Jill Farren Phelps on Her and Josh Griffith’s Young and Restless Goals: “We Have Fabulous Stories to Tell”

CBS Daytime's The Young and the Restless is gearing up to debut new material produced by Jill Farren Phelps and written by Josh Griffith this October. While JFP and Griffith haven't given away many actual storyline details for daytime's top soap just yet, they have begun making the press rounds.

In the Sept. 10-24 issue of CBS Soaps In Depth, Phelps responded to questions about if she and Griffith plan to wrap up any of the previous regime's many dangling plot threads. Said Phelps:

"We're not going back at all. We don't want to jerk the audience out of a comfort zone that they have with their Y&R. That being said, we have fabulous stories to tell."

Are you excited to see what JFP and Griffith do with The Young and the Restless? Let us know what you're thinking in the comments!

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    I don’t know Jill. To be quite honest what Josh said to expect in the Soap Opera Digest Fall Preview section didn’t put much toot in my horn when I read it the other night at home.



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    I’m hoping and praying for the best. But Jill and Josh need to start leaking a few spoilers, nothing major to wet our apetites and make us want to come back after the trainwreck that was MAB!

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    I hate virtually everything about Y&R right now so I’m fine w/ them dropping everything/most of what we’re seeing. As long as they start telling character driven stories again, I’ll be happy.

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    As a 30-year plus viewer, I for one CANNOT WAIT to see Josh’s material hit my HDTV! The crud being spewed out is just so unwatchable!! Characters acting out of character, shrill new characters that the audience hates with a passion, bad dialogue and plot-driven tales with no payoff – that pretty much sums up Maria Arena Bell’s ‘vision’ of “Y & R”.

    Again, I know nothing re Jill Farren Phelp’s abilities as an Executive Producer, but she has the Emmy Awards to prove her worthiness. Let’s focus on the “NOW”, my DC brethren, and not on what she allegedly did in the past to shows that aren’t even on the air anymore. Let’s give them time to fix/repair the damage the 2 previous regimes did to my beloved serial and to thin out the WAY OVER-BLOATED cast. I am willing to give them that opportunity!

    Actually, this works out well – a seperate Executive Producer and a seperate Head Writer. Since the Lynn Marie Latham era, the Head Writer was also the Executive/Co-Executive Producer – wearing one hat too many for this viewer. Let the HW write and the EP produce, that’s how it should be done.

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    [quote=david46208]I’m anxious too to see what they have in-store for us. I’m cautiously optimistic. Yet, given that we have JG as the headwriter and some of the casting calls that went out were pleasing, i’d say they deserve a shot at trying to revive granny one last time before we pull the plug. But… This is it. I’m tell you, THIS IS IT!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYlptbR0Dkw/quote

    Perfect…this IS it…

    I am also optimistic. Even without my VR as Dru.

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    This sounds exactly what I was afraid of – if they are just gonna leave Maria’s open plots hanging. If that is the case – we shall see – it is not professional. No matter how horrible the current storylines are, they still have to be finished.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Yoryla: Sometimes you have to leave the past in the past. Not even Eager Allen Poe or Arthur Miller could have written, closed and fixed the messes Maria left. It is also not uncommon for writers in daytime to just act like the messes of the past never existed.

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    [quote=david46208]It is also not uncommon for writers in daytime to just act like the messes of the past never existed.[/quote]

    Don’t I know it! And it irks the ish out of me!

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    Can’t leave stories undone, but I am all for wrapping them up. Wouldn’t mind a quick scaling back of some of these characters: Sarge, Harmony, Anita, the ones with no real ties to any storyline that’s working. I do like that it “seems” she’ll be looking to Josh for the history of the show. I’m not thrilled to hear her admit that she’s going to be bringing in people she thinks are great actors. No need for recasts or new characters off the bat or people will tune out. She’ll be gone quicker than that loon LML.

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    I haven’t watched this show regularly in years so I don’t have any specific suggestions for storylines, character developments and I won’t even try because whenever I have seen the show it’s been a mess! I definitely don’t envy these new writers.

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    I just want the stories ended. I want some explanation of why Sharon has been the way she has been. Why Victoria and Nick keep going back to their father each and every time he tries to destroy one or the other. Why nikki is such a dumb idiot to fall back to an abusive man in Victor.

    The Newman’s are the only real missing link in the show where explanations of their motivations need explaining. Jack’s in and out of WEDDED bliss faster than he is out of his underwear can easily be forgotten. The Baldwins and their stories never need explaining and hopefully will be forgotten. Lauren and ANYTHING tied to Sheila will hopefully fall to the waste side. And Phyllis will come to a truce with herself.

    I do hope that under this new regime that they put Paul front and center. Doug Davidson is the most solid actor and has been put through the ringer time in and time out only to be dropped from site once his story has reached a peak. Look at it right now. Phyllis is on daily for attempting to KILL Paul and Christine 2 decades ago YET Paul, who is also been charged with murdering his son, has been MIA for the past 2-3 weeks and the pure fact that both he and Phyllis are fighting similar battles… even though we all know Paul is innocent and Phyllis is as guilty as her hair is red… and Paul has little or no interaction in Phyllis’ story and the fact that no one really comments on the fact she is an attempted murder is ridiculous.

    As for the rest of the show, it would be easy to move forward with Adam and Chelsea, Katherine and Jill. It’s just too bad Maria dumped Ashley without thinking first.

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    If they don’t make an effort to bring Jess Walton back in some capacity by the end of the year, I’m finished with Y&R. So I don’t really care what they do other than that.

    I wish they were taking as much time to negotiate with JESS as they are that talentless USELESS Christel Khalil, whose contract talks have been going on now for WEEKS and WEEKS. Is baby girl really WORTH all of that effort?


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    I’m so sick of the long drawn story lines….You are firing great actors :~ , Ashley, Abby, just crazy..You need to create the story and end it at a reasonable time frame. I do not watch anymore just read the spoliers…..

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