SPOILERS: Get Ready For The Most EXPLOSIVE Week Ever on General Hospital!

It's ride or die time, General Hospital fans. With the soap opera moving to its new 2 pm EST timeslot on Sept 10, I've been told it's imperative GH provide a strong lead-in for Katie on ABC-owned and operated affiliates. Below is a sneak peek of the explosive stories ABC's daytime drama has in store for the week of Sept. 10-14.

Crazy like a Jacks: After Jerry (Sebastian Roche) abducts Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn), the men who love her—Sonny (Maurice Benard), Jax (Ingo Rademacher) and Shawn (Sean Blakemore)—mobilize. No, literally. Think planes, trains and automobiles! Okay, maybe not planes…or trains, but definitely automobiles and a speedboat! 

The question is, will Sonny and Jax be able to keep from killing one another as they try to save Alexis and the rest of Port Charles? Also, we know Shawn has feelings for Ms. Davis, but could one of her other potential heroes soon start to see her in a new light?

Grandfather Sighting: Be sure to tune in Sept. 11 when beloved patriarch Edward Quartermaine (John Ingle) makes an appearance.   

TJolly Sex?!: With death and sickness surrounding them, Molly (Haley Pullos) and TJ (Tequan Richmond) will seriously consider making love for the first time. Let's hope the next reality series Trey (Erik Valdez) produces isn't called Tween Mom!

Confessions of Love and a Smooch for Liason!: Rejoice, Liason fans. Liz (Rebecca Herbst) will finally tell Jason (Steve Burton) how she feels, leading to a steamy kiss! Don't get too excited. SuperJase does have a baby mystery to get to the bottom of. Sigh.

The Baby Switchers Club: Following the events of the week ending Sept. 7, Jason has more questions than he does answers regarding Sam's (Kelly Monaco) "dead" baby. Look for Jason to set out to discover what really happened the night Tea (Florencia Lozano) and Sam gave birth. Will all roads lead to Jason's cuckoo cuz, Heather Webber (Robin Mattson)? Just how far will Todd Manning (Roger Howarth) go to conceal his desperate actions?

Antidote on a Wire: When Jerry rigs the antidote that can save the lives of the fair citizens of Port Charles to an explosive device, only one man can save the town. No sillies, not 1979 guest star Richard Simmons, John McBain (Michael Easton)!

Doom, Olivia, Doom!: You may have noticed the visions Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) has been experiencing post-LSD trip haven't been of the hairy spider on the arm variety. Is Dante's (Dominic Zamprogna) mama now a Bensonhurst-bred soothsayer? Look for Liv to start seeing even more detailed images of Port Charles' future.

Mac, Flea and Maxie Makes Three: Kirsten Storms' version of Maxie Jones will finally reunite with her mom and stepdad. Just how close have former marrieds Felicia (Kristina Wagner) and Mac (John J. York) gotten while babysitting every single toddler in town offscreen? Oh come on. You know Liz's brood is with them too! Audrey has to be 375-years-old by now. There's now way she could handle that mouthy Cameron at Disney World. I miss you, Jake!

MobsterMeet.com Fails Tracy Q Again: Just how hard is it for a well-heeled corporate maven to find a mobster who isn't homicidal to play hide the cannoli with? Look for one of Tracy's (Jane Elliot) least favorite people to share something disheartening about her latest made man.

Lante Still Has Babies on The Brain: In times of mortal jeopardy there is still room for proper family planning! Expect to see Lulu (Julie Marie Berman) and Dante even more determined than ever to have a baby following Port Chuck's latest disaster.

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  1. Profile photo of engradypind

    While I look forward to seeing what happens on GH as part of the big build up for Katie, I don’t give a crap about the new Katie show and have no plans whatsoever to watch it. In fact, I won’t be hurt one little, teeny bit if it falls flat on its face just like all the other soap replacement shows ABC/Mouse has tried to ram down our throats.

  2. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    Jokes on some in my area. GH is actually the lead in for Ricki Lake at 3:00 PM. She who is blessed with gums won’t be on until 4:00 PM. I’m looking forward to seeing JI as Edward. I’ve missed his presence and pray for his health. It will also be nice to see D&L. ;) They’ve been a little bit too hit and miss for my taste. But that’s me… 0:)

  3. Profile photo of prenest

    I believe in Dallas GH will be the lead in for Dr. Oz or Anderson. The Dallas station is putting Katie in Oprah’s old 4 P.M. time slot. Not that I care because I don’t watch either of those shows.

  4. Profile photo of Transfigurationjc

    If Katie fails GH is toast! That’s why the show was given a short reprieve in the first place! She begged ABC to cancel the Revolution and give her GH as strong lead in for her show.
    ABC paid 80 million for her. If she tanks they will give GH the ax as well. Anyone who actually believes that lip service that ABC is truly behind GH should think about the way Disney deceived even Susan Lucci by giving her a work schedule and sending her on a book tour while all the while sharpening the ax for her show. Disney has no love lost for soaps!
    Personally I have always loved Katie and I will support her show if its good. I will also support Rikki Lake who takes GH’s old time slot on ABC in my market.

  5. Profile photo of Clifford

    Again, I don’t think GH will fall under the knife if it’s providing ratings, and presently it is providing more “eyeballs” than those other stinkers: the Spew, the Revoltion, and Good Crapper America have. Just saying ABC doesn’t want viewers changing the channel and then not changing it back or let alone having embarrassing ratings all throughout the day after The View is over (I wouldn’t want to have to explain that to advertisers). Time will tell–meanwhile I’ll enjoy this GH as long as I got it!

  6. Profile photo of EX_ABC_VIEWER

    Nothing against Katie, but NOTHING will replace AMC and OLTL. I won’t be watching Katie or anything in the time slots of AMC/OLTL. I will watch GH then I will change the channel. I now watch Days of Our Lives which is a great show. I don’t watch anything on ABC anymore. NO ABC on my TV.

    So Sorry !!! Long Live One Life to Live !!!!

  7. Profile photo of maxsmom

    I interacted with Ms. Couric on a few occassions several years ago and I cant imagine that this talk show will be a success. The actual Katie vs. the TV Katie were practically polar opposites and I’d be surprised if she can keep up the charade 5 days a week solo.

    BTW, I’ve seen The Chew a few times and even my love for Michael Symon and Carla Hall cant get past the fact that it is bad execution of a good idea on which no one seems capable of improving.

    Also, I live in New York City and I dont think we are getting all of the talk shows (there are far too many) I have heard mentioned though ABC will have The Chew, GH, Katie, and Eyewitness News at 4. The news moved there when Oprah left and GAA’s last day is Friday.

  8. Profile photo of pferrando

    Not a GH fan, but I do think ABC will really be cautious before cancelling GH. There has been so much backlash against their network and new shows they’ll have no one watching. I don’t dislike Katie, and watched her on the CBS Evening news, but I think she faces an uphill battle. It was time for CBS to cut GL loose, but also messed up by cancelling ATWT before it was time. So much network drama yet to come…Tune in!

  9. Profile photo of Ms 45
    Ms 45

    The show’s been great, but these lackluster ratings tell me too many GH fans ain’t ride or die — more like piss and moan. If it’s not their vision of GH, they’d rather have it canceled. I would’ve taken OLTL any way I could get it. But I don’t have that option.

  10. Profile photo of shirls429

    J) Sorry folks but,I’m not planning on watching Katie Couric! personally I can’t stand her and all we all watched her prime time news cast tank. On and upward to GH we loyal fans love you.

  11. Profile photo of Transfigurationjc

    ABC is completely behind the Chew. And believe it or not the Chew’s ratings have practically reached AMC’s former levels. No matter how soap fan hate it, The Chew aint going no where.
    Disney is totally behind them. Fans should just be happy that GH is still on the air. Its on borrowed time.

  12. Profile photo of Transfigurationjc

    GH isnt doing any kind of bangup job in the ratings. They have around 2.3 million viewers which is not much better than last yr when Guza and Phelps had the reigns. Disney’s agenda isnt necessarily about ratings at this point its about production cost.
    Bob Eiger and Anne Sweeny have had an anti soap agenda for a while now. Their goal was to completely revamp the day time sector by getting rid of the expensive soaps. The only thing impeding their process is finding suitable replacements and bad publicity. But half their objective has already been accomplished. AMC and OLTL are dead.
    But if they never do find suitable replacements for the daytime hours they can syndicate those hours out to the affiliate stations. We could end up watching infomercials and local programming all day.
    As for GH Ive already lost it. The GH I loved died years ago. The show that masquerades as GH today doesnt thrill me. I still enjoy a few of the actors but I can honestly that if ABC does pull the plug Ill be able to move on fairly easily because I am not a fan of Cartini and their hybrid LLandview General Hospital agenda.
    Soaps in general arent what they used to be so when they’re done their done. Life goes on, no tears here. ( even after 42 yrs of watching 15 soaps, lol).

  13. Profile photo of Transfigurationjc

    The problem is that long time viewers of GH dont want a hybrid show. We want a GH that honors its history and holds its own special unique identity. We dont want Cartini shoving llandview down our throats.

    Ive watched GH since 1969. Then I branched out to watch 15 other soaps over the yrs including One Life. I have enjoyed crossovers over the yrs ( AMC+OLTL) (Bold and Beautiful + YR), GH and One Life ( in the late 60s according to history). But this time around its different because OLTL and AMC have been cancelled. So it doesnt feel like a cross over it feels more like a take over or merger. And GH’s core audience dont like it.
    I appreciate the One Life actors on their own merits but I dont appreciate Cartini’s agenda. It wrong.
    And besides that I wasnt a fan of Cartini on One Life. One Life was a classic ground breaking show. But Cartini bastardized history and turned the show into a ridiculous cartoon. And forget the ride or die stuff.
    Adults shouldnt give blind loyalty to a show that doesnt satisfy them. Im glad that long time Ghers are saying no to Cartini and the ratings arent rising. Cartini in my opinion are one of the worst regimes to hit daytime. Instead of creating intelligent stories they have dumbed down daytime with implausible junk and ridiculous comedy. I dont care how many ppl worship them I will continue to call them out as the cartoon hacks they are. The are bad for the image of daytime in general and horrible for GH.
    You can have classic One Life on Youtube. But Gh isnt a refugee camp for displaced characters from a cancelled soap. Sry not buying it. And I admit it Id rather have Gh cancelled than being turned into a lame cartoon or One Life to Live 2.0 The GH that I grew up with and loved died somewhere around 1999. All that was left was the Sonny Corinthos Guza hour and now we have Llandview General Hospital. No thanks.

  14. Profile photo of Transfigurationjc

    Stop telling us watch to watch and when to turn off our sets. We are adults and free to make our own choices. I for one love Katie Couric and I will give her show a chance. She is scheduled on our NBC affiliate at 3pm in Cbus, Oh. Riki lake will take GH’s old slot on abc and I will also check her out. I also intend to check out Steve Harvey. Until then I watch The Talk and Good Afternoon America because I love the anchors.

    This blind loyalty to soaps does sit well with me. Ive watched soaps for over 42 yrs now. Most are only shadows of what they were before. Times change and TV changes too. Either you cut the mustard of you go off the air. Im not going to boycott others to save soaps. TV is survival of the fittest. If you cant cut the mustard you get the plug pulled. That’s show biz. People need to grow up and face the facts of the business world.

  15. Profile photo of JasamForever

    In my area, Katie is coming on at 10:00am EST, right before The View. Dr. Phil is coming on after General Hospital, at 3:00pm EST. With apparently so many timeframes for her show, in different markets how are they going to accurately measure the results???? I guess I just thought it was going to be a universal timeframe pretty much, just the difference in time zones.

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