THINK ABOUT THE STORIES MORE BEFORE SETTING THEM IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA?!!! I know, she was fired… YIPPEE … but it should be a proof to other show runners and producers to pay attention to detail!!!

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    RebeccaJ-I’m kinda enjoying Sharon right now,also.Sometimes I think I am totally out of sync with everyone on this board,but I like what I like.

    What I really am not liking right now is Ronan.He’s in LOVE with Phyllis!?Lust,maybe,but love.Color me confused.I cannot believe Jeff B came back for this,unless he needs the money.The writers have wasted the character of Ronan since they created him.Unless there is some surprise twist on this,it was another MAB bomb.

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    RebeccaJ … I do like your comment #8 because I’m not really sure at this point that I can disagree with you. I’m still not really sure just what is going here anyway. If she is currently just a power hungry wacko it would be more interesting for her to snap back to sanity when she finds out that she’s being used and then exact true revenge. But also at this point I can’t be completely sure that she’s not in cahoots with Victor and Victor is actually just pretending he’s not remembering who he is. Of course as usual I’m probably off base, but that would all be very interesting if it came to pass.

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    @marybee50- I think Phyllis is like that with all men. She falls in lust with them, not love. Shes always pawing and kissing Nick, same with Ronan and didnt she have sex behind a dumpster with Deacon?

    As far as Sharon goes, she was rocking that dress today. She is goregous but, I, like many others, are waiting for her to take a huge fall. I dont think it will be a brain tumor but I do think she will be nuts and lose everything. If played right, I think they could take it all the way back to when Cassie died because thats kind of when it happened. Her character isnt what it was. I mean between marrying Adam and taking him back after all he did to her and Genoa City, going on the run, covering for Adam and trying to clear Adam and now this. You wonder if she will finally wake up and go to the old Sharon. And let me tell you, her character is going to need some work.

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    Mets82-I think I was only half listening today.What I heard was Ronan telling Michael he loved Phyllis.I guess he was trying to convince Michael of why he was “with” Phyllis.This just goes to show how dumb this storyline has gotten.

    As for Sharon,yeah she does need to take a fall,and maybe,then,she can be rehabilatated.Victoria finding her stash today was priceless.Atleast,I’m not bored with Y&R as I am with B&B.Liking or not liking stories is still better than not caring at all.

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    I guess there really is something amiss with Sharon but I still truly can’t stand Victoria. She is all high and mighty (just like her Mother) but she herself is always just one hairbreadth away from the looney bin.

    And if Sharon does return to her former purportedly sane self then Phyllis better be prepared. It will be so fast and shock her so deeply when Nick takes his true love back; we’ll all be wondering where all that white hair came from, let alone where the red went!

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    From what I have read Sharon hits the dirt hard along with Adam and someone else, I can’t remember?
    There is supposed to be another murder in GC… imagine that!
    I have to wonder if Sharon doesn’t flip out, kill Tucker and they take the babbling ditz to the funny farm.
    Ok, I’ll admit that SC is doing a good job playing the hand of ca-ca she was dealt

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    All praises to Sharon Case, YOU GO Girl, just when I was about to give up on Y&R boring story lines. Sharon has breathed some new life into her role. I’m tired of these out dated story-lines. The same old Nikki & Victor boring love saga! After 30 years, one would think they would be the poster couple for everlasting love but for some reason the writers have them acting like fools. Please kill Victor off for a while and take Nikki old looking self with him. I love Sharon and Tucker together, their bringing the heat back to Y&R. Give Sharon the money, power and man! Step it up CBS, women run multi-billion dollar companies, CBS keep it interesting!

    Nick and Phyllis is the worst story-line. Nick attacked Sharon but Phyllis committed attempted murder and he looks the other way. WTF, trying to kill someone is OK but taking over his family company is the ultimate sin. Get it together writers at Y&R. I don’t believe this crap.

    Nikki, Jack and Victor is like watching senior citizens love triangle. I would much rather watch paint dry.

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    @Tedew, the only reason I don’t think Victor is faking it and in cahoots with Sharon is because of the loss of revenue from the stock free falling. Victor likes money and power waaaay too much to ever deliberately walk away from it knowing it could harm the company he “built with his own two hands from the ground up!” LOL

    @Marybee, I agree, I’m not liking this Ronan b.s. either. To me, he suddenly looks like a wimp who has nothing better to do than sit around lusting after a married woman. He’s risking his career for WHAT? If he gets found out, and we know he will, he won’t even have Phyllis when the dust settles. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

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    I am so glad the last HW is gone because I am so sick and tired of everyone hating on the same character all at the same time except for Victor Newman. this man has beaten women, married them and then dumped them 2 seconds after marrying them yet no one really hates him not even Billy after what Victor did to him and his sick child yet everyone in town is hating on Sharon and now Nick wants to get rid of her for a few pieces of silver even though he and his sibs have at least 1/2 billion dollars in their pockets. Victor is always taking off to parts unknown so if anything they should let NE implode. All for the love of money and the non respect for the mother of his children.

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    I have never been that much of a Sharon sympathizer … but at this point I truly wish she could snap out of it, rebound and come back to really take control of Newman. Along with that she can also slap Victor himself, all the Newman brats (Adam exempted), ex wives and all the etcs down a number of pegs to where they belong. Victor … well what more can be said? Supercilious Victoria in her new Mrs. Danvers getup is annoying and laughable. Nick is continually dense. And shrill Abby … well of course she’s only an 11 year old test tube baby suffering from accelerated human growth syndrome. A reborn Sharon would serve the Alsatian Pugilist and his loyal tribe right.

    What I find most reprehensible though, is duplicitous Avery playing both sides. And what is she anyway … a corporate or a criminal lawyer? Plus she has done enough in her Genoa City days to be disbarred and banned for at least 10 life times.

    Regarding the acting. Amelia H does not make Victoria that interesting at all. Joshua M just when it starts to look promising seems to revert back to what sounds like expressionless literally just line readings. Michelle S aside, bring back the scenery chewers and seasoned pros who can actually entertain us!

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    Did I miss something? Why has there been no police investigation in the disappearance of Daisy? People know she is missing, Paul even thinks Ricky may have killed her, but I haven’t seen the GCPD (aka Ronan) spend one second looking for her, and now it turns out all along she was in a mental institution?

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    KristalBlake … there was some investigation going on but you are quite right that much more should have been going on (unless of course Ronan knows exactly where she is).

    tashikins … I get what you are saying but aren’t you just fed up with the Newman Clan always getting what they want? Think about it … in reality is there any one of those who could ever have been or now should be in charge? There was once a Victoria (who looked different than now) who definitely could and should have always been in charge; but she does not exist anymore.

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    There is no telling. I am just waiting for when Victor comes back and puts her in her place. I hope Sharon Case likes her new bitch role because I hate it. She use to be at least descent. I have never seen any of the soap operas I have watched in my life a bigger money hungry character. Plus is so STUPID.

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