Katie Couric Under Fire After Comments on Kate Middleton’s Weight

What better way to launch a new daytime talk show geared toward women than by starting a media storm about weight? Katie Couric has drawn ire following comments she made about Kate Middleton's size during a recent interview.

After praising Middleton—revealing the Duchess of Cambridge is at the top of her wish list to interview on her upcoming show, Katie—Couric said this of Prince William's wife:

"I think she needs to eat more because she’s so thin."

Critics immediately began taking Couric to task for her remarks, which have reignited the media's fascination with Middleton's weight. A Huffington Post writer likened the growing obsession with Middleton's appearance to the scrutiny the newbie royal's late mother-in-law Princess Diana endured during her battle with bulimia. A Forbes journalist had another take on the matter, going so far as to defend Couric's observation.

Do you feel Couric's comments were harmless or out of line? Let us know in the comments!

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    Attacking a woman for her weight on a show geared toward women is almost as bad as GH writing a show geared toward women and featuring multiple rapists as romantic leads. Do any feminists work at ABC?

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    [quote=Kendall Troy]Are there feminists around anymore? You really don’t hear about them…[/quote]

    Conservatives successfully gave a bad connotation to the word feminist, much as they did to the word liberal. Many are afraid to use the word because it conjures up the negative connotation.

    But yes, there are still many feminists. And in today’s current anti-woman political environment, I think we all may be seeing the need for feminism and the need to speak out when there are constant negative portrayals of women, whether it be on a soap opera, a talk show or from the mouths of conservatives.

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    I think this will actually be good for the show. It will give the show a little pre-debut buzz. You can already hear the words, “Couric, who is days away from the debut of her new Talk Show, Katie…”

    It’s a publicity stunt…from an old news stunt named Katie.

  4. Profile photo of ktuc

    Thanks to the Nashville, TN area then… I’ll be watching the Jeff Probst show and what in the hell do Conservatives have to do with her voicing her opinion of Kate Middleton; she IS too thin such as many of the Hollywood actresses!

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    Let’s see. Katie has dropped a considerable amount of weight for this new job as interviewer. I am not sure if the 80 million spent to launch her 3rd career will be money well spent. I am tired of her mug and her comments.

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    [quote=ktuc]…and what in the hell do Conservatives have to do with her voicing her opinion of Kate Middleton; she IS too thin such as many of the Hollywood actresses![/quote]

    How did this get to be a “Conservative” issue?? I see nothing wrong with Katie saying “I think she needs to eat more because she’s so thin.” She’s only saying what hundreds (?) of other reporters out there have said since before the wedding. And being too thin is a problem just like being too fat. I would assume these are both issues that will be covered on Katie’s show…or maybe not. Anyway, I didn’t see anything wrong with the comment.

    That being said, I won’t be watching “Katie” out of principle.

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