Six Degrees of General Hospital: John Stamos Wanted James Franco to Play Uncle Jesse in Full House Flick!

For those of us who remember fondly the days of Full House, The Fresh Prince of Bell and Family Matters the possibilities of a reunion show or a remake often generates a mixed bag of emotions. On one hand we’d love to see our long ago favorites, but on the other hand it may be better to just keep our memories intact. 

In an interview with Vulture, former General Hospital and Full House star John Stamos discussed the 25th anniversary of Full House and revealed which fellow former Port Charles denizen he once wanted to play Uncle Jesse on the big screen.

There's been some talk over the years of doing a Full House reunion, and then of a Full House remake, à la The Brady Bunch, where you'd cast other actors in the parts.

I was flattering myself to think that James Franco might play me, and Steve Carell could do the Bob Saget role. The reunion had some movement, and then it was on hold. But I think if we're going to do anything, we should do it while we're all still looking okay. We should get together and do reunion for TV Land or something.  I don't know. It's 25 years this September since it first started airing, and no matter what I do, that's how people think of me. I've tried in the past to forget it and not be associated with it, but I've since learned to embrace it.  

Would you watch a Full House remake with James Franco as Uncle Jesse?

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  1. Profile photo of CassadineSon

    Lord have mercy!! My daughters would be ALL OVER a Full House reunion movie!!!!

    I have been forced to watch endless hours of this show with my girls.

    Good clean family entertainment. What ever happened to that??

  2. Profile photo of pumpkin

    I watched Full House. It was a light comedy and I remember my mom and I watching it and getting a few laughs. I have to add I was adult at time. I was not a kid.

    I do believe that there were enough constant stereotype scenes for someone to write a movie that would be funny.

    The Brady Bunch movies were a riot. I still laugh out loud at the scene where the Bradys sing on the plane like they did on the show here and there and then over the loud speaker they are told to sit down. (paraphrasing of course) Shelley Long had Florence Henderson down perfect which made it so funny.

    Of course a Full House movie would have to have the perfect actors playing the parts or it would bomb. Somehow it worked out with The Brady Bunch.

  3. Profile photo of blake3b

    It would be great if they could do a Full House movie like they did with the Brady Bunch movies. Those were so good. I agree that Shelley Long had Carol Brady down PAT! So did Christine Taylor as Marcia, even the lady who played Marcia on the TV show said she forgot it was someone else playing Marcia when she watched the movie at the premiere. And Gary Cole had Mike Brady’s look and voice down that it was scary. And Alice was funny.

    Imagine who could play the goofballs like Bob Saget’s dad character and Uncle Joey and their corny acting and jokes lol.

  4. Profile photo of doveydiane

    I would like to see a remake movie of “Full House” with the original cast, all grown up. Bob Saget would be a grandpa, etc and the girls all married and maybe coming home for a big visit.

    I think perhaps that they would all be willing to do it, except for the Olsen twins. That hardly do any acting anymore and are very involved in their fashion company, not to mention that they have a ton of cash already.
    I don’t think they’d do it and it wouldn’t be the same without them. After the first season, they became big stars. They were so adorable. I don’t know which twin had the most camera time and it doesn’t matter… they were just soooo cute !!!

    I hope somebody looks into it and tries to get a script going or something.

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