Did a Former General Hospital Actress AUDITION to be Tom Cruise’s WIFE?!

Did former General Hospital star Nazanin Boniadi really audition to becomes the third Mrs. Tom Cruise? A new Vanity Fair cover story alleges she did.

According to the article, the controversial Church of Scientology undertook a “top-secret project” to find a Cruise a wife in 2004. Scientology chief David Miscavige’s wife Shelly reportedly spearheaded efforts and found Boniadi to pair up with the big screen star. To read more of VF's shocking claims click here.

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    What’s also really gross is how Scientology officials allegedly showed Boniadi her boyfriend’s confessions of infidelity. How is that not a horrifically manipulative thing to do and a total breach of his confidentiality?

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    This disgusting! It’s clear that most Scientiologist now think Cruise is a good.I feel sorry for this woman too, she may be well off but nobody deserves punishments like that! I hope all this will help exose Scientology for what a scame it is.

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    Hmmmm. Why would Scientology have to audition women to date and marry Tom Cruise? He can’t get a woman on his own?? He is cute, wealthy, successful, nice dresser, loves his mom. Is it because he shares something in common with Tony Geary, Ian Buchanan, Christian LeBlanc, Gregory Rikart, Jean LeClerc, John Wesley Shipp, Michael Corbett, Kevin Spiritas…..they are all leading men :)

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    I hate when I find out one of my fav actors are scientologists because it definitely makes me like them less because to me, Scientology is a cult, not a religion. Whackjob central.

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    If this is true…it is scary. Was Tom Cruise aware of this…and if Scientology were so intent on TC marrying another Scientologist, then how did Katie Holmes pass muster?

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    [quote=CassadineSon]I don’t even remember this woman! Wash she a Night Shift character?? Dayplayer?? Who??[/quote]

    She played Leyla Mir – originally a Night Shift character who was moved to GH and had a fling with Patrick around the same time that Robin found out she was pregnant. She died during the toxic balls storyline.

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    Hahaha Nysam, I know what you’re getting at!! :) I don’t know if the rumors about Tom are true, but articles like this amongst other things don’t help his case.

    As much as I love Michelle Stafford on Y&R, it does turn me off to know that she’s a Scientology nutcase like Cruise, Kirstie Alley and Jenna Elfman amongst others.

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