Rick Wants Hope to Forget Liam and Get Some Stepbrother Lovin’ on Bold and Beautiful


Hope Logan's (Kimberly Matula) scheming half-brother Rick (Jacob Young) is busy orchestrating a plot to land himself control of Forrester Creations and the hand of Ms. Caroline Spencer (Linsey Godfrey) on The Bold and the Beautiful. All Rick has to do is pimp his kid sister out to Thomas Forrester (Adam Gregory) to accomplish said goals. Charming!

Who cares if Hope grew up calling Ridge (Ronn Moss) dad and thinking of Tom as a brother? This is, after all, the same family where Ridge started kissing his daughter, er "sister" Bridget after they learned they weren't kin. Watch an incestuous sneak peek of today's B&B after the jump!


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    I try to usually stay positive – but enough is enough. B&B is in LA. First I need Hope to have a gal-pal from high school or something that takes her to the club, where she meets a boy who is not a Spencer, a Forrester or anyone that was raised in her house and bump uglies with that boy. There are other men outside the Forrester Creation walls!

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    I love Rick – but that sounds disgusting!!

    However I do like that they don’t reference to Hope and Thomas and siblings – they’re not. I hate the fact that B&B tries to forget Deacon is Hope’s father. They should be proud of it!

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    I would take Hope&Liam and Steffy over Hope/Thomas any day. They are just plain boring. And this is coming from someone who is sick and tired of the triangle from he!!.

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    The only person I felt that Thomas had chemistry with was Daisy. Everyone else it is cold, cold, cold. The writing on this show is so stale it isn’t even funny. Yep, let’s bring back the old retreads and dust off the old scripts so nothing new has to be written. If I never see the characters of Deacon or Amber again would make me one happy soap fan.

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