General Hospital’s Maurice Benard Shooting a New Movie

Look who's coming to the big screen! ABC Soaps In Depth is reporting Maurice Benard has signed on to star in The Ghost and The Whale. The film centers on a man who embarks upon a spiritual journey, trigged by his wife's mysterious death at sea which he is accused of. Benard will star as the lead in the film, which is being executive produced by his wife Paula. Filming on the movie begins Jan. 2013.

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    I’m worried that the actors on GH see the writing on the wall and making plans for their future. The ratings on GH are just not improving and I still have a feeling after it’s big 50th Anniversary next April, in a few months after that, we’ll hear the cancellation news. How sad, I will miss my soaps, they were an escape. I just can’t take another boring talk show, same topics over and over. I think Maurice, under Valentini, has been stepping up and doing much better acting then he’s done under the last 2 or 3 years with Guza, where he looked so bored. If ratings don’t improve, we are looking at the end and we can’t blame these actors for looking to their future if they want to continue to act.

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    I am certain Maurice Bernard is a more capable actor than we have seen on GH in the last decade of his portrayal of Sonny Corinthos. He’s been phoning it in for years now, not because he isn’t able to give it his all, but because of the drivel story lines given to him. I wish him well as he pursues a film career.

    Like many other viewers, I think the writing is on the wall for GH. The times have changed but the method of counting viewership has not kept up. It has been close to 2 decades since I have been able to watch the show in its timeslot. My work schedule prohibited that. Then along came VCR’s which gave me the ability to tape the show to watch later — which I did, faithfully. Then came SoapNet, and now DVR ability with my satellite provider and where I can watch the show on my computer. If viewership has gone down ABC needs to look at the way they count the number of viewers AND the quality of the show itself.

    ABC has something else on its mind instead of providing faithful viewers with the shows they want to watch. I have no intention of watching Katie or any other talk show. There are already too many of them eating up the airwaves. I can understand why we are being forcefed such drivel. It is CHEAP. ABC/the Mouse like any other huge corporation is more interested in profits for its SHAREHOLDERS than it is in quality service for its customers. Bottom line economics. There are also some political issues at work here too, but I am not going to get into that least I insult or make some narrow-minded people uncomfortable with some home truths.

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