Check Out New EXTENDED General Hospital Trailer For Week of Sept. 10!

Here's another teaser for the upcoming most explosive week ever on ABC Daytime's General Hospital. I have a feeling Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) is gonna KILL IT, Julia Wainright-style!

Watch the extended preview below, and don't forget, General Hospital moves to 2 pm EST/1 pm PST and 1 pm C on Monday, Sept. 10!


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    Looking forward to all the action next week. We just have to get beyond all the yakking Sam is going to be doing today and tomorrow. When are the writers going to figure out that talk does not move a story forward as quickly and as effectively as ACTION does. . .

    Sonny is still ME, ME, ME, MY,MY,MY, I, I, I. What a waste of airtime.

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    As someone who detests Sonny and all he stands for, this promo is quite offputting. That being said, I know it’s not a Sonny driven story from watching, but if others like I do, and saw this it would turn them away really fast. |(

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    This is probably the best promo I’ve seen for this show in awhile..I hope the actual episodes are just as good, it’s good to see NLG getting her much deserved and well needed screen time

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    Kendall Troy

    [quote=DaytimeFan0001]Instead of saying, “Following the Chew” they should say, “Update Your Recording Device Settings”.[/quote]

    I totally agree! I was, like, when is The Chew on?!

    The trailer looks awesome though…

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    Valentini is like, Phelps ain’t the only one in town that can produce an event. And what…

    I just wonder what he could have done on OLTL with a GH budget (or is GH’s budget now the size of OLTL’s?). I always loved the events he managed to scrape together with what pittance I am sure he had. I know the Jessie/Mitch Lawrence loboto-near-rape wasn’t the best idea, but I think the execution of the snow storm at Llantano mountain was done well and managed to include a wide array of characters.

    My only hesitation with the GH event now is the comment that Logan made on the recent podcast…comparing the Long Beach scenes to Passions. I am not sure what to make of that. Maybe that the acting is broad and bombastic, which I can live with, or is it hooky kooky resolution. Or maybe this one day lasts a month and a half.

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    TV Gord

    I think they should have played up Jerry a bit more, since that actor has a recognizable face in prime time…that’s assuming any of these promos will ever get played in prime time.

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    now that is puerto rico promo worthy! most of the cast (a tad too heavy on the sonny, but sometimes that’s ok) in accord with a common goal. unfortunately i’ve always kind of liked jerry.

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    Too bad ABC does not play the trailers in the evening hours. The trailer would get me to tune if I hadn’t watched GH in awhile.
    The only negative I see is that it looks like Sonny is going to save Port Charles. Would have been nice to have the police or the GH doctors actually save the day. Maybe a message of the doctors researching a cure before time runs out? Remember the GH days when the Port Charles police used to save the day? Anna Devane is in charge again and she used to keep Port Charles in tip top shape. Even Robert Scorpio kept things in shape. But once Mac took over the police it seemed that they changed direction and made the mobsters the ones to keep Port Charles safe. Now that Anna is back and back on the police force let’s get her to not portraythe police as the Keystone Cops.
    So Sonny is saving Port Charles but who is saving Port Charles from Sonny?

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    Nancy Lee Grahn ‏@NancyLeeGrahn
    Due 2 new regime at ABC and in house @ GH, the over 40’s r working it. Sebastion,Mo, me, Laura,Fi, Tony, Jane,Sean,Roger,Michael, Steve, ect

    Under old regime at ABC & GH, I was relegated to “Just be glad you have a job” status. Suck it old regime!!!!!!

    Vicki Dummer and Paul Lee are the new ABC regime. Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati are the new GH regime

    Jill Phelps exempt. Long story. It’ll be in book

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    maxsmom-Thanks for that tweet. (I am one of those that doesn’t.) Wow. Sean B. is over 40? My, my, fooled me and I was up close to him at FCW. He wears it quite well. ;) When she does write and release her book, I’m definitely getting a copy!… 0:)

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