Steve Harvey: “I Think The Cut Off Point With Breastfeeding is When You Can Unbutton Yo’ Mama’s Blouse”

He's conquered stand-up, sitcoms, radio, game shows, self-help books and even the box office, but can Steve Harvey go from being one of the Kings of Comedy to daytime royalty? Check out a hilarious promo below for the premiere week of Steve Harvey, which starts airing today in syndication (Check your local listings).

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    Just another dumb-ass talk show I won’t be watching.

    We are so over-run with talk these days. Does every D-List entertainer think they can have a talk show when their career is in the tank? Who do these egotistical people think they are? There is not ONE new talk show I will watch, nor do I watch most of the existing ones. What does Steve Harvey, Jeff Probst, Ricki Lake, Katie, etc. have to offer that’s not already being done, and not done very well most of the time? Kelly and Ellen are the only two I watch, but I even record them so I don’t have to watch stupid segments and guests I don’t like.

    The good ole days of daytime are gone…may they RIP. I’m going to renew my library card!

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    TV Gord

    I’m a week late to the party because my Detroit station that carries this show didn’t begin until today.

    I think The Steve Harvey Show has a chance to develop a following just because he has a knack for approaching serious topics with humor. On his first show, he had a dumbass guy who is known (I don’t know from where) as the worst dater in America. They sent him out on three dates and pointed out all of the stupid things he said and did on the dates. It was funny, but it was also interesting, because he would start really lame conversations with his dates, and when one woman said she didn’t want to talk about it, he kept on yapping. I think it was an eye-opener for him to see on tape.

    This launched one of the segments Steve wants to do throughout the season called, The United Dates of America, where people are encouraged to send in their bad date stories and Steve will comment on them. That could be fun.

    Now, I didn’t mind this first show, but it’s not the kind of talk show I would specifically tune in to see, so I won’t be a regular viewer. I do think people who like him will be happy with what he’s doing (so far, anyway).

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