Kelly Ripa Wants to Merchandise and Brand Michael Strahan’s Gap

Michael Strahan joined Kelly Ripa as her official co-host today on Live With Kelly and Michael. As with all new TV marriages, there’s branding and merchandising to be done. It seems Ripa is already looking forward to new opportunities, namely to promote the gap in Strahan’s smile!

The Huffington Post recounts Ripa and Strahan’s thoughts on the topic after Live! With Kelly and Michael's first episode.

Strahan said once he was in Ripa's arms, he started calming down and flashing that famous gap-toothed smile.

"I'm looking forward to the merchandising and the branding of the gap," Ripa said. "I want the 'Mind the gap' t-shirt — I look forward to that, the branding of our show."

"We are now a gap-friendly show," Strahan said to the audience after taping his first episode. "Never seen so many gaps."

Photo of Michael Strahan by PR Photos


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    I have a sibling who has a gap about the same width as Strahan’s and although he was sometimes ostracized as a kid, he never closed it (although he considered it a few times). His teeth are blindingly white and perfectly straight.
    I personally think it is great to see someone who likes to smile and whose smile is different. I’m seeing lots of models (beside Lauren Hutton) and actors (e.g. Anna Paquin) who proudly sport their smiles and it’s nice to see. Hopefully kids who have gap-toothed smiles will feel good about themselves. I’m a big believer in people celebrating their differences.

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    TV Gord

    Hear, hear, MAP1!

    David Letterman is another one who hasn’t suffered much, considering he was told to fill in that gap when he was starting out.

    Vive la difference!!!

  3. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    TV Gord- How could I forget about Letterman?! Probably since I practically doze off at 9:30pm most nights, I tend to forget these things…

    Don’t worry, pumpkin, I think opinions are very welcome around here. Honestly, I haven’t really kept up with Live lately (although I don’t mind the show), and I specialize in sarcasm myself at times, so it won’t spoil the spirit of the discussion. Now I’m really interested in your comment (LOL)

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